Software developer and (sometimes) blogger trying to figure out secret to living a healthy and content life into his 100's.

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Haberman does fancy herself the Trump whisperer, interpreting the state of his eyelids:
"But right now, he has partially closed his eyes--something he tends to do in court when he seems to be trying to keep from lashing out."


@jeffjarvis I knew she would inevitably pivot to a way to make this a positive for Trump. She is such a fucking hack. Why I hated people quoting her in the first place.

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WaPo Gives Bill Barr Platform to Attack Joe Biden without Mentioning Barr's Role in Framing Biden



@emptywheel @lin11c …while people still believe the BS CW that it has a liberal bias and in the bag for Democrats

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Barr, a vocal Trump critic, says he will ‘support the Republican ticket’ in November https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2024/04/17/barr-vocal-trump-critic-says-he-will-support-republican-ticket-november/


@jeffjarvis Zero surprise there. Couldn't even be bothered to do the "vote a write in" cop out BS even...

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Tesla asks shareholders to approve Texas move and restore Elon Musk’s $56B pay

Tesla board calls June 13 shareholder vote on Musk's pay and move to Texas.



@arstechnica ...and since the majority of the shareholders are Musk sycophants they will...

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really upsetting to see former Wikimedia Foundation director and CEO Katherine Maher getting targeted by the rightwing outrage machine in her new role as NPR CEO. she's wonderful, and NPR is lucky to have her. i hope they stand behind her.


@molly0xfff At this point I'm pretty sure they are on in on the whole thing. The CW may be that they are in on it for Democrats and the left. The evidence of the past decade has been clear if anything they instead have it in for the Democrats and the left.

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For a superstitious lot such as our society I’m thinking Bermuda Air’s logo is a little too close to a triangle…if you know what I mean…

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@bkoehn@diaspora.koehn.com:> > If you have a website hosted on , take it off from their servers immediately. This morning I woke up with my instance down and this message in my mailbox:

"Dear Ms...We have noticed irregularities on your account, so we unfortunately cannot have a contract with you at the present time. We have therefore had to close your account.

In general, if customers give us incomplete or incorrect information, we have to close their accounts.

We cannot provide any information on individual cases. Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards"

Without giving any warning or reason, they deleted my account with everything inside (Thankfully we have back ups every 12 hours). >
I couldn't even log into their site to open a ticket. They deleted my entire instance.

I replied the email asking about what information was incomplete or incorrect. Their answer was "we can't provide you this information due to security reasons"

It was a Kafkanian situation. They didn't ask me for more information or indicate what was wrong. They didn't even warn me that something was wrong. They didn't give me at least 10 minutes to look for a new server. They deleted my account and any possibility of having access to their website in an unilateral decision. And I learned that, interestingly, this has already happened to another progressive instance. Another curiosity is that they host the website of AfD, the far-right-almost-nazi German party.

In other words: a progressive and feminist instance is overthrown without explanation. An LGBTIQA+ instance is also taken down with no justification. But a far-right website is comfortably hosted in there, for years now, because they are the good guys according to Hetzner.

Never, ever use their services.


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@JoshuaHolland The headline is so good I’m literally thinking of subscribing.


@JoshuaHolland @CindyS Why did you feel the need to denigrate four year olds with your comment? 😁

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What's for dinner?
1976 Campbell's Cream Of Onion Soup Ad


@LibrarianRA I didn’t even know that was a thing!

hankg, to writing

@kennychaffin@diasp.org:> "I want to dispel some of the myths about Writer’s Block, and undo the mysteries that surround the condition. What’s happening when we feel blocked? What can we do to find our way back to the keyboard? Can we accept Writer’s Block as a potential ally to our creativity?"****"The first thing that needs to be said is that writers get blocked almost constantly. During the composition of this very paragraph, I stopped typing thirty-seven times (I counted), stumped as to what I wanted to say next, and how. I got up and made a snack. I went outside to chase away the woodchuck living beneath our storage shed. I came back inside and turned off the app that turns off my internet and spent a solid half hour researching how to poison a woodchuck."

"I considered what would happen if I poisoned the woodchuck—or worse yet, the baby woodchuck—and my wife found out. I made a bunch of linguistic tweaks, most of which I unmade, before erasing the whole paragraph and starting over. At every phase of this extremely shitty and inefficient process, I was suffering a block, a moment in which doubt and indecision overtook my faith. I am still eyeing this paragraph suspiciously."


hankg, to homebrewing

@christophs@diaspora.glasswings.com:> What did Roman wine taste like? Much better than previously thought, according to new research phys.org/news/2024-04-roman-wi…

gavi, to random

are there any actually good free photo editing software or is it just GIMP thats somewhat usable


@gavi I use Pinta for very light image work. It reminds me a lot of PaintShopPro back in the day.

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@pfernandes Wow! You'll be at the Sun level of the Half Fanatics group if you pull that off!

bkoehn, to random
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Huevos rancheros this morning. 😋


@bkoehn Looks delicious! I want to know more! Can you describe the constituents? Like are those fresh or pickled onions?


@bkoehn The beans were the other part that got me asking that question. Thanks!

hankg, to foss

The comments on a video about solutions to solving political divide in FOSS includes scolding him about acknowledging that LGBT people do actually exists is being political really highlights where the problem lies and it isn’t with the openly LGBT members and their supporters. Nor is the solution buying into the “apolitical” solution of erasing the open existence of minorities either. Fuck that noise.


@akroatis008 A YouTube video I started watching this morning. The impetus for that was apparently some strife in a FOSS project around the usual crap. I made the mistake of reading the comments even though I know better than to do that.

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So, I'm back on HN. I've gotten a few comments that my post was too political.

Literally everything I've written in the past few months is political. I write about the interactions between people, companies and technology. Technology is one of the most contentious issues of our time. By nature, covering this is covering politics, and it would be inappropriate to not draw attention to the tension between the typically liberal mastodon and the very right leaning truth social.


@eb I ditched them for Lobsters. The volume is obviously way lower but I'd rather give my clicks et al to them than the HN people. lobste.rs/

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Accounts pushing disinfo/misinfo about Iran vs. Israel appear to be crowding out the few credible sources remaining on Twitter/X. As @jsrailton puts it: "Twitter is awash with a flood tide of falsehoods tonight. Some is the work of people trying to farm revenue. And some is disinformation seeking to seed specific false perceptions."


@jsrailton @w7voa It's a shame no one predicted this is what would happen before Musk took this path... /sarcasm

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Person Adderall Cocaine Bright Lights?

Or just a genius with lighting problems?

Turn off the lights!

The talking brain dead!

T.Rump: turn off the lights!


@kalfatermann They should know that bright lights is an aging diva's nemesis! :)

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that's what lasers do


@avesbury_rosetta Not to brag but I have a lamp that does this too… :)

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