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forgor how to english

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I got double confused (ESL)
Never heard of that meme. So the title is in valid grammar?

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::: spoiler steam link

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Gem of Emotional Damage

Sounds like a very neat powerful RPG item to find, ...not in your enemy's hand.

Out of all vtubers that I have seen, Bijou made me question the whole vtuber industry the most. Like wtf is going on? wtf am I watching? People pay for / make money on these things? How do they live their life?

The bigger the agency the weirder it feels.

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Is this gonna be equivalent of ESLint + Prettier but in one performant package?

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Okay-ish as something to put up during a meal and not much else, there is a VA I like so there's that.

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I have not done anything in Krita/GIMP for a long while now so I am not up to date on their current features. What are you trying to do that is so uncommon that you have to build a custom tool?

On art stuff, I want to see more from community member and not just repost from twitter or pixiv. Only @rem26_art is one I have seen posting their own pieces around here.

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I'm more impressed by the chat/stream interface design than the reveal itself, wow!

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If you see this guy in the credit, you know it's a banger. And also Show By Rock series.

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Here you go

IIRC The reason is that old layout is getting cluttered. It least the modifier is searchable now, which I think is a great improvement.

It's just a muscle memory issue for me, keep hitting S after Shift + A.

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Imagine how much shampoo she have to buy!

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Yup, probably watched the same video. Those are much more focused on flat shading... like dead flat.

There is Abnormal addon but I find doing it with mesh data (beyond vertex weight / vertex color) is kinda cumbersome.

After some fooling around, I find using normal form texture coord node is all I need.

  1. Take normal from texture coordinate node
  2. Rotate X to adjust up/down facing
  3. Map range Y axis to use as weight (or weight paint)
  4. Subtract result from true normal
  5. Transform vector from object to world (normalize first, maybe?)

Not great but good enough, most importantly not ugly. Quite easy and fast to apply to different model too.
Barbara from Genshin - Mihoyo

How would I go about creating an alternative frontend for a website?

Ok, so I’ve been thinking for a bit, and I know there’s a ton of alternative “libre” frontends for websites like YouTube and Reddit. However, I was thinking: what If I just wanted to make my own frontend? Not specifically for the intentions of “libre”, but I wanted to change the controls and appearence of the...

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I also have a similar side project planned for a revamp. Successfully made a v1 with grease monkey (vanilla JS) + stylish back in maybe 2016. Super dangerous to keep firefox 56 running only for this front-end. Just need to do the v2 then migrate to latest librewolf.

I want to redo the whole thing in Vue, client side routing with build step. The problem is that

  • site is not open source
  • no API doc (but I already made my own)
  • required log-in (no sensitive info)
  • some route request must be made from that domain due to CORS

My goal is not to change the UI but wipe the whole page and start over with custom API call instead. V1 do this by visiting a 404 route to stop unnecessary load and use my own URL param for the API call. For bonus cringe I used local storage for database.

Ended up having to use userscript, and now I'm kinda stuck with how to mash Vite build and tamper/violent monkey together :(
Do you have any suggestion or resource I can learn more on this?

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TIL there is a closer approximation than 22/7

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Thank you. After thinking about it overnight, I realized I asked a wrong question. Your answer still helps greatly and get me more than half way to satiate my curiosity.
Tolerance grade and example objects that require different grade/minimum pi accuracy is what I was looking for.

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