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The Mayo Clinic has let me down in a huge way and I now feel like I've been conned. Edit: Never let anyone tell you not to complain to medical professionals and facilities.

I saw my gastroenterology doctor for my initial evaluation visit on the 26th, he sent me to a neurologist the next morning. The neurologist didn’t find any issues but did theorize it might be behavioral and sent his notes back to the gastroenterologist maybe 20 minutes later....

Not really casual but I i don't know where to put this. I lost a school kid last week...

It’s very sad, but with the holiday weekend I’ve been able to keep it in the back of my mind instead of the front. Now that Mom is sharing info on services, i can’t imagine actually going there and seeing and what to say… and it’s getting to me, a lot. Today is a celebration day in my house and i don’t want to bring...

Sorry, no health updates. I've been on hold for 2 days and now it's the weekend. So here's a few observations about the weirdness of Rochester, MN and more crazy mother stories!

Hello! Another super-long Flying Squid post from my visit to the Mayo Clinic here in Rochester, Minnesota. I’d link to the background, but there’s been too many (requested) update posts at this point. Sorry for anyone new to this who actually reads to the end....

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