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What would you put in a meal if wanted something special from each US state?

Late night thought on a road trip in the US and I can’t stop think what an “All American meal with a great from every state” would consist of. Like something that a state is know for being exceptional in from beef to white tail to peaches to oastets to sunflowers to almonds to coffee. Even better it’s something an...


Grind up one of every official state bird, and make it into a hot dog.


Employers love it because it gives them plausible legal cover for two essential freedoms:

If they like you anyway, they can hire you and defend any discrimination claims with the fact that you had the strongest resume.

Whenever they stop liking you, they can expose the lie and fire you on the spot for good cause.

So really, it's a win-win situation for both you and your prospective employer.


A Braille-to-speech app. Point the camera at the Braille part of a sign, and be told what it says.

Intended user base: Users who can't read due to sight impairment, can't read Braille directly either for whatever reason, and couldn't find a general-purpose OCR app capable of reading the ordinary text.


All the potheads in my class knew exactly how many grams are in an eighth of an ounce.

What's with the corporate obsession with customer feedback?

If you contact the customer support of your utility company, phone carrier, bank, or other service provider you’ll likely be flooded with requests to rate the experience and provide feedback. Likewise, corporate websites and email communications often solicit feedback via embedded buttons or links to online forms....


They don't deserve my opinion if they're that irresponsible with the data. I just stopped doing them when I learned that.


If I need more than 2 decimals of precision, I'd use the calculator. But by the time I type it in I already know to expect an answer of about 0.23. If the calculator give me anything else, I'll redo it more carefully.

A good student knows enough basic math to know whether or not their calculator did what they thought it did, or if they mistyped something, had it in the wrong mode, missed order of operations, etc.


I did, and you can too. Here's how: 4/17 is about 4/16 = 1/4 = 0.25, but a little less because 1/16 is greater than 1/17. The error term is about 4/(16^2) or 4/250, so subtract about another 2 hundredths to 0.23.


If I don't block ads, then I'm stealing from the advertiser who's paying per impression to someone who isn't interested in their crap.

If the ad makes noise, moves around the screen, crashes my browser, or otherwise actively interferes with my ability to obtain the information I was looking for, It'll leave me with such a negative impression that I won't buy anything from that brand, now or ever -- or from the creator who allowed them to break an otherwise good website.

So really, by blocking ads, I'm defending the good reputation of both creators and their sponsors.


Experience with bankruptcy law preferred

What free apps and games are good to put on an android phone?

So ive had a phone for a bit now but i struggle at finding game sand apps to put on it especially free ones. its kinda mid range dphone it cant run genshin impact at all but it runs stuff like battle cats really well i also struggle at finding good or useful apps to download so if you know any please suggest some or something.


Good collection of logic games here. No ads, open source, offline. Android port available. https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/puzzles/


I was told it was better for load balancing if we didn't all use the same one. So I just looked for one that had easy signups and didn't seem overeager to block stuff. Apparently, some from this instance come form /r/china. I'm not, but I do drink coffee. Anyway, I think it's working out so far; better than reddit anyway.

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