Oh look, it's this racist cunt still being a racist cunt because being a racist cunt is allowed on kbin.social because the shithead that runs the place is a fucking cunt and won't do his fucking job.

Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead. Kill yourself, fuckhead.


"Nah, fuck you, answer the fucking question."


Would it really?

Or would you just go back to getting the answer off of ten different forums rather than ten different subreddits?


But it could also be Visual Studio. Ooooh, so many layers... JUST LIKE A DONKEY!


The TSA is an absolute fucking joke. When you look at their list of explicitly allowed items it reads like an improvised weapons checklist.

I can't take the wrong kind of nail clippers but I can carry a monopod with a 2 pound chunk of aluminum attached to it. AKA: A fucking mace.

I can't take a pry tool that's too pointy but I can take a 12" long knitting needle and a pencil sharpener.

A short bit of paracord, a couple of carabiners, and now I'm choking the flight attendant out so I can steal another packet of cookies.

One of these days I'll compile a massive fuckoff list of this shit and publish it just to illustrate how worthless the TSA is.


I trust Forbes to be correct about this about as much as I trust Forbes to be correct about anything.

They're a trash rag that exists solely to fellate capitalist shitbags.

Fuck 'em.


They DID improve what was there. The brick was obviously nothing more than a facade. The windows were updated to something about 35 years newer and without mullions which is always good ("Nah, I like having multiple strips of plastic in my face while looking outside!"). It looks like they replaced the door with a newer unit as well.

I mean, there's nothing wrong here except you don't like the colors.


I did renovations for a while and everyone I sold new windows to I tried my damnedest to get them away from the mullions. At the very least some companies now do mullions that are sandwiched between the panes on double pane windows. If you need to have that "I can't see shit" look then that's fine. I guess.

But they're bad. So bad.


One acre by WHAT lake? This looks like a fucking bargain compared to a lot of places. Lakefront property is highly sought after everywhere.


So you don't give a shit what anyone is talking about, you just want to be a cunt and hear yourself type.

You can do that without being on the internet. I suggest you try it.

NHL players can now say gay (www.salon.com)

Highlights: On Tuesday, the NHL reversed a ban on using Pride Tape — rainbow-striped hockey tape — and other shows of LGBTQ+ support on the ice. “After consultation with the NHL Players Association and the NHL Player Inclusion Coalition, players will now have the option to voluntarily represent social causes with their...


Of course they didn't, because hockey players can't stop being bigoted fucks while also raping their teammates.

Or is that just the Blackhawks organization?


Nocuntingbody cares about "netiquette" and I have to assume you're like 50+ years old because I haven't heard that term since the mid 90's.


You mean everyone that lives in a state where this regional restaurant operates.


The nearest one is 400 miles away from me.


No, it's not a fucking farce you just have minimal knowledge of how this shit works. Which why the fuck would you be lame enough to know it?

So here's how it works, because I AM that lame...

A trademark can apply to any number of limited areas. It can be limited to a geographical region, it can be limited to industry, it can be limited to a specific service, it can be limited to a specific product.

If I start a restaurant called "McBurgerPlace" in NYC and it turns out there's already a McBurgerPlace in San Francisco... well it doesn't matter because the San Francisco McBurgerPlace only has one location. They may have a trademark on the name, but infringement of a mark hinges on the concept of confusion in the marketplace. Will someone reasonably confuse MBPNYC with MBPSF? The answer is no. They're on opposite sides of the country, in different markets, serving different menus. There's no infringement because the market for each is limited to their nearby geographic region. Let's say I'm better at burgers. I start to expand. Soon, I operate 363,824 MBP restaurants worldwide. I am the king of food. Except that I'm not. I can't break into the Bay Area. Why can't I? Because that's MBPSF's territory. They were there first. They had the trademark prior to my registration. As such, I cannot enter that market with that name. Doing so would threaten their mark and lead to a lawsuit that I would almost certainly lose. It would be much easier to just rename my restaurants in that area BcPlurgerMace and get on with life.

This exact thing happened to Burger King. https://www.businessmatters925.com/post/burger-king-vs-burger-king-trademark-infringement-case-study

Look at a local business directory and see how many places are named "Five Star." Laundry, plumbing, electric, movers, etc. You can have that many "Five Star" businesses because they operate in different market segments. Nobody is going to call Five Star Plumbing thinking they're actually calling Five Star Movers. There's no competition. There is no dilution of the mark. There is no infringement.

Trademark and IP law is fucking stupid unless you're a goddamn moron and waste considerable amounts of your life reading way too much about it. For money. Because it's your job.

Life Pro Tip: Don't be a paralegal.


In other words you're a dumbass.

Fuck off.



SC2K was released DOS/MAC only. A later release "Special Edition" added a mod tool, a few scenarios, and the shocking ability to play it on Windows. There was a scenario expansion pack. There was also a completely separate commercial release with this thing called "networking." Dunno what that is.

Three separate commercial releases, all of which had different features.

You are 100% wrong about boxed games not getting updates. They did, you just had to get lucky enough to buy the most recent release of the game. Imagine for a moment if EA released a game then did bug fixes but made you buy the game again if you wanted the fixes. Yeah, that shit was COMMON. Some companies would offer bug fixes on disk but most would just lawlgoturmoney. All the arrival of the internet did was make it so that patches could be delivered separate from a retail release without physical media.

"Feature complete" is literally the fucking term used by the person I responded to. Try reading.


Those folks.

Now how about the rest of your player base?


Yeah, sure, it was that one thing that one time in that one game that people laughed at. That was it. It totally wasn't the success of microtransations on mobile devices, with people paying real money for five second clips of MIDI versions of popular song or anything like that.

Come the fuck on.


It's called a joke you braindead gimpsimper.


Detroit will never rise above "COMPLETE HOLE" status until they unfuck public transportation. I'd like to visit but I don't drive so what's the point? See a five block area around downtown?


Okay, that's one video. Now do the 1500 or so others with minimal information.

His videos have devolved to the level of a low effort shitpost.


Idiots like you are why systemic racism persists.

Fuck off.


And yet your cunt ass cares enough to post.

So you're a hypocritical cunt, not just a normal cunt.


My dude, you're missing about thirty years of history.

Redlining was made illegal by the Fair Housing Act in the late 60's. It may have still existed in some fucked up form but it was no longer the standard by which lending was done. There's a reason the rate of home ownership among Black people has steadily risen ever since, and yet it still isn't close to any other group of people.

The whole system is fucked and it's largely set up to fuck Black people because some mayo motherfuckers still want to own humans.


The plank they have now is a laminate. When you say it will be more expensive, it's literally just a chunk of plywood. Changing wood types partway through would be enough to indicate wear.

This is a solved problem, and is absolutely not expensive.

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