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:xcode: iOS app developer at :smalltech: smallte.ch, living in RJ 🇧🇷, born in 🇨🇭 , likes :

  • :apple_inc: code :haiku: :haikubox:
  • :procreate: arts
  • :commodore: #retrocomputing
  • :amiga: demo scene
  • :homeassistant: home automation
  • :rpi: :arduino: Pi, Arduino, ESP32 & small electronics

:anAmigaBall: : Cookie / Asphyxia #demoscene
:deadbirb: : was @blackjack75

Filiado a ala Suíça 🇨🇭 da Ursal 🐻
or as some say :fcknzs:. #NoBridge
Made https://butwhy.club

✍️ : FR 🇫🇷, PT 🇧🇷, ES 🇪🇸, EN 🇬🇧

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hgrsd, to random
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You know you're getting older when the ads you get are about grave plots for sale...

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@hgrsd It also happens to be the average terrain size the new generation can afford now to build housing. How fitting.

santiago, to random
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The latest KDE neon with Plasma 6 looks pretty useable nowadays. My Linux Desktop is still secondary and serves mostly as server and TV display. It either shows videos or a huge 40” full screen terminal above my Mac workstation.

It runs Pop-OS now which is also based on Ubuntu so switching would be possible (but it’s work). I’ll keep KDE Neon in mind if I ever manage to fully drop Mac OS.

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

Both Krita & Blender are tools that I don’t master for historical (and recent laziness) reasons but they make me feel like Linux is finally ready for the desktop in a way it wasn’t in 2003 when I last used it as my daily driver. Dev tools rarely were the issue . Well they are now that I depend on Apple SDKs for my income.

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@akosma I don’t hate the Mac that much. I still like it but everything about my actual todo list on it takes all my joy away. I remember the Mac once being a nice alternative to the sadness of Windows and the painful mess of early 2000 Linux hardware support. I have fond memories of learning new stuff on my PowerPC iBook. Then it became progressively a day job while Apple got bigger and therefore worse 🙄

capitaobviodev, to random Portuguese
@capitaobviodev@bolha.us avatar

Parece que o código brasileiro de trânsito foi suspenso.
Nem sinal vermelho o pessoal está respeitando.

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@capitaobviodev Respeitavam antes ? Eu aprendi assim no RJ:

  • É noite, seria perigoso não passar no vermelho

  • É dia, não tem guarda ? Pode passar no vermelho, para de atrapalhar!

Versão curta vendi meu carro. Não me adaptei 😅

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@capitaobviodev Eu vi direto da Suíça pro Rio de Janeiro. Em termos automobilísticos gera um certo contraste 😂

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@capitaobviodev Foi mesmo. Isso que tinha minha esposa pra me explicar antes as bases de sobrevivência.

ActionRetro, to random
@ActionRetro@bitbang.social avatar

NEW VIDEO! Installing KDE Neon on an "obsolete" iMac


@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@ActionRetro When I am president of Brazil I’ll make sure these can be imported tax free to run . Sadly due to rarity and import tax (to protect local iMac production of course!) these sell for about 500$ over here.

duran, to random Portuguese
@duran@bolha.one avatar

Eu tô bem loco das ideia depois de passar por 3 estados no mesmo dia e ainda tem mais pelo menos 2 horas de viagem

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@duran Eu faço isso regularmente e concordo que é bem cansativo. No meu caso hoje foi estado de pânico, estado neurasténico e estado apático. Uma viagem com baixa emissão de carbono.

santiago, to random
@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

Marx 🐱 was in the first Matrix movie.

or flashback from 2018

santiago, to random
@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

Flashback from 2018 when Marx 🐱 was bigger than Feijão 🐱.

Fond memories of taking these two back home in a taxi at that time. Marx stuck on my chest during the whole trip while Feijão (in wife’s hands) kept looking out the window. This still describes how they are today.

augustocc, to random Portuguese
@augustocc@social.br-linux.org avatar

acho que o correto agora seria ir comer uma saladinha

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@augustocc Mais uma pessoa radicalizada nas redes sociais !

rmx, to random Portuguese
@rmx@ursal.zone avatar

Chegou minha escova de dentes elétrica da Xiaomi. Curiosa a sensação no primeiro uso, mas realmente deu a impressão de limpar melhor.

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@rmx Não tem medo dos chineses controlarem sua dentição ?!?!

edasfr, to random French
@edasfr@mamot.fr avatar

Chaque fois qu'un malin rappelle que les IA de génération ne font que de l'inférence statistique à partir de passes de données pondérées et analysées mais qu'elles ne raisonnent pas vraiment, je me demande si nous fonctionnons vraiment différemment en réalité.

Nous aussi on fait en fonction de nos habitudes et de notre vécu. Nous aussi on hallucine, on croit savoir, on croit avoir vu, en fonction de notre passé et de nos habitudes. Nous aussi on réagit à une situation nouvelle avec notre vécu

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@edasfr Je pense que les LLMs pourraient être aussi utiles que certains humains si elles commençaient comme nous leur phrases par « heu, je suis pas sûr mais il me semble que » au lieu d’affirmer les choses péremptoirement comme les pires d’entre nous.

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@edasfr En somme je pense que le problème essentiel est que les LLMs qui ont le plus de succès sont celles qui mentent le mieux par rapport à leur certitude et ce n’est pas un hasard qu’elles soient les produits de ceux qui cherchent surtout des investisseurs à plumer dans un système spéculatif et accessoirement à résoudre des problèmes réels.

santiago, to random
@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

So we’re in 2024 and because of halving and other factors Bitcoin is high again so soon half the teenagers around are going to try to convince older people to sink their economies into this polluting speculative hole just in time for the next crash.


ole, to random
@ole@chaos.social avatar

It’s unacceptable IMO that tvOS apparently doesn’t allows apps to use persistent storage. For instance, the new RetroArch game emulator has to store all your savegames, screenshots, ROMs in the Caches directory, which the OS may purge at any time without warning. poof

“your app can only access 500 KB of persistent storage … Outside of this limited local storage, all other data must be purgeable by the OS when space is low.” https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/General/Conceptual/AppleTV_PG/index.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40015241-CH12-SW1 Why even sell the 128 GB Apple TV then?

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@ole I suspect the policy is another ploy to increase iCloud usage.

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@gklka @ole Oh. I never wrote any app targeting it and I assumed it was available. But I guess it was just for key-value pairs.

santiago, to brazil
@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

🎵 Birds flying high, you know how I feel

🎵 Fish in the street, you know how I feel



@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

For the record this was the same city in a promotional video bragging about its growth 6 months ago

santiago, (edited ) to random Portuguese
@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

Quem está acordado nesse horário (4:00) no Brasil tem

xenotar, to random Portuguese
@xenotar@mastodon.social avatar

Uma franquia da Cobasi em um shopping de Porto Alegre abandonou o local deixando os animais presos para morrerem afogados.

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@xenotar Eles tinham sido criados para gerar lucro. Nessa situação não iam mais gerar lucro. Mas os funcionários tiveram medo de ser acusados de afetar o lucro da empresa se liberassem eles. Resumindo: no capitalismo a vida importa menos que o lucro. Vale para humanos também.

BlackAzizAnansi, to random
@BlackAzizAnansi@mas.to avatar

Do y'all think other countries committing atrocities will receive the same type of rightful and long due backlash that Israel has been receiving.

Will there be a boycott against China for their treatment Uyghurs?

What about Saudi Arabia's treatment of folks in Yemen?

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@BlackAzizAnansi The backlash against Israel is going to last long probably because the violence isn’t going to stop there. It will most likely last a few more decades as it has in the past.

People tend to forget about stuff when it stops or changes form. Also when China or Saudi Arabia commit crimes the US isn’t systematically using its veto to defend them. This has an effect on public opinion.

altstore, to random
@altstore@fosstodon.org avatar

🚨 EMERGENCY UPDATE 🚨 Delta 1.5.4 is now available EVERYWHERE

Adobe is threatening legal action because they think our logos are too similar — so we changed it!

This new icon is an inspired design by Caroline Moore (@carolinemoore), we hope y’all love it as much as we do 💜

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@altstore Bonus: you can now use the slogan:

Delta it iS what it iS

jcdenton, to retrocomputing
@jcdenton@mastodon.social avatar

Look at the condition of this G4 iBook! Someone took care of this thing.

@santiago@masto.lema.org avatar

@jcdenton Having gone through this change when this was my actual computer I must say I am impressed . Back then I stepped back and had to pay a professional in a store to do it (I wasn’t happy as this was expensive in Switzerland but I was too afraid of destroying my little white PPC gem).

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