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Finally deleted my reddit account after the AI news. What communities do you recommend on lemmy?

Ive been on reddit for more than a decade. Kinda bittersweet, but its not the first time I have moved on from an internet site. I just cant support reddit and sucking up all my posts for AI purposes. Feels terrible and spammy. Ive been a reddit premium holder for many many years....

eeltech, (edited )

It works on as well!


Interesting, I tried a simple test with a user and it worked fine, blocked them on the first attempt. I actually had difficulty unblocking them later, though, I don’t think it “stuck” and had to refresh and/or navigate to a different page, and then unblock them and it worked


Fisherman faces Feds for allegedly diverting Platte River (

Let’s take a momentary break from the usual unpleasantness of politics and other state shortcomings — perceived or not — and point the spotlight at a Frankfort, MI man, a human beaver, if you will, who would appear to do what only Greek heroes could…singlehandedly divert the flow of a river! In this case, not to clean...


Something similar happened in Texas, some asshole decided to build a dam without applying for a permit or anything, just keep all the water…/illegal-dam-in-mason-county-blocking-w…

eeltech, (edited )

someone create !11foot8 pls :P


I’m appalled by the fact that Google News is promoting garbage AI-generated articles that plagiarize and distort the original work of journalists. This is not only unethical, but also harmful to the quality and credibility of news. Google should have stricter standards and filters for what qualifies as news, and not just rely on algorithms that can be easily manipulated by spammers. I want to read authentic and original stories that are well-researched and verified, not some AI nonsense that is full of errors and nonsense. Google News is supposed to be a trusted source of information, not a platform for spreading misinformation and propaganda.

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A combination of:

  • I was very curious about computing and trying different applications
  • I liked customizing and tinkering with my setup: Launcher, window manager, icons, etc.
  • I was a poor teenager

On the windows side, there were neat apps like Stardock Windowblinds, for the most part, everything was paid and expensive for someone with no disposable income.

Mind was blown when I realized everything I wanted was available for free! My first install was actually from a CD that came with a book I checked out from the public library


It says one is not able to use the new API for all scenarios


Mr Coffee single cup machine, makes hot or iced, 1 cup at a time, its awesome! no more stupid pods…/B093XTHCZL/


There’s no ship, but when Bob puts on his glasses he will see the fake ship drawn on them. It’s a prank, I guess🤷

Roku lays off 300 workers and removes streaming content to save money (

Roku looks to be seriously tightening its pursestrings. The company’s laying off a full ten percent of its workforce, over 300 employees, in addition to a conducting a number of other cost-cutting measures, as reported by Variety. These job cuts are just the beginning, as Roku’s also removing streaming content, consolidating...


They took a gamble and tried to play the streaming game - and lost

Did any of y’all Roku owners buy their device for the purpose of their streaming content? I know I didn’t - I bought it because of the promise of an excellent UI to organize all of my other already-existing-and-too-many services in an easy streamlined interface even my dad could use.


For me it was vise versa. If its purely by minutes, there’s no way I watch more than 20 youtube videos a week, let’s say 5 minutes length each would be barely 2 hour of content.

Versus on Netflix I can easily watch on average 1 episode a day (or binge 7 in 1 day :P) for at least 7 hours a week

eeltech, (edited )

“The study did not include people who are street-entrenched or who have serious addictions or mental health issues”

Seems kind of disingenuous to leave out people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. No, that’s not most of them, but yes that is some of them.

The study simple ignores them so how can one make conclusions like “contrary to what people believe” and “the opposite of what people think” without actually considering the subject in question


I’m wondering what is the percentage of homeless that are addicts or have mental health issues. You seem to be confident they are outliers, but what is the percentage? Is it 1%? 25%? 50%?

Seems like a logical fallacy to me without knowing that stat.


So you’d essentially be proposing that we don’t help

Excuse me? I haven’t proposed anything. I’m simply asking questions because the headline/description seemed misleading to me and not adequately conveying the full story/situation. Purely from a math/stats/logic point of view


Yeah, I’m always cautious showing up within 30 minutes of closing time and always ask if the kitchen is still open or if its not too late to get X (usually try for something easy to make).

If its within 15 minutes of closing time I just consider it closed

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