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Series Produced by
Jason F. Brown ... executive producer (24 episodes, 2019-2023)
Steve Gaub ... executive producer / co-producer (24 episodes, 2019-2023)
Tomasz Baginski ... executive producer (16 episodes, 2019-2023)
Sean Daniel ... executive producer (16 episodes, 2019-2023)
Lauren Schmidt Hissrich ... executive producer (16 episodes, 2019-2023)
Mike Ostrowski ... executive producer / producer / co-executive producer (16 episodes, 2019-2023)
Jaroslaw Sawko ... executive producer (16 episodes, 2019-2023)
Piotr Sikora ... executive producer (16 episodes, 2019-2023)
Simon Emanuel ... consulting producer / executive producer (16 episodes, 2019-2021)
Matthew O'Toole ... executive producer (16 episodes, 2021-2023)
Matthew Bouch ... consulting producer (12 episodes, 2021-2023)
Katie Bullock-Webster ... post producer (8 episodes, 2019)
Declan De Barra ... supervising producer (8 episodes, 2019)
Ildiko Kemeny ... co-producer (8 episodes, 2019)
Jenny Klein ... co-executive producer (8 episodes, 2019)
Sneha Koorse ... supervising producer (8 episodes, 2019)
David Minkowski ... co-producer (8 episodes, 2019)
Suzie Shearer ... line producer (8 episodes, 2019)
Mark Birmingham ... co-producer (8 episodes, 2021)
Sean Guest ... associate producer (8 episodes, 2021)
Sam J. Brown ... associate producer (8 episodes, 2023)
Ben Burt ... associate producer (8 episodes, 2023)
Javier Grillo-Marxuach ... executive producer (8 episodes, 2023)
Haily Hall ... co-producer (8 episodes, 2023)
Sasha Harris ... producer (8 episodes, 2023)
Veselin Karadjov ... line producer (8 episodes, 2023)
Tania Lotia ... supervising producer (8 episodes, 2023)
Tera Ragan ... co-producer (8 episodes, 2023)
Alik Sakharov ... executive producer (7 episodes, 2019)
Kathy Lingg ... executive producer (6 episodes, 2019)
Juan Cano Nono ... Líne Producer Canary Islands (4 episodes, 2019)
Beau DeMayo ... co-producer (2 episodes, 2019)
Stephen Surjik ... executive producer (2 episodes, 2023)
Marc Jobst ... consulting producer (1 episode, 2019)

An interesting case of moderation in the fediverse (

A small group of people were offended by a joke that unintentionally came across transphobic, and as a result this persons account was blacklisted. Even after getting the account reinstated, there were lasting complications with the state of the account (these probably technical issues) and the account was basically lost for...

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Find a mostly European instance. Problem solved.

Americans are desperately trying to globalize their concerns everywhere.

[Video] Is Veganism Really the Answer? (

In this Our Changing Climate video essay, I look at the validity of vegan and plant-based diets as a solution to climate change. I dive into the human and planetary toll of the meat industry, looking at the massive emissions toll of beef production as well as the exploitative conditions in meat processing plants. Ultimately, I...

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Global meat consumption IS going to increase over the course of the next century. This trend is already happening and it isn't going to reverse any time soon.

No, the yield of crops is slowly collapsing. There are already countries refusing to export their crops.

We will become vegan, by choice or by lack of meat.

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"lab grown meat" is an unfunny joke designed to deter us from the real efforts required to be made.

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this is addressed in the video...and actually, meat consumption is down which tells me the person who responded to you didn't watch the video.

To be fair a video is not really a good way to start a debate. It's impossible to quote. Why not a text version instead?

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Science is crystal clear on the effect of production of meat on the climate. Not just about methane or co2 but also N2O. The Haber Bosch process is our doom.

Frankly denying any of this today should be put on the "denial" pile and shouldn't warrant too much investigation.

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Indigenous people are not actors of global warming anyway. We are talking about China, USA and Europe, and their providers.

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People are not ready to be told to stop entirely.

Cool, let them enjoy the megafires then. That's the dessert which comes with the main dish of meat.

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An alternative to do what exactly? To just follow people? What about you follow no one?

This is an old topic from Reddit, sorry about that, but I think the community would benefit from separating porn and other types of nsfw by adding the nsfl tag.

I've seen several posts lately of people complaining about porn showing up in their feeds and the posters say that they don't want to block all nsfw posts because they follow other things, like news from the war in Ukraine, that gets tagged nsfw because of graphic imagery. I think they have a reasonable complaint and that the...

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Don't bang your head on the wall with this one. Once we have more federations, the people who don't want to play this endless cat and mouse game will simple adhere to another federation, without any NSFW content, and that will be solved.

Any Way to remove the "Random Posts" part of the sidebar? German

Im getting lots of NSFW content in the last time. I didnt find anything to disable the media preview in the sidebar either so there is no way to use the site in a setting where someone might see my screen. Anyone got a tipp or ways to change that?

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It has been requested from day one.

Does anyone else feel the general lemmy instances are noise?

I quite value content from targetted instances, but most of the "general" instances seem to be memes, posts on boosting lemmy, memes, reddit, memes bot posts, memes, reddit, memes, discussion on lemmy mobile applications, memes reddit, memes, and people talking about how the lemmy changed their lives oh and memes....

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In the end it will be all about federating with the right communities and not about federating everyone anymore.

A lot of people who are defending "federate everyone" do it in the name of "fear of missing" and want the numbers at all cost. They are borderline addict to infinite content, but they are a danger to quality posting. You cannot mass post AND care about the quality of what you post. It takes time to find a good article to post.

Even here we will soon read about what Elon Musk had for breakfast and will post it in "tech". Some people want content, whatever the quality of what they read, even the title is enough for them. And sadly the current vote system works in their favor.

My guess is many of us will leave kbin for a more tight, content focused community. Also better tools will come up anyway.

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You are talking about "demon" on an atheist magazine, what else did you expect? Why don't you rephrase for clarity? Because otherwise I see no discussion possible.

PabloDiscobar, (edited )
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So far you have taken a lot of liberties talking down to people.

Can you rephase your arguments by not using the word "asshole" or can you not?

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So far you have taken a lot of liberties talking down to people.

Can you rephase your arguments by not using the word "asshole" or can you not?

TrismegistusMx, 29 minutes ago

Actually no. It’s the best word for this situation.

Don't say that I didn't give you a fair chance.

Then it's settled. By your own admission you cannot follow the very first article of "Rule 1".

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Smite: During my third game I've never been insulted like that in any other videogame.

DOTA2 advise new players to turn off communications. How did it come to that?

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"Fear of missing out"

We are not the cool guys therefore we don't exist and the party happens without us elsewhere.

View users block lists.

I sorta hate this request as it seems invasive but I was thinking about folks in the future and even myself now and I was thinking I would love to see what folks that I have subscribed to have blocked. I don't subscribe to a person unless Im really impressed by what they post or their discourse so its like a trusted list of...

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Blocklists will become the norm. We cannot manually block everything in /all. It was working for the first few weeks but not anymore.

Take for example the left and the right, both will have their respective blocklists and will publish them extensively. Now publishing your own blocklist will mean that you have a horse in the race.

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How could they consider her in the first place? This is subject to so much suspicion. Is the EU so poor in talents that we have to recruit in the USA for such critical positions?

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It's totally useless as long as you don't shut down plants that are running on coal. Otherwise it's just adding up with other sources of CO2.

Google is still closely associated with California to many people (and to a lesser degree New York), but it's determined to change that reputation. The company is launching a $13 billion expansion in 2019 that will give it a total US footprint of 24 states, including "major expansions" in 14 states. The growth includes its first data center in Nevada, a new office in Georgia, and multi-facility expansions in places like Texas and Virginia. This is on top of known projects like its future New York City campus.

This plant is used to power up an expansion of google, which means it's just adding up CO2 to what we already emit. It's creating a fake impression that we are reducing our carbon footprint.

There is a simple solution: shut down the datacenter. No more power needed, no more water needed. The problem is not about CO2, it's about us refusing to let go our previous way of life.

And if you refuse this solution ask yourself why.

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They are expanding and are going to continue expanding regardless of how their power needs are met.

And this is exactly the problem we should focus on. They should not be allowed to expand like that. Either we are in a situation of emergence or we are not. Just stop them, make the political decision to stop them.

I would much rather we switch 100% to wind, solar, geothermal rather than ditching the internet.

Run the numbers, everything we don't do now to reduce the CO2 emissions will be paid a hundred times more later. Megafires, megadraught, etc.

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