Not The Onion

Alleged pickleball masturbator nabbed after Columbia Pike peeping incident (

A man whose stroke on the pickleball court was most unwelcome has allegedly been identified and arrested. Police say a 49-year-old Arlington resident was taken into custody Monday after a peeping incident along Columbia Pike Friday night. Just before 7 p.m. Friday, according to Arlington County police, the man was spotted...

Texting while walking makes college students more likely to fall | Science Daily (

When it comes to college-aged adults who are glued to their smartphones, experts argue over whether texting while walking increases the risk of an accident. Some studies have shown that texting pedestrians are more likely to walk into oncoming traffic, while other studies suggest that young adults have mastered the art of...

Finance department hires consultant to advise on hiring consultants in move compared to ABC’s Utopia (

The finance department has entered into a $32,000 contract with an external consultant to provide advice on how it should engage other external consultants who also provide advice to government, in a move that has been slammed as a “laughable scenario”....

Exclusive: Dark Souls Anime In The Works For Netflix (

Netflix isn’t giving up on anime adaptations just yet. Our trusted and proven sources tell us the streamer is developing an anime series based on the acclaimed video game Dark Souls. This could mark a new era for Netflix, as the Dark Souls anime would be one of the company’s first truly original anime series.

Plastic surgeon who livestreamed procedures on TikTok banned from practicing medicine in Ohio (

The board said Grawe, who originally had her license suspended in November, neglected her patients as she livestreamed parts of their procedures, spoke into a camera and answered viewer questions — all while the surgeries were taking place....

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