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★ DevOps ★ Problem solver in data migration projects ★ Automation in IT ★ Beyond: cooperatives, society, local engagement ★

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nixCraft, to random
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Developers who don't use syntax highlighting in their code editors are clearly psychopaths. I mean, who willingly chooses chaos?

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@nixCraft SQL Pass Through Queries in Access.

Screenshot of a query in access

ff3, to random
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⚡ It works! Yay! ⚡

Firefly III release v6.1.8 was released, in its entirety, by a GitHub action. All I did was write a fancy GitHub action and the rest was automated.

That includes downloading new Crowdin translations, running PHP CS, parsing the changelog, generating JSON, building the frontend, Sonarcloud, merging, tagging and releasing.

I'm well aware this is very common for a lot of other software to do, but it turned out to be a neat little challenge!


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@ff3 well done! That’s a huge accomplishment. I guess everyone is struggling day by day and improving bit by bit to achieve something similar.

Iconfactory, to fediverse
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Online media can be overwhelming. It's fragmented between countless services, websites, social networks, and apps.

You need an app that weaves together an overview of nearly everything that’s happening across all the different services you follow.

That’s our vision for Project Tapestry, the new Kickstarter we're launching today.


#ProjectTapestry #Fediverse #iOSDev

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@Iconfactory thanks for trying to un-crap the internet for us again. I was such a huge fan of Twitterrific and I am super exited to see Project Tapestry soon! You have me onboard guys! Thank you!

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@BrooklynMan @mlemapp where do I get an invitation code from?

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@BrooklynMan I‘m not blind buddy. I simply wasn’t aware that test flight needs invitations. Thought the link is enough.

JamborJan, to random
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Hey @Karlitschek, danke für das neue Release mit . Plant ihr, dass man in Talk eigene Nextcloud-Instant-Nachrichten schreiben kann, die basierend auf gespeicherten Daten antworten? Z.B.: Wann habe ich mit Person X über Thema Y gesprochen? Sollte durch vorhandene PDFs, E-Mails etc. möglich sein. Training nötig, aber besser als Fulltext Search. Was meinst du?

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