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That is insanely fast! I figured we’d be getting “AI cards” at some point soon.

This tiny, tamper-proof ID tag can authenticate almost anything (news.mit.edu)

TL;DR MIT researchers have developed an antitampering ID tag that is tiny, cheap, and secure. It is several times smaller and significantly cheaper than the traditional radio frequency tags that are used to verify product authenticity. The tags use glue containing microscopic metal particles. This glue forms unique patterns that...


Then you’re in for a bad time. It’s a game changer, even if over-hyped.


It’s used to identify similarities in glue patterns. In what way wouldn’t this be backwards compatible? New versions would just be better at it.


I mean they could call it machine learning instead but that is just a type of AI.


Open sourcing this stuff seems like a no brainer. Get passionate people to do work for free.


Nah I think it’s pretty clear that reading a post that describes rape in detail could be triggering for someone who is dealing with the trauma of rape.

For me personally it’s anything that talks about children in hospital. My son spent his first 10 weeks on a ventilator and almost died many times.

Even typing that out I can hear the machines beeping, smell the hospital and feel the doctors and nurses running around faintly in the back of my mind.

PTSD is nothing to fuck around with.


You don’t just hop on a table and transition on a whim. It’s a very long and complex process that requires many professionals to sign off.


I think the general argument is that it can be too difficult and painful a process. Almost like it’s intentionally trying to stop people seeking help with it.

I haven’t seen anyone I’d take seriously saying it should be doable on a whim.

I have seen plenty of right wing groups claiming these people are everywhere though.


I wouldn’t call it “overly sensitive”. That is implying an insult 100%

I think my sensitivity is totally justified given what I went through.


It’s really not. It’s incredibly rare for a whole population to agree on anything.

Chances are these are their equivalent of MAGA.


Genocide has a pretty strict definition.


Some nice racism in there.


As a member of the West™ I can say pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to sees it that way.

Japan to launch world’s first wooden satellite to combat space pollution (www.theguardian.com)

The timber satellite has been built by researchers at Kyoto University and the logging company Sumitomo Forestry in order to test the idea of using biodegradable materials such as wood to see if they can act as environmentally friendly alternatives to the metals from which all satellites are currently constructed.


It’s literally what everyone here called mentally disabled people in the 90s. And it was meant to be insulting.


JavaScript, until recently, was literally the only option. It’s a nightmare of a language littered with bear traps and pitfalls.


There’s around 10 developers and most use it now.

We have bing enterprise.

I’ve found that anything that used to be a Google followed by skimming a few blogs or docs is now a question to it.

It summarizes the articles that I was going to read, extracts the specific information I was after and sources each sentence so I can read it if I want to. Also allows follow up questions, which is big.

It has essentially replaced googling for me.

I also use it for refactoring and other tasks like that as well.

The speed at which I can get productive in a new language or framework has greatly increased.

I’ve also noticed our juniors can get up to speed very fast with minimal input.


x2 lower costs are also pretty big if true!


Joining is one of the simplest and most useful things in SQL.

How can you possibly query without it?

Simple queries are obviously better but not everything can be achieved with simple selects.



But just that popup existing is irritating.


CTEs are amazing. I discovered them semi recently and it’s such a great tool to have in your belt.

Partitioning is definitely something I need to work on.


Pretty sure they are referring to AOT and docker when they say that. That seems to be the direction they are pushing with their cloud stuff.

.net Aspire is their new toy and that is generally targeting kubernetes for deployment.

The article specifically talks about AOT and kubernetes so I think that’s a safe bet at what they mean.


.net core and .net 5+ runtimes are cross platform and open source. You can use them anywhere.

You’re thinking of .net framework which is windows only and considered legacy.


I’ve started using LLMs for this. You can get up and running incredibly fast this way.

I use enterprise bing at work so it sources each sentence so I can go directly to the docs if I need to.

I’ve found it really superior to reading docs as it’s interactive. Being able to ask follow up questions is very powerful.

I’ve noticed the new batch of juniors at work are able to get productive very fast by using them.

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