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Hermit enjoying retirement in the high desert

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Still waiting... Crosseyed and Painless... Remain in Light

How to make social media less for instant gratification and more for long term value?

I read an interesting point which I hadn't realized before. Discussions on current social media are always current, not long term. You open the app or website to see what's going on now. When you comment, it's soon lost to history, buried by newer stuff. If you happen on a post more than a day or two old, it doesn't make sense...

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Good advice to sort by Active, I will start using that approach.

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FYI, a request for setting a default sort method has been submitted on the kbin-core Issues list

Is there a way to set a Default sort for Threads or Comments?

Currently it seems like the default sort for Threads is "Top". The sort options are: Top / Hot / Newest / Active / Commented, which can be selected once you view a thread. It would be a handy feature to set a Default sort option for Threads and/or Comments (for example, Newest).

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Joey app and developer are excellent. The UI customization and theming features are superb.

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Weird Tales 367, May 2023
Cosmic Horror Issue


Modern riffs on primeval rifts

Favorite stories in this issue:
The City in the Sea, by Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola
The Last Bonneville, by F. Paul Wilson
Concerto in Five Movements, by Ramsey Campbell
Moziaka, by Nancy Kilpatrick
Call of the Void, by Carol Gyzander

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Looking forward to trying Artemis! Exciting times for both developers and users as the Fediverse/Threadiverse grows and evolves.

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Excellent! This really helps in providing efficient access to favorite and recently used subscriptions. Thanks!

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Nice work, thanks! I am not seeing a Pin icon when hovering over a magazine name in the subscribed panel list. I am using the Vivaldi browser, and version 0.6.1 of Floating Subs List.

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@RodPhoto , @raltsm4k

Thanks! I can now see and click the Pin when hovering over the left side magazine's icon.

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My top Must have FOSS app:

  • Bitwarden - password manager

Other indispensable FOSS apps:

  • FairEmail and Proton Mail - email
  • SimpleLogin - email aliases
  • Joplin - notes
  • Aves Libre - image gallery
  • Droid-ify - FOSS app store
  • FediLab - Fediverse client
  • Medilog - health metrics log
  • OctoDroid - GitHub viewer/manager
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Currently the only way I have found to "save" a Kbin comment or post is to copy it to an external app or file:

At the bottom of the post or comment, select More, then select Copy URL, then in your note app of choice paste that copied URL.

Hopefully there will be a Save or Bookmark option within Kbin eventually.

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I also like the Threadiverse name. Unfortunately, tainted by Zuck and MeatHook with a Borg move to try to assimilate it with Threads.

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