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New music soon.

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Why can’t we see the amount of upvotes and downvotes? Put it back.

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Do you still think that this is a good feature?

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Was that the route next to the Magical Mystery Tour?

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Where is the actual video, not the forensic investigation stuff?

Florida’s “Communism Task Force” Is Absurd Red-Baiting (jacobin.com)

Republicans in Florida’s legislature don’t think enough is being done to indoctrinate children in the Sunshine State against the dangers of communism. Frankly, it’s a little heartening that they’re this worried about a socialist resurgence. —] F | lorida has one of the worst literacy rates in the United States. A full...

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Hello. My name is Favrion, and I am a victim of cummunism. communism*

How do conspiracy theorists get all of their coveted secret government information if it's meant to be hidden and the government would never hand it over?

It’s a curious thing. I’m not dismissing any of their claims, but I find it a bit interesting that they can so easily uncover everything that the government doesn’t want you to know when it’s hidden for a reason.

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For me it’s Solitaire and Nonograms. They relax me.

To what extent is it possible to create a rectangle like this in Scrabble? (lemmy.world)

With seven-letter words being stacked from the middle in either direction until you get a 14×7 grid as demonstrated in the attached screenshot. How far is it possible to go until it becomes impossible to add more letters? (This diagram assumes that nobody has used their blank tiles yet.)

What is the best way to succinctly describe this symptom?

I have been taking Cymbalta 60mg and I have noticed its benefits wearing off both physically and mentally. It used to be that when I missed a dose, I would feel “fuzzy,” almost like lightheadedness but without the headache, more like a rush of blood that makes me feel that way. Now even when I take the proper dosage, I feel...

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