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Website: https://hacktivis.me/
Lang: Français(natif), English(fluent), LSF(🤏~👌)
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Localisation: near Rennes, France

Pronouns: meh, pick any, have fun
Timezone: Let's say Mars, I have a non-24h cycle
Dayjob: None
Alts: @lanodan, …

🦊🦄⚧🂡ⓥ :anarchy: 👿🐧 :gentoo: :sun:  
Pleroma maintainer (mostly backend); BadWolf developer; Gentoo contributor; Eternal upstreamer  
Arch users needs to pacman -R works-for-me arch-btw  
Make the changes you want to see.  
That person which uses HJKL in games  
Just because computer bad: X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H*  
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coolboymew, to random
@coolboymew@shitposter.world avatar

🇮🇹 Never bet against pasta 🇮🇹


@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@coolboymew never bet against noods either :D

lanodan, to random
@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

Always feels kind of weird when the short commit hash is [0-9]

All_bonesJones, to random

she loves transforming characters, would she obsess over her own merch? :thonk:

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@SNEK @All_bonesJones In fact I could see manga going into the selfcest route.

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@SNEK @All_bonesJones incest probably not, like I think that only somewhat applies to illya and kuro due to how different they are (as kuro isn't a personality fork of illya but her own, while body and so blood are related).
And selfcest doesn't implies masturbation, although the definition of masturbation is a mess so both are likely (tags >>> little categories).

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@All_bonesJones @SNEK I meant actual selfcest with her somehow ending up creating a duplicate of her body given the stuff in the current chapters.

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar
lanodan, to random
@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

Kind of interesting that POSIX doesn't mandates anything like printf or echo as builtin, so if you only have a very strict /bin/sh in your environment you can't write to files… (you can read but kind of a mess to get what you've just read)

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

(But well it's called shell, not egg or yolk :D)

kura, to random

Jeanne, Arthur or mordred?

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@kura I'd feel like it would be Mordred as friend, Jeanne as waifu.

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@kura Bodyguard? :D

a1ba, to random
@a1ba@suya.place avatar

Can't get MNT Pocket Reform, got Sipeed Lichee Console 4A instead.

It has 4 RISC-V cores and 16 gigs of RAM.

Had to disassemble it because battery ribbon cable was disconnected (just in case?). Seems powerful enough for programming, but maybe not enough to run heavy Pleroma FE. Or maybe it's just Firefox.

The keyboard layout is meh, and it's pretty hot, internal sensors say it's like 60° C. Though I like the screen and the size of the device, it's pretty tiny.

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@a1ba Wow that keyboard looks awful indeed.

davemark, to tech
@davemark@mastodon.social avatar

"I deleted keys generated by our TV for 5 straight minutes. 5 Minutes of like 200BPM clicking. I restarted. Everything worked again. I laughed so hard I cried. I felt like I'd solved a murder."


The title is, "DO NOT BUY HISENSE TV'S"


@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@davemark To me this also reads as an unpatched UPnP DoS vulnerability in Windows.

cell, to random
@cell@pl.ebin.zone avatar

>taste cofe
>immediately reminds me of a beer i had

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@cell Ah yeah, stout? (love those)

cell, to random
@cell@pl.ebin.zone avatar

>friendly old lady switches from singdarin/singlish to thanking me in perfect nihongo
:acat_gawk: but also 🥰

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@cell Sindarin? The Elfic language in tolkien books?

niconiconi, to random

"data available upon request"

Translation: Raw data is a complete mess and I just want the project to end. Hopefully nobody will actually request the data so I never have to organize it properly, or at least not until several months later.

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@niconiconi Meanwhile the true open ones: Here's our mess, good luck.

Rocc, to random

why aren't you mirroring your fedi account on linkedin

RE: https://bbs.kawa-kun.com/objects/aeaeef12-cb05-412b-9b66-cc614b705997

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@Rocc I don't and won't have a LinkedIn, even if scaring the suits out could be fun.

cell, to random
@cell@shitposter.world avatar

why are people going out of their way to make fun of the cybertruck
bad cars have existed before and will exist in the future

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@mangeurdenuage @cell What about Renault Alpine and Citroën 2cv?

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@mangeurdenuage @cell Nooo :whyMelt:

nonfedimemes, to random
@nonfedimemes@wetdry.world avatar
@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@nonfedimemes Heh, he can't eat tide pods.

nosleep, to random
@nosleep@bae.st avatar
@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@nosleep I feel like OP is an absolute American who just discovered the first step to cooking.

ncopa, to random
@ncopa@fosstodon.org avatar

Now I'm fighting circular deps.
cmake -> nghttp2 -> c-ares -> gtest -> cmake.

How do solve that kind of circular deps? easy! You vendor! cmake has vendored nghttp2. Problem solved.

But what do you do if the dependency you need is already vendoring you?

You vendor them back!

..and you end up like this:


@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@ncopa Or I guess an intermediary package with tests disabled?

chozu, to random
@chozu@fedi.absturztau.be avatar

terminals, the text-only interface that can't do text properly

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@chozu @psykose Doesn't even seems to be good for scrabble either.

coco, to random

"Vous n'utilisez pas IPv6, mais vous ne devriez pas rencontrer de problème pour consulter des sites web compatibles IPv6"

Ça veut dire quoi Google ? Qu'on a une IPv4 ?

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@coco "Alerte au Google les enfants!" :DD

mia, to random
@mia@void.rehab avatar

get rid of email authentication and bring back whatever this is called

and it's being plugged into a little computer!!!

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@sun @mia Due to it being remote desktop?
I'd be surprised if they didn't optimise that to hell as AFAIK quite few Sun employees were using that.
(Here I use waypipe from my laptop from time to time but H.264 hardware encoding helps a lot with latency and bandwidth)

SuperDicq, to random

Bye bye!

@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

@SuperDicq Oh, TIL Tux Racer went proprietary (explains Extreme Tux Racer, which is fun).

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