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CascadiaRail, to cascadia
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New video from prolific High Speed Rail Youtuber "Lucid Stew" about Cascadia High Speed rail, which sketches out the details of a new hypothetical route between Eugene and Vancouver, BC. What do you think of this route?


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@CascadiaRail That video mentions some of the difficulty of the terrain around , suggesting that HSR trains will have to slow down to 60 mph passing through Bellingham. That may be true, but there are some other creative ways we could work with the I-5 right of way but still go a bit faster. I wrote up some thoughts in a blog post a few years ago: https://mappingmashups.medium.com/cascadia-high-speed-rail-in-bellingham-thoughts-on-station-locations-ea3f423d0035

alan, to random
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Very surprised that the world's largest compass rose isn't tagged with anything that would make it render on !



alan, to maps
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I'm greatly enjoying the latest version of the Old Maps Online website. It has a very smooth time scrubber where you can see political borders change through time, and then browse georeferenced historical maps from map libraries like the David Rumsey collection.


And just the interactive map without the historical scans is available at TimeMap.org

h/t @friedrich

alan, to Dragonlance
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Via becca.explains.the.occupation on Instagram, here's a map of Palestinian villages before the Nakba, created by Zochrot.org (available in English, Hebrew, and Arabic)

You can click on the markers and read the history of each village.


alan, to random
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That feeling when you spend a bunch of time tracking down people's Mastodon handles so you can properly credit them with something awesome... and find that their Mastodon accounts have been dead for a year and they're active daily over on bluesky.


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I guess I should be grateful that they have Mastodon handles at all

alan, to olympia
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"Evergreen State College to explore Israel divestment after deal with students"

"Protesters at The Evergreen State College in agreed to remove their week-old encampment Tuesday night after striking a deal with administrators that includes the school publicly calling for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war and exploring divestment from companies that profit from 'the occupation of Palestinian territories.'"


alan, to cycling
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This is a big deal for bikes in Bellingham! We have a new protected bike lane on Holly Street, the most important thoroughfare through downtown, and previously a big gap in our cycling network. Very excited to use this new route!


#BellinghamWA #biketooter #cycling #BikeLane

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@mmb I guess only a few blocks of it right downtown are “parking protected”

Wijfi, to random
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Stayed up too late playing writing shaders to use on layers in @maplibre

Psychedelic patterns drawn on a map of Mexico

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alan, (edited ) to random
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I hadn't visited @OpenInfraMap in a while: it's a pretty impressive custom rendering of power and telecommunication infrastructure in OpenStreetMap.

If you need something new to map in OpenStreetMap, looks like lots of neighborhoods still need to have their power poles mapped! 😳


alan, (edited ) to random
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I dug into my archives and found this map I made of 2016 election results aggregated by the (then) new Whatcom County council districts introduced in 2017. Gives a rough sense of the political alignment in our small county here in the northwest corner of Washington State.

I need to update this map with new data from all the elections since 2016, obviously, but it's a hassle to work with the precinct level results. Soon.

alan, to random
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Southwest Airlines is pulling out of Bellingham International Airport, citing delays on production of Boeing planes.


alan, to random
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"Here’s a Clever Way to Uncover America’s Voting Deserts:
Mathematicians are using topological abstractions to find places poorly served by polling stations."


Sure, this is clever. But you know what's even more clever? Eliminating polling places entirely and switching to 100% vote-by-mail like in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Vermont, and Hawaii.

(With some in-person polling places as needed for accessibilty reasons)

alan, to random
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"Learn about the world’s smallest park on the world’s smallest website"


Hey @morganm how do you think this website will fare on your speedloading tests? :)


alan, (edited ) to maps
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I was interviewed in @WillametteWeek about the @pop_vs_soda map I made a million years ago: https://www.wweek.com/drink/2024/04/18/do-you-say-pop-or-soda/

I guess it's about time to create a Mastodon account for that project...

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@xangregg @kristinHenry yes, great maps! I remember seeing those over on The Other Site. That scatterplot in the triangle legend is really a nice addition too.

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@xangregg @kristinHenry I was just starting a Pinterest board collecting all the various maps people have made, and I already had both of your maps on there (both color schemes) https://www.pinterest.com/mappingmashups/pop-vs-soda/

alan, to random
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I have to say this is my new number one favorite explainer video about Proportional Representation and Single Transferable Voting:


(my previous go-to video was by the inimitable CGP Grey, and it's still great if you want more details about the mechanics of STV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8XOZJkozfI)

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@woody open list is pretty good too. But for me STV is still best because it doesn't even require parties to exist. You can still get PR that matches the electorate's perspectives, factions, vibes, etc, which might might be cross-cutting across parties in other cases.

The downside to STV that open list doesn't have is that there's a practical limit on the size of districts and number of candidates before the ranked ballot gets too complicated.

alan, to USpolitics
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Big news: Maine joins the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact! The inter-state agreement now includes states with 209 electoral votes, and will come into effect when enough states join that include 270 votes. Making progress!


alan, to washington
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Hey people in Washington State, have you written to WSDOT to ask them to revise their Amtrak Cascades long term plans to include faster travel times? Comments close on April 18, so please write now!


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@mgrass don’t leave us in suspense!

alan, to random
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I was aware of the Long Now Foundation's cute stylistic thing of adding a leading zero when they write the year (like this year is "02024") but I didn't realize they also had a cute name for it:

"Y10K Compliance"


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@kgjenkins I know, right?

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