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@stopthatgirl7 Same. I poked around beehaw a bit, but I am not sure its is good fit for me. Think I will check out, they seem to be really communicative on mastodon during their upgrade process.

But that's all I know about it. I am looking into mbin,too...but I really don't much about it.

I have been spending most of my social media time on mastodon lately.

@PugJesus @Oofnik

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@roguetrick I really like kbin and want it to succeed, but between the outages, spam, and errors it is really difficult to use.

I have accounts on beehaw, mastodon, and pixelfed. I am open to other suggestions, but once I find a "home" (on kbin or otherwise) I will delete the others.

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@HarkMahlberg I did the same thing since I am not sure of the longevity of kbin.


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@stopthatgirl7 Agreed. I have been using Beehaw more and more as a "test". But I am not sure where I will land in the end though.

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@Maestro Really good to know!! Thanks for the heads up.

@roguetrick @s0ckpuppet @stopthatgirl7

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@HarkMahlberg Curious what other platforms, if you don't mind me asking?


Quantum Leap: Physicists Successfully Simulate Super Diffusion (

Quantum physicists at Trinity, working alongside IBM Dublin, have successfully simulated super diffusion in a system of interacting quantum particles on a quantum computer. This is the first step in doing highly challenging quantum transport calculations on quantum hardware and, as the hardware

USFWS Is Creating a Frozen Library of Biodiversity to Help Endangered Species - Inside Climate News (

The world’s wildlife are facing a barrage of threats caused by climate change, from the loss of suitable habitat to dwindling food supplies. As a result, endangered species across the U.S. are edging closer to extinction at alarming rates—and if they disappear, critical genetic information could vanish with them.

Cosmic Impact 12,800 Years Ago Forced Hunter-Gatherers In The Levant To Adopt Agricultural Practices (

Agriculture in Syria started with a bang 12,800 years ago as a fragmented comet slammed into the Earth's atmosphere. The explosion and subsequent environmental changes forced hunter-gatherers in the prehistoric settlement of Abu Hureyra to adopt agricultural practices to boost their chances for survival.

Ancient technology turns plant-based cheese into 'something we want to eat' (

To produce plant-based cheeses that feel and taste like dairy cheese, scientists have their sights set on fermentation. In a new research result, University of Copenhagen scientists demonstrate the potential of fermentation for producing climate-friendly cheeses that people want to eat.

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