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What is the best way to succinctly describe this symptom?

I have been taking Cymbalta 60mg and I have noticed its benefits wearing off both physically and mentally. It used to be that when I missed a dose, I would feel “fuzzy,” almost like lightheadedness but without the headache, more like a rush of blood that makes me feel that way. Now even when I take the proper dosage, I feel...

I don't consider myself depressed necessarily, just sometimes I have an overwhelmingly crippling sense of ennui.

Let me preface this with, yes, I probably am depressive, I have been diagnosed with depression when I was very young and while things have been okay since then, it’s probably important to recognize that. I consider myself in a very good state of mind in my life at this moment....

jjust a thought, .. that why have i always been very sensitive to crying.

haventgotten answers from doctors or any ever, but i cry to like any inconvenience, nearly any small insult, being even moderately spooked, sm1 not liking me; even if i just slightly feel like one dislikes me a little. i did try medication… but it made me feel like a zombie and i didn’t like it :c didn’t feel right. like,...

Loneliness and suicide mitigation for students using GPT3-enabled chatbots (

Mental health is a crisis for learners globally, and digital support is increasingly seen as a critical resource. Concurrently, Intelligent Social Agents receive exponentially more engagement than other conversational systems, but their use in digital therapy provision is nascent. A survey of 1006 student users of the...

The longer I'm stuck in this world the more I understand why villains in movies want to destroy it.

It’s been almost 8 months since I graduated Uni. No one wants to hire a student with no experience. Been living in my parents basement for all that time. Been working nearly every single day trying to better myself for a job to no avail. Been drowning in debt for nearly 10 years. Mom hasn’t been able to work due to health...

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