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I think !support would be more appropriate for this post, but I already posted there 2 days ago with no answer. is not working properly anymore since the last update

Constant errors and timeouts have made almost unusable since the last update. On top of that it seems like posts are not visible from other instances anymore. I made a post on, using my account and then switched to my account, tried finding the post and it´s just not there, switched back to...


From what I see:

  • is on BE: 0.19.1
  • is on BE: 0.19.1-rc.1

I don’t know in which version was the bug fixed.


Thanks for the info!

I crossposted this to (what I considered) the relevant communities, where I added that as an edit.


AFAIK, they are used as relays.


Computers and microcomputers may also be used, but they tend to overcomplicate the task and often require highly trained personnel to develop and maintain the system. A simpler device, designed to operate on inputs and outputs one-at-a-time and configured to resemble a relay system, was introduced. These devices became known to the controls industry as programmable logic controllers (PLC).

See also the playlist linked in the other comment with more explanations:
1-Bit Breadboard Computer - Usagi Electric (YouTube)

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