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The move was part of a nationwide campaign by MAGA activists to block those donations, which they call “Zuckerbucks,” based on the prominent role of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in funding nonpartisan election-support charities. “I consider Facebook to be an enemy of the people” for Zuckerberg’s role in funding election-administration charities, Trump told CNBC in March.

Of all the shitty things Facebook gets away with, this is what makes them “enemies of the people?”

Republicans just REALLY hate democracy.

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The most important part about learning a musical instrument is consistent practice.

1 hour twice per week is not as good as 20 minutes every single day. And you do have to play every day if you want to improve. Work on one thing at a time and most importantly: use a metronome.

Guitar is a meditation exercise: you have to learn to love the process. If you aren’t having fun, maybe it just isn’t for you.

A new account rekindles allegations that Trump disrespected Black people on 'The Apprentice' (apnews.com)

Gene Folkes had just been jettisoned as a contestant on “The Apprentice” and was commiserating with a crew member at a bar inside the lobby of Trump Tower. He was indignant — and not just at having been kicked off the reality show after its star, Donald Trump, had delivered his catchphrase: “You’re fired.”...

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From The Reaction Mind- Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Donald Trump by Corey Robin:

Republicans have learned to disguise their intentions so well, in other words, that the disguise has seeped into and transformed the intention.

Even without directly engaging the progressive argument, conservatives may absorb, by some elusive osmnosis, the deeper categories and idioms of the left, even when those idioms run directly counter to their official stance. After years of opposing the women’s movement, for example, Phyllis Schlafly seemed genuinely incapable of conjuring the prefeminist view of women as deferential wives and mothers. Instead, she celebrated the activist “power of the positive woman.” And then, as if borrowing a page from The Feminine Mystique, she railed against the meaninglessness and lack of fulfillment among American women; the difference was that she blamed these ills on feminism rather than on sexism. When she spoke out against the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), she didn’t claim that it introduceda radical new language of rights. Her argument was the opposite. The ERA, she told the Washington Star, “is a takeaway of women’s rights.” It will “take away the right of the wife in an ongoing marriage, the wife in the home.” Schlafly was obviously using the language of rights in a way that was opposed to the aims of the feminist movement; she was using rights talk to put women back into the home, to keep them as wives and mothers. But that is the point: conservatism adapts and adopts, often unconsciously, the language of democratic reform to the cause of hierarchy.

This is the best book I’ve read for understanding conservatism.

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Then what the fuck is he doing in Ukraine, PotatoTown?

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It really is a great game.

The combat reminds me most of Half-life 1 when the soldiers are chasing you through Black Mesa.

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Love his style.

Also, I love that his mom’s name was Ann Egg.

Egg was born in London to Joseph and Ann Egg

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Maybe it’s a client issue?

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The woman, referred to as “Witness 1” in an FBI affidavit, previously recalled how a bit of “comically minimal ego-stroking” on her part led to Taake and other Jan. 6 participants giving up information about their activities during that attack.

“I felt a bit of ‘civic duty,’ I guess, but truthfully, I was mostly just mad and thinking, ‘F— these guys,’” the woman, who spoke anonymously for fear of online reprisal, said. The men wanted to “regurgitate” the lies they heard from prominent Republicans about the 2020 presidential election, she said.

That woman is an American hero.

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It’s so fuckin’ funny when reactionaries project their insecurities onto others.

It’s just so transparent LMAO!

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I’m rated at a +7, so it depends on my roll.

You’re hilarious. Keep it up.

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Here’s a tangentially related video from Not Just Bikes that shows how these suburban developments get subsidized by actual cities.

He talks about intracity funds, but it also applies to State funding of infrastructure.

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Good to know it wasn’t “economic anxiety” that lead those fascists to try and overturn a legitimate election.

Just old fashioned, homegrown, corn-fed American racism.

The Orchestra of the Opera- Edgar Degas, oil on canvas (1870) (lemmy.world)

For all the stylistic evolution, certain features of Degas’s work remained the same throughout his life. He always painted indoors, preferring to work in his studio from memory, photographs, or live models. The figure remained his primary subject; his few landscapes were produced from memory or imagination. It was not unusual...

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This Nate White fellow has a way with words. I wish he’d do Ted Cruz next.

"Etchings" Euphemism (en.wikipedia.org)

The phrase “Want to come up and see my etchings?” is a romantic euphemism by which a person entices someone to come back to their place with an offer to look at something artistic, but with ulterior motives. The phrase is a corruption of some phrases in a novel by Horatio Alger Jr. called The Erie Train Boy, which was first...

Phases of the Moon- Galileo Galilei, brown ink and wash on paper (c. 1609) (lemmy.world)

Galileo studied speed and velocity, gravity and free fall, the principle of relativity, inertia, projectile motion and also worked in applied science and technology, describing the properties of the pendulum and “hydrostatic balances”. He was one of the earliest Renaissance developers of the thermoscope and the inventor of...

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It’s kind of fun that the first automotive fuel injectors were just an electronic version of a carburetor: it would just squirt some fuel in by the throttle body instead of the more modern multiport injection further up the manifold or high-pressure piezo injectors directly into the cylinder.

Five Landsknechte- Daniel Hopfer, etching (1530) (lemmy.world)

The Landsknechte were German mercenaries used in pike and shot formations during the early modern period. Consisting predominantly of pikemen and supporting foot soldiers, their front line was formed by Doppelsöldner (“double-pay men”) renowned for their use of Zweihänder and arquebus. They formed the bulk of the Holy...

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone- Thomas Moran, oil on canvas (1872) (lemmy.world)

Thomas Moran’s vision of the Western landscape was critical to the creation of Yellowstone National Park. In 1871 Dr. Ferdinand Hayden, director of the United States Geological Survey, invited Moran, at the request of American financier Jay Cooke, to join Hayden and his expedition team into the unknown Yellowstone region....

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