I once met a person that never drank water, only soft drinks. It’s not the unhealthiness of this that disturbed me, but the fact they did it without the requisite paperwork.

Unlike those disorganised people I have a formal waiver. I primarily drink steam and crushed glaciers.

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iView used to be so much better. Logins were probably a masterstroke by whichever group pushed for them.

CNC Kitchen’s website (www.cnckitchen.com)

For those who haven’t noticed before, CNC Kitchen (Stefan) puts almost all of his content online in text and picture form, not just YouTube. It’s really awesome for searchability and skimming to quickly find bits you’re interested in. I’ve come across it randomly a couple of times while researching things like foaming...


Yay. It’s so much nicer to go through these routes, especially when the have extra info. Youtube just wants you to watch more junk.

Gamersnexus used to do this, then they just abandoned their site. I think they’re using it again now but as a companion, it doesn’t link to their videos?


In that case one of my 3D printers would be exempt too.

“Sorry snotwrangler, you’re legal”


My father was recently commenting about the lack of coverage of Israel-Gaza, Russia-Ukraine and even the Qld floods on the ABC. He was going to DW and finding more there about even the Qld floods than on the ABC.

I looked and the ABC was all royals stuff.


Smart locks are worse. They have all the insecurity of a regular lock, plus more methods of insecurity, plus more failure modes that will shut you out of your house.

WaterWaiver, (edited )

In Kerbal Space Program your ships sometimes catch the NaN virus. If one fuel tank level is reading NaN then whatever you do DON’T try and fill it from another (full) tank. I’m not sure if it can spread to physics (thrust, mass, etc) EDIT: Yes it can happen to physics, oh dear.

I wonder what would happen if you landed a NaN-infected spaceship on a planet.


(Offtopic) where does one find old, used solar panels? I’m after a couple for a personal project, even ones with 10% efficiency (ie very old panels) would do me. Sydney.


It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

  • What levels of asbestos? ppm numbers are really important information to release, they mean the difference between normal ambient levels (there is detectable asbestos everywhere) and actually of concern.
  • Is it unrelated to the mulch, as the supplier claims?
  • Is it being accidentally introduced, introduced through negligence or intentionally introduced as a disposal method?

Until we get some sort of resolution, I’m worried about the mulch I buy and use :(

What do you guys do when you want to run unmaintained programs? (lemmy.world)

I recently wanted to run tegaki, and my experience is pretty much summed up by the meme. I consider myself fairly tech-savvy, but I just couldn’t figure out how to compile it. So I just gave up, downloaded the .exe and put it into a fresh wine prefix. After installing CJK fonts, everything ran fine. Now I’m trying to get...

WaterWaiver, (edited )

My distro recently dropped support for gtk+2 (which I am fairly pissed about, since it’s the last good version of GTK+)

Stuff like this completely throws the shared libraries idea in the bin. There are lots of benefits, sure, but none of them matter when your program won’t even start.

Please name and shame your distro. GTK2 is a core component of userspace for many users, just as important as glibc and bash. Maintaining it might be annoying, but it’s the lesser of two evils.

My distro (Void Linux) dropped support for qt4 a few years back. Now I’m running QUCS in wine. “win32 is the only stable ABI in Linux”

(And yes you’re right 2 is the last good version of GTK+. Gtk3 and 4 look and feel so much worse, they make me feel like I’m being punished.)

WaterWaiver, (edited )

A method I have not seen mentioned yet (for when you have an old precompiled version of an app):

  1. Identify the missing libs. You can run the program, but sometimes it’s easier to use ldd
  2. Use your web browser to download the missing libs from Debian’s repos (stable or older if need be). Unfortunately you often also have to grab their deps too.
  3. Extract the .debs
  4. Move all of the .so files into the same folder as the old program you are trying to run
  5. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$(pwd)"
  6. Now try running the app

It often takes a bit of fiddling, but it’s worked for me a few times and you only need to fetch the few libraries you are missing. For bigger things however it can be a dependency hell, you might as well use the distro’s actual package manager inside a chroot.

Note: You don’t need to be using Debian as your host distro, I don’t. As long as it’s a glibc based distro you should be mostly fine (glibc is mostly backwards compatible)


Glad you found a fix :)

FWIW I was running “xbps-query -s gtk2” out of curoisity last night and only saw “gtk2-engines”, which I thought was odd.


Lawful good: Please don’t use 8P8C for anything other than 10/100/1000BASE* compatible protocols, especially on network devices. It’s confusing.
Chaotic good: Please don’t use ethernet cable for anything other than ethernet compatible protocols, especially on ethernet devices.
Lawful evil: That’s a valid use of Cat5 cable.
Chaotic evil: Let’s talk about RS-485

True neutral: Wires are just wires and standards are just standards. In a parallel dimensions, somewhere, cat5 is used for 8-phase delta mains power.

WaterWaiver, (edited )

I would like a smaller phone, but they’re aiming too cost-premium for me. To me “premium” would be decent custom ROM support and a replaceable battery; I don’t care about flagship processors or holepunched screens.

I wish them the best of luck :)


Agreed - you need to tell users why you exist, don’t expect them to know everything.


Look at the equipment! That’s insane! It’s probably 1 sim card -> 1 android radio chipset -> 1 antennae. ie equivalent to owning a pile of android phones.

I looked “sim box” up and yes you can just buy this stuff.


They have to know their target market is dodgy, you don’t need physical phones/radios/sims for sending bulk SMS unless you are intentionally trying to look like individual mobile phones in order to bypass something (free unlimited SMS billing? spam detection?). There are online bulk sending companies and telecoms themselves provide service to them, no physical phones needed, all above board.

Also they cost an arm and a leg. It would be cheaper to get a stack of cheap phones (but I guess you’re paying for the automation of this spamming solution).

Looking forward to seeing if there is a whirlpool topic about this article :D I wonder if some of the cheaper virtual mobile phone providers do this to piggy back cheap unlimited plans from other networks ;D

Lines in prints (lemmy.world)

Just about all of my prints have these lines at around the same heights, and I can’t figure out why. I tried changing the nozzle, changing the layer height from 0.15 to 0.12, and changing the speed from 60mm to 40mm. All of these seemed to have helped a bit, yet they remain. I was thinking maybe as the prints get to a certain...


The fact the lines are at the same height suggests something is wrong with your Z axis. Can you post photos of your printer, including the Z rails and/or screws?


Sorry for the late reply, tied up. Thankyou for the photos.

The Z-axis leadscrews look OK in the photos (nothing obviously wrong). That’s a very clean and new printer.

Q1. Is there any grease on those Z-axis leadscrews (tall metal spiral rods) or are they completely dry?

Q2. If you force your printer to move up and down does it make unusual noises at some parts of its travel height? You can try typing thing g-code into your printer monitor software to make it move up and down:

<span style="color:#323232;">G0 Z100 F1000   (move to Z position 100mm.  You won't actually travel at 1000mm/minute, instead the printer will do whatever it's max is)
</span><span style="color:#323232;">G0 Z0 F1000    (move to Z position 0mm, ie nozzle touching the bed)

You may need to home the axes first (G28)

Q3. Are these screws on both sides properly tight? I think I might possibly see a gap under one, but it could also be an optical illusion from reflections.



Tell him that he is trying to get government to intervene in a market-driven choice


Small detail: is that a trump statue at the top centre?

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