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I'm curious • I learn things • I share them • I did Good Things • Shame how they ended up • I speak tech • I've just completed the first pass of my unique Great Big Graphics Project online (5 years work! 12,000+ images!) and now I'm researching my Great Big Writing Project following on from it • I post some Follower-only content

Andrew D Wright

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Writer • Office Administrator • Digital Archivist

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Rewatching Star Trek Voyager.

Good old Federation competency porn. Oh look a problem. Let's figure out what's going on and fix it. Oh look, not acting like assholes with lobotomies really pays dividends with problem solving.

Aaaahhhhh. So different from real life where everyone's trying to out-stupid everyone else and nothing gets solved.

Voyager sure made mincemeat out of the 24th century timeline though, backwards and forwards, rewriting whole eras in galactic history a buncha times.

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SRSLY tho, how did Janeway not get nailed to the wall by the time cops.

Was it because she looped that one got marooned for 30 years in California after getting mugged for his timeship throw the fear of crossing Janeway's path into the rest of the time cops so no one ever tried it?

She just Admirals up after showing up with 30 year from the future anti-Borg tech and the time cops are yeah, we're not touching that. Tell their kids about Janeway screwing with timelines scary bedtime stories....

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In the Public Gardens to have a quiet supper al fresco.

Pond I like sitting next to completely dry.

We are really hurting for rain for that to happen.

Closing hours are ludicrously early too. Security guard was kicking like 150 people out with more than an hour of daylight.

And of course Victoria Park is still fenced off, most of its paths too, looking like a vacant concentration camp, the central park where sheer political spite made itself manifest.

Locals learn well power is not mocked.

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Yeah, I feel that. Like daily.

Today's Questionable Content.


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Someone at Microsoft needs to get their head shaken for them.

Twice in as many days I've had Microsoft put up notices that cannot be clicked away.


Yeah, I know you're deep-sixing the world's most common and popular OS, hoping the planet will throw away the majority of computers in existence so they can run a crappier OS you sell.

No, I just want the weather on my taskbar, not a consumer portal for you.

Microsoft, please fuck off, please fuck off, please fuck off.

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Running XP on the Internet is bigtime terrifying. It's got more security holes than any sane person should have to consider.

Linux Mint is nice and easy. Install WINE if there is some Windows program you can't live without.


Is free. Secure. Doesn't spy on you. Familiar interface.

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I run a few different versions of Linux and Windows 10.

I'm not liking Microsoft's newer policies and haven't come to any terms yet on what I do October 2025 if they are serious about stopping updates.

I imagine I'll have to run Win 10 on a virtual machine under Linux and firewall the living shit out of it or just run it offline on the gaming box.

Since neither of my machines support Win 11 despite being powerful as hell and I can't afford new hardware like that any more it's grim.

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TBH I don't like what I've seen money do to people. I've always been poor since I've been on my own and FWIW I think the better parts of my nature have come from going where money is not as much as I have.

I spent 5 years making my great big graphics project, a one of a kind effort that money could not create by its nature. It doesn't earn money. It doesn't cost any money to access.

It was 5 years work to create though and if I hadn't done it it would never have been done.

Money is BS

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Where this applies to Windows 10 is I cannot justify to myself junking a perfectly good 12 core computer with 32 GB of RAM just because Redmond wants a "trusted computer module" that has already been compromised on the motherboard.

Even if I had the money for a new big ticket box, I don't feel the moral justification or a driving need.

A new video card, maybe, mine is getting a wee long in the tooth, but still plays every new game pretty well even w/o some of the latest flashy tricks.

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My first reaction to Microsoft's Recall feature from the perspective of someone who did 20 years in the trenches with front line low tech information users was it was a nightmare solution to a non-existent issue.

Screencaps every few seconds, locally hosted, encrypted under the user account.

The more I see, the worse the user implications.

A field day for abusers. A golden ticket target for hackers and security agencies. A spyware's wet dream made real.

Microsoft Recall must die.

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I mean, Microsoft Recall is such a fucked up idea, I honestly don't know how it could even get to being pitched let alone realized and publicized.

I wouldn't trust any computer anywhere running it.

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Poilievre's Conservatives are already 80% of MP expenses and they're not even in power yet.

So, let's be clear here.

They are doing nothing but farm rage; relying on disinformation to further their cause, no policies of substance, promising to remove peoples' rights they don't like.

Winning every poll handily like a juggernaut.

Like someone released boars in a buffet already and the reins of power are theirs by grace of God Almighty.

Believe people who show you who they are by their actions

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"If Trump is acquitted, he'll be an unstoppable terror."

And you cheerleaders in the press "don't see" this is like a golden ticket for folks.

They like the idea of setting loose an unstoppable terror. It's catnip to their flaccid little egos.

They think they'll get John Wick. They'll really get Joseph Goebbels but it'll be too late then.

But let's keep harping on about how the demented rapist madman is an icon for white male power and Good For Business.

Good for ratings, huh.

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Today's Poll:

The Daleks were writer Terry Nation's take on the Nazis, armored evil exterminators of all non-Dalek life, lacking all morals and compassion, dedicated to the conquest of everything, everywhere.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

Which global power bloc will create the real world version first?

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It's May 22. I have not crossed the threshold of any Loblaws store this month.

That psycho fascistic billionaire who profits off the chains has not seen a single penny off me. Not one.

May he rot in place like Dorian Gray's portrait from his excesses.

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Show me a country where that country does not kill people.

Not Canada. We kill people all the time with neglect and policies designed to purge them. We outright kill people too on occasion.

Saw a post talking about how the US and Israel are destabilizing the world with support for the killing of civilians.

Um, news flash, Russia is killing civilians, China is killing civilians, every major power everywhere is busily killing civilians.

You want to talk about it, do it honestly.

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Thing I learned today.

"Inciting bestiality" is a crime.

I mean, obviously it's twisted; besides health and consent issues, bestiality's not exactly a billboard for mental health and is a crime, but /inciting/ it was not something I'd ever heard of before.

I tried looking it up in the Criminal Code of Canada - bestiality's Section 160 - but couldn't find it. There is /compelling/ it - forcing someone - and doing it in the presence of a child, but no inciting.


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Ah, a little more looking about seems to indicate inciting and compelling are legally synonymous terms.

I was thinking inciting was a more wide-ranging term, like it is in language usage, but apparently not to the law.

Like, for example, one could write a pro-bestiality book that may incite or inspire someone to commit bestiality but it would not compel or force anyone to on its own.

The legal usage seems to conflate the two.

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And it turns out there is a move to add animal fighting to section 160 just this year.


The things one learns looking for answers to things, huh.

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Yeah, your boy Hitler was a psycho piece of shit who ate his own gun when the cyanide hurt too much.

Your boy Trump is a psycho piece of shit who loves to dish out pain but would fold at his first blister.

Your boy Putin is a psycho piece of shit who can murder millions without qualm but needs to be told how skilled he is every moment.

Your boy Netanyahu's a psycho piece of shit genocidal monster needs lockstep obedience or he has to kill some more.

Your boy Poilievre is their psycho fanboi.

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My high resolution re-do of exhibit #001 of 126 of my great big graphics project has proven popular and is the current top download.

I've laid the keel for the high rez re-do of exhibit #002. I'm taking my time on these to do them as well as they can be done.

I originally created the first 18 exhibits at half the resolution of the remaining 108 and did no color restoration work so the new versions will look significantly sharper and more faithful to the originals than the ones currently up.

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Here's something unusual.

It's a picture I took of myself while asleep. I must have had the pad next to me and somehow sleep-hit hit the right buttons to take the shot.

The shot dates from 2022 but I didn't discover it on the pad until today.

So what we have here is a picture of an unconscious person, taken by the unconscious person, without the unconscious person's knowledge.

That can't happen all that often. 🍀

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2 people have searched for me on Linkedin.

No, they have not.

Linkedin tell me this message all the time.

All it tells me is they're irrelevant.

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That thing where you don't know if you're numb from grief, from shock, from social collapse, from horror, from constant threat, from lack of resources, from isolation, from age or what,

and you think why not the entire menu, they've all got persuasive summaries,

and time has somehow transformed into a self-sealing paradox where both the days pass by in a blur, trees seen from the moving train, and the moments hang suspended, like in a stage play, catwalking past almost leisurely, each in turn.

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Today, in Oh Cool.

Paid work's dried up. Fun.

I can do free work. People will use it like it's a natural thing that grew unbidden without acknowledgement.

If I can believe Twitter, I can shove a gas pump nozzle up my ass while masturbating in public and monetize the video for cash.

The 21st century is absolute rubbish and this whole garbage mess cannot collapse soon enough.

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