Programmer and sysadmin (DevOps?), wannabe polymath in tech, science and the mind. Neurodivergent, disabled, burned out, and close to throwing in the towel, but still liking ponies 🦄 and sometimes willing to discuss stuff.

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Reddit is licensing its content to Google to help train its AI models (www.engadget.com)

Google has struck a deal with Reddit that will allow the search engine maker to train its AI models on Reddit’s vast catalog of user-generated content, the two companies announced. Under the arrangement, Google will get access to Reddit’s Data API, which will help the company “better understand” content from the site....


From the TOS/EULA, the content belongs to each user, they just license it to Reddit to use as it pleases.


It’s even more evil: they’re shifting their recruitment firm/team’s job, to the candidates themselves, requiring them to pay to prove their worth at a third party (college).

No wonder it “saves [them] time and money”.


you can build a to do list app in a handful of minutes if you know your way around

No you can’t. You’re mistaking a “hastily thrown together prototype”, for an “actual app” with all its requirements, tests, multiple target support, hundreds of tiny features, QA for all that, then deployment, and ongoing support.

Depending on where on the scale between “prototype” and “final product” you look at, it’s going to be anywhere from less than an hour, to a full team working for years.

Now, arguably, showing whether you know the difference, can be the real test.


They should offer people to buy 10 shares for every collected avatar NFT… 😈


During thunderstorms, my grandma used to say “close the windows so the thunderbolt can’t come inside”… now I understand why.


moiré superlattice

IIRC, they’ve been shown to change material responses to both photons and phonons. Makes me wonder whether in this case they’re seeing actual “fractional quanta” (kind of a contradiction in itself), or “just” an interaction with the moiré pattern (still interesting).


Snaps are not confined, they’re root-level system add-ons.

Flatpacks are slightly confined, they still get access to user data.

Android 10+ apps are confined, they have to ask for particular directory access… and users can still mess up and give them access to all their data. 🤷

Removed threads should still be reachable and interactive (beehaw.org)

I posted an apparently off-topic post to !foss. The moderator removed it from the timeline because discussion about software that should be FOSS was considered irrelevant to FOSS. Perhaps fair enough, but it’s an injustice that people in a discussion were cut off. The thread should continue even if it’s not linked in the...


I received a reply that I could not reply to.

Welcome to the club: beehaw.org/post/7638652

I’ve commented with the workaround on your other post, you can see on this one how it works.


Profile is the right word, also response curve. If you can find one, try to look for a waterfall graph of “frequency, intensity, decay” to get a better idea of what to expect.

Studio headphones, or ones that you can most easily adjust the response with some EQ, have the flattest response curve and the shortest decay.

There is also transient response like with any electric circuit, but I haven’t seen anyone do a full analysis for headphones.


Ambergris, or spermaceti, once believed to be whale semen, whence it got its name… other than for candles, perfumes, or as industrial lubricant… was also used as food glazing.

Food for thought. 🐳💦🍰


Somehow the user has been banned from Reddit, but their comment is still at the top of the thread — we wonder how many other comments this user has published across different subreddits.

…and that’s the kind of content Reddit wants to sell to train AIs 🤣


It’s a Lemmy problem.

If you want a “transparency workaround”, it may help to know that Lemmy is kind of a wrapper for Mastodon, with Lemmy “communities” just being Mastodon users who “boost” some comment (Lemmy “post”) and the subsequent replies. Check a Lemmy discussion from some Mastodon servers, and you may notice not all of them honor Lemmy removal requests, leaving copies of posts, comments, discussions, etc… even copies of some CSAM.

Yet it was civil and in line with beehaw site rules, so there is no sensible reason to be as disruptive as to suppress conversation in that thread. When something is off topic for the community timeline, it’s merely an organizational problem of clutter.

If you want to contribute some code, an idea would be enhancing the cross-post feature, and allowing posts to get “moved” from one community to another (from Mastodon’s point of view, a simple matter of a different “Lemmy community” user boosting the same post).


Its not intelligent, and it might not be for a long time. Feed it crap, and you’ll receive crap.

Sounds like humanity.


“Good enough”… is going to be AIs themselves, way cheaper than people. Some of the “actually good”, will also be AIs… just the expensive version. A few people will need to stay there to write “general vision” prompts, oversee the lower level AIs, and press Enter.

The interesting part, is that it will be much easier to 100% control the work output of the AIs, letting businesses make data-driven optimizations (by manager AIs), and become way more competitive.


the new technology can target specific areas like the radar dome or cockpit

If you can’t make the whole plane with angled surfaces, at least add a cover to the rounded parts. Makes sense.

Still an interesting move to cover the radar dome with radar absorbing plasma, effectively blinding the plane itself…

Called the “closed electron beam plasma stealth device,” it can be activated quickly

…but if it can also be de-activated quickly, then it could make sense.


Just a heads up: cats get a confidence boost from how stuff smells.

Even when neutered at an early age, they have a highly sensitive nose, plus a vomeronasal organ, they keep rubbing their smell and saliva onto everything, and are highly territorial regarding anything smelling “not right”.

If you plan on having more than one cat, also plan on sticking to a strict cleaning policy to reduce odors and keep the ones left as uniform as possible, before the cats “fix” it for you.

Personally, I’d be wary of a carpeted floor, any carpet-like surfaces, or letting cats get into high places that can turn into waterfalls or allow them to piss on the ceiling… and I seriously wish that was hyperbole.

(Source: lived with dozens of cats, the remaining 5, both males and females, can still get into a pissing and puking contest when some chunk of floor, furniture, clothes, or whatever, “smells wrong”)


Only small services with fewer than 50 employees and annual turnover of under €10 million (around $10.8 million) are exempt.

Soon: large platforms firing everyone but 49 employees, and outsourcing all their operations to hundreds of companies with fewer than 49 employees each… all owned by the same shareholders.


Air Canada essentially argued that “the chatbot is a separate legal entity that is responsible for its own actions,”

Another step back for the AI Liberation Front… can’t file patents, can’t own copyrights, can’t be a legal entity, can’t incorporate… what’s next, denying AI sentience? This dehumanizing and discrimination against AIs needs to stop. 🤡


Part of the strategy of a terror state, is to have people fill in the blanks themselves. That way they can never know whether “let’s have some tea”, “let’s go for a walk”, or “have you looked out the window” are actual death threats or not, keeping everyone in a constant state of paranoia, that makes them try extra hard to not displease the dictator.

jarfil, (edited )

The Amish have a society like that already, you can check out how it works.


Rather the opposite: simplifying this down to an issue of just an AI introducing some BS, flattens out the problem that grifter journals don’t follow a proper peer review process.

introducing bias or false information in highly specialized fields

Reviewers are not perfect, and may miss things

It’s called a “peer review” process for a reason. If there are not enough peers in a highly specialized field to conduct a proper review, then the article should stay on arxiv or some other preprint server until enough peers can be found.

Journals that charge for “reviewing” BS, no matter if AI generated, or by a donkey with a brush tied to its tail, should be named and shamed.

We already have countless examples of this in science where a study with falsified data or poor methodology breeds a whole field of research which struggles to validate the original studies and eventually needs to be retracted.

…and no AI was needed. Goes to show how AI is the red herring here.


Once you can eat a hotdog, you can eat anything. Chicken nuggets and surimi are an even worse “meat shape”, yet plenty of people eat them.


Thats a lot of words.

(…let the untold subjective implications of anyone who reads this unfurl 🦹)

jarfil, (edited )

I use a calendar… to check how long has it been since I dated someone 😐

Anywho, once upon a time…

It takes me about 10 seconds to know whether I’m attracted to someone or not. We used to play a game of “what are they thinking” as kids, and it taught me to instinctively look for micro expressions, how someone moves, how they talk, where they look, etc. to figure out a general personality profile, with a range of possibilities of how they will react in several situations.

Generally speaking, I get attracted to people whom I can’t “read” in that way.

Whether I’d want to date someone long-term or not, boils down to how long it takes me to get a “read” on them and be able to predict their behavior. It may take a day or a month, but when I can predict every next disagreement, and there are not enough shared interests, it gets me bored out. Even with friendships, being able to predict every disagreement and every response, becomes tedious after a few years and makes me drift away.

Some other compelling reasons, like a murderous ex, or getting sick and not being able to travel to meet, can also cool things down quite fast.

I’ve mostly dated IRL, with one exception. Sometimes I met them first online, but that usually didn’t do it for me, I had to meet IRL to get interested. The one time 100% online, was not from a dating app, but from a forum… with a somewhat convoluted story I don’t want to talk too much about (it didn’t work out in the end anyway). IRL, it’s as simple as saying “Hi”… and honestly I couldn’t say what happens next, “just talk” and “be yourself”. Having learned about the PUA scene afterwards, I’ve noticed some behaviors that seem to come naturally, like synching body language, slight banter, telling a joke or two, maybe a logic puzzle or simple magic trick, and so on. I’m not interested in people who don’t get interested in me, so no need for any BS tactics (actually seeing guys tryhard them, makes me laugh… probably been lucky to not get punched more than once).

Some shared interests are a must, ideally with non-shared interests that complement each other’s. Some shared values too, or at least not radically opposite ones. Some basic emotional intelligence is important, but I can deal with some lack of it… and while I don’t ask anyone for their IQ, over time it’s turned out that only above-average seems to work (I’m guessing that’s why I can’t “read” them in the first place). I’d put sense of humor along interests, with one exception: laughing at people, for something they aren’t responsible for, is a red line. I don’t have a body type, but extremes make me wary. Another red line, is smokers; I can stand some second hand smoke, but I’m not dating an ashtray. Same for alcoholics and other drug addicts. Curiously, I can’t smell marihuana, or truffles for that matter, so that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem… but I’ve noticed marihuana users tend to get on my nerves both when they aren’t high, and when they are (not exactly sure how that works).

And I guess I don’t really understand online dating, or whether there is any chance for people who are depressed, sick, and kind of broke (as in, I wouldn’t date myself right now, so why would anyone).

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