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I'm a policy nerd, studying Italian, trying to grow veggies and learning to be more tolerant and empathetic.

I like tea, libraries, jigsaw puzzles, fridge magnets, cooking, mountains, trains, rescue dogs, history docos and southeast asian islands.

When I grow up I want to be a train driver. Or a librarian. Or maybe a character in a William Gibson novel.

I only boost pics with Alt Text. My posts vanish after three months.

Cover pic: Sam Kerr mid-way through a post-goal backflip

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timrichards, to random
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Not a headline you read every day.

Allegedly naked passenger forces Virgin plane to turn around on flight from Perth to Melbourne - ABC News

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@timrichards there's nothing alleged about the state of nakedness

Melissabeartrix, to random
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"control human behaviour" ... Yeah right ... The only ones that noticed are the ones that don't need control ... Giggles

Good idea

Hugz & xXx

Aussie council's subtle move to change how locals use footpath: 'Great idea' https://au.news.yahoo.com/aussie-councils-subtle-move-to-change-how-locals-use-footpath-great-idea-043842161.html

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@Melissabeartrix so they just invented lane markings?

fixatedpersonsunit, to auspol
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We sued the tobacco and asbestos companies

Why didn't we ever go after the marketers and advertisers that knowingly lied about these products and caused the deaths of millions?

Why aren't we going after them now?

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@fixatedpersonsunit there may be a case developing against a certain club in Canberra's south related to the suicide of one of its members

KathyReid, to mastodon
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@KathyReid done!

burgerdrome, to random
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whenever I am forced to look at LinkedIn I can only imagine that I have the contorted, screaming face of someone who is in a fantasy movie and is looking deeper and deeper into The Cursed Orb or whatever and refusing to let go even though it's obviously killing them. with each turn of the scroll wheel I sink a little deeper into the madness, feeling myself overwhelmed by the slick achievements of others, my blood boiling at the midwit business insights of the rest. then just as suddenly it is gone and I can breathe again, and I remember my family loves me, and there is hope for a better world

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@ThermiteBeGiants @burgerdrome another well-hidden default setting in Outlook is to open all links in Edge, overriding the system default browser setting

firstdogonthemoon, to random
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Big mulch fan here - very pro mulch. So it is disappointing to see the anti-mulch proponents from Sydney getting so much traction. None of this makes sense. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/picture/2024/may/27/sydney-already-australias-worst-city-now-you-cant-even-go-to-the-park-because-of-contaminated-soil

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@firstdogonthemoon finally Harold Holt is found!

luciedigitalni, to random
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It seems our gardener doesn't know it's a public holiday therefore I have to listen to a variety of two-stroke engines doing arguably unnecessary things

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@smitjo that would explain it

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@MargaretD Reconciliation Day

Qldaah, to auspol
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David Littleproud wants city people to understand the burden on regional people by following the current renewables policy. The livelihoods ripped up as their land is taken away. Families & communities torn apart. The Qld LNP nuclear energy plan will take away the pain.


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@Qldaah with the warm inner glow of radiation poisoning

timrichards, to random
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Nice idea, but in the end it's frequency and reliability that increase public transport use. If they can get that right in conjunction with lower fares, it could work.

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@timrichards yes but this is little more than a pre-election stunt, and they risk leaving a $150M hole in the PT budget for a likely new LNP government who could use that as an excuse to cut services

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@timrichards it would make everything worse, but that wouldn't stop the LNP from doing it

luciedigitalni, to privacy
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"Our privacy laws are due for reform. But Australia’s privacy commissioner should also enforce an existing rule: with very limited exceptions, businesses must not collect information about you from third parties."


IndyMediaAus, to auspol
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@IndyMediaAus the policy to spread public housing through the suburbs might look good on paper but it has been disastrously implemented in the ACT with sociopathic disregard for the humanity of existing tenants, combined with massive cost blowouts that have contributed to a significant reduction in the total number of social houses

amonkeyinsilk, to auspol
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@amonkeyinsilk they could instead be spending $150M actually providing more public transport

@luciedigitalni@aus.social avatar

@amonkeyinsilk might lead to increased investment

shlee, to random
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If you could buy a fake university diploma, what is the stupidest fake diploma you would want?

Masters in Teledildonics? Neoliberalism? Elite reproduction?

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@shlee MBA

tankgrrl, to random
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In movies, no one says goodbye on the phone, and everyone adjusts their rearview mirror when they get in a car.

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@tankgrrl and all beer bottles are very obviously empty

danielbowen, to random
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I started writing this well before this morning's Queensland announcement...

Blog: Free fares: two charts

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@danielbowen making it almost but not actually free seems like it will just cost money without really achieving much

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@danielbowen also, related:
“Throughout this installation phase during October and November no fares will be collected from passengers to allow a seamless switchover to the new service expected for full launch in November.”


Uname, to random

Nuclear Power and Immigration policy....again. When are we going to stop talking about irrelevancy and get to addressing the things that matter. Stop picking up Dutton's talking points every week.

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@Uname 💯

trif, to random
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The Greens do need a coherent immigration policy but “Speersy” went from “What is your immigration policy?” To “Do you think there’s too much immigration?” which is not the same thing.

Speers is embarrassing


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@trif seriously mediocre journalist

kentparkstreet1, to auspol
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This monster has been dumped by her own party, despite the support of Dutton.


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@kentparkstreet1 haha eat shit you horrible person

luciedigitalni, to random
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The Saturday Paper Quiz No. 501
I got 6/10!

bastardsheep, to auspol
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I have these two images side by side in my camera roll from 4 years ago and I have no idea why.

Peter Dutton MP.

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@bastardsheep they're the same picture

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