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Im just a moon rabbit 🐇🐰

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@Miqo oh my goodness those little babies are so cute.

openmw, to Morrowind

A new release candidate for version 0.48 has been made available recently.
Download it and tell us if you find anything that should be fixed before final release.

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@openmw i thought i had missed something when i saw RC11 on the site, did this just release? is there anywhere we can view change notes?

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@xam54321 woah this is super cool i didn't know this was in the works!

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@SoLowChoLowRider I agree i was a forever lurker but now i actually want to try and post and interact.


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  • BrerRabbit,
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    @bhmnscmm oops, i believe you are right - I'm a big dumb.

    Edit: changed post title.

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    @artillect wow i have never seen one of those around MD! great catch!

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