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Calorie counting through MyFitnessPal. I am unable to accurately gauge how many calories I'm consuming just by eyeballing it, and this is especially difficult given my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) is about 1350 calories. (I'm short.) The only way I've been able to manage my weight is by turning it into concrete understandable numbers.

I have a 3,312 day streak of calorie counting now. It's the one habit I've managed to keep up, and while my weight has gone up and down I've kept track of it all. At my starting point, I weighed 150lb (obese by BMI), and I'm currently down to 118 (high end of normal by BMI).


Real answer: these are actually real languages! They're just conlangs, or constructed languages, instead of natural languages. The major problem with conlangs generally ends up being the limited vocabulary, but the grammar foundations are usually solid.

I actually really like Klingon as a language because it was intentionally designed to be alien, and specifically to be very Klingon. Most languages are Subject-Verb-Object (like English and other Western languages) or Subject-Object-Verb (like Japanese or Hindi). Klingon, however, is Object-Verb-Subject - it's very direct with the emphasis placed on the target of the sentence, which makes sense with the Star Trek world and Klingon culture.

Fun fact, Klingon has at least one native speaker - some guy raised his daughter to speak Klingon as well as English. (I'm not a fan of this - on one hand, learning multiple languages from an early age is a huge leg up in being able to learn more languages in the future, but on the other hand Klingon is entirely useless as a primary language given its structure and the few other people who speak it.)


Unfortunately, I think due to the way ActivityPub works, the domain name is inexorably tied to the instance. Trying to migrate to a new domain name would break a lot of federation to my understanding.

It looks like someone posted an attempt at a workaround here (latest reply): https://github.com/mastodon/mastodon/issues/5774

But it does require the self-destruct button because the old domain name has to be erased from other servers.


How long until someone discovers an arbitrary code execution exploit in the simulation?


Guinness is bullshit anyway. Someone get that man a "World's Largest Eiffel Tower out of matchsticks that was also rejected by Guinness for bullshit reasons" plaque.


if camping's so great, why did man invent House? 😏

(I've never actually been camping. I think I would like to one day though, both for the general experience and the ability to actually see stars, which I think would be neat.)


For me it wasn't a video game but adjacent - I saw Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within in 2001 and thought "well, that's it, computer graphics have achieved photorealism and nothing could possibly ever be better."

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I had norovirus once, got it from the salad bar at a Disney World restaurant. Absolutely awful, the only silver lining was that it only lasted a day or so.

Dealing with it on a cruise with those tiny little bathrooms? Ugh.


There is a Light Gary on your right shoulder and a Dark Gary on your left. They don't provide any great moral advice, but damn do they love to argue about the best hiking trails.


you WON'T BELIEVE what MOZILLA said about MICROSOFT 🚨 (watch to the end)


I've never understood why people have such a hard time with the trolley problem. Obviously, if you pre-emptively move that lone guy over to the rail with the five, you can hit all six at once to maximize your score. Just requires a bit of setup.


Y'all kids and your speedrun strats. Some of us have poor reaction time and need to perform safety setups.


Though the network engineer cries out, the parents do not come back to take care of the hatchling. The newborn must climb down the cell tower on its own and immediately begin searching for food, shelter, and a job in the telecommunications industry. The rapid fledging cycle of the network engineer means that only a handful survive into employment.


High school (and all primary schooling) is 50% teaching you useful facts and knowledge and 50% teaching you skills like concentrated work effort, sitting and listening, taking instructions and following them, and applying critical thinking to transform knowledge. MLA falls into the latter category, in my opinion.


I always thought this was my ADHD talking, but from some googling... It could be this as well, or instead of. I'm definitely very monotropic and I also recognize the symptoms of Pathological Demand Avoidance in myself.

Unfortunately, at work I manage three different tracks which each have their own roadmaps and deadlines, so constantly shifting attention is required. It's taken a decade of practice to get where I am -- forcing my body and my brain past perceived obstacles and discomfort. It's possible to train your brain out of certain desire paths with enough effort, but it's not easy, and I wouldn't say I'm cured to any measure. I'm just better at managing my symptoms and getting things done than I used to be.

I hate to say "it's a bootstrap thing" but frankly there's no magic cure, only increasingly difficult iterative steps that you achieve through a ton of practice. I do hope my neurodivergent compatriots here have been able to find jobs that work with their unique skills and brain structures, rather than against as I have found myself.


🥸 well you see, you own a digital license to watch the movie so long as we have it available, have you read our terms of agreement--

Agreed that this is scummy marketing, though. The only real way to own media (legally) anymore is through physical copies, and even then maybe there's some provision that makes a DVD illegal due to license shenanigans... but no cop's gonna bust down your door for owning an illegal DVD of Aquaman.

ryan, to random
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I'm testing a thing, hi @ryan


@ryan Wow it worked that's really neat and all, glad the dables are doing their job 👍


By observing the HTML of the about:preferences#privacy page, we can find that the checkbox "Cookies" has a preference value of network.cookie.cookieBehavior, as does the dropdown next to it, so that's the preference value that is changed.

You can see in the console of about:preferences that if you type in Services.prefs.getIntPref('network.cookie.cookieBehavior') it will return a 1. You can also see this if you have about:config open as you are toggling the preferences dropdown - the value will change there.

Hope that helps!


Which language are you trying to learn? There are different answers depending on that.

As someone learning Hindi, I've found that Duolingo is wholly insufficient in grammar and vocabulary (the entire course is far too short) and did not concentrate on listening comprehension. I've started using a combination of the following:

  • Clozemaster for vocabulary in context of (sometimes pretty wild) sentences. (I've got a lifetime subscription to Clozemaster, it goes on sale during holidays.) Clozemaster has grouped "common words" and a combination of reading/listening skill and multiple choice / vocab word transcription / entire sentence transcription. It feels very overwhelming at first as you're just thrown in but keep at it - start with reading and multiple choice and once you know the words and sentences in your grouped section start typing them out via listening.
  • A combination of textbooks and websites to explain certain grammatical concepts.
  • A listening-based podcast, example Innovative Language, for listening comprehension. (This also goes on sale regularly.)

Self-reply: looks like Clozemaster Pro now has a ChatGPT-enabled "Explain" feature which is extremely helpful and breaks down the sentences. You can do this on your own with ChatGPT of course, copying sentences in and asking (I have done this), but it's nice to have the option embedded in.


I'm not great at this sort of stuff, but if Sign is meant to be a third party website that other websites authenticate your identity against, given by step 1:

Initial Step: Visit the ‘Sign’ website and input your email to start the process.

Could this also be likened to a less secure OAuth?


It's amazing how something so innocuous can provoke such a viscerally disgusted reaction in me.

Technology was a mistake. It's time to return to the wilderness.

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