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ELI5 why is anarchy not "the guy with the bigger stick" making the rules?

I’m politically agnostic and have moved from a slightly conservative stance to a vastly more progressive stance (european). i still dont get the more niche things like tankies and anarchists at this point but I would like to, without spending 10 hours reading endless manifests (which do have merit, no doubt, but still)....

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Philosophize This has just started a podcast series on Anarchy that I’m finding informative. The podcasts are short and all have transcripts. The first episode is here: www.philosophizethis.org/…/anarchism-part-one.

The second part just came out this past week.

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They are not testing this for every account. But you should check your settings every so often.

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I like Yamamoto, but as a Yankee fan, I’m happy we lost out. 12 years is long time for an unproven player in the mlb. Plus he’s 5’9". Small pitchers usually don’t last long in the league.

Open Source UI/UX is notoriously bad. How FreeCAD is breaking the curse | Ondsel (ondsel.com)

The project has larger goals. They’re spending considerable time talking about zones of the UI, task flow, and what the default configuration should be. They’re also thinking about how UI templates can be created that make it easier for developers to implement new functionality without needing to reinvent the wheel every...

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I tried to like elementary and used for it for months awhile ago. But it was missing so many basic features for an OS. Eg, they only just added bulk rename to the file manager.

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I tend to agree with the judge’s assessment. He must make a decision based on existing law and the plaintiff’s claim/argument. You’re right existing law doesn’t cover this aspect of technology which is why there needs to be new laws enacted by Congress. And the courts are put in a no win situation here because we’ve failed to establish new rules and regulations for this new technology.

The plaintiff’s claim of derivative work doesn’t fit here because of what has already been long established what a derivative work looks like. AI generated images aren’t really derivative works.

I think rightfully, the court has told them to try again, which is ok.

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