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shitposter, writer, and general weirdo.

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  1. patreon
  2. most people make literal pennies off of youtube, so it wouldn't be much for them to switch
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good. i don't want capitalist advertising bs on the internet anyway.

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yeah some system like a torrent could solve this issue

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doesn't seem true

I can eat way more than that :troll:

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cookies and cream.

the hard serve version, of course.

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me and the biblically accurate catgirl i pulled by being autistic

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ah, great /s

anyways fuck whoever federates with threads

How to make social media less for instant gratification and more for long term value?

I read an interesting point which I hadn't realized before. Discussions on current social media are always current, not long term. You open the app or website to see what's going on now. When you comment, it's soon lost to history, buried by newer stuff. If you happen on a post more than a day or two old, it doesn't make sense...

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I personally think a native repost feature to share posts with other people would work very well.

Tumblr has it, and due to that, even year old posts still have active discussion.

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ah yes, reporting spyware to the company famous for having spyware on literally everything they make

Do you find that you're on the fed more than you were on r/ just because you're really really excited to watch your favorite communities become more active?

I do, but as more people join I’m also feeling a little republican - i got my spot and this is good; everyone on the outside can go fuck off now. I don’t want it to get so big that it’s what we left. No intended disrespect or lack of acknowledgment to those who were here before.

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Honestly I like this place more than reddit. Feels much more genuine and much less toxic. Also it runs better than reddit's tracker-bloated website.

hibbfd, to 196

I visited 196 without posting anything

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how dare you

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In my opinion? We just make posts here, and some people might come.

I doubt forcing people onto the website will work, but simply being a better community than reddit might do the trick.

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