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the energy cost of training an #LLM is about the same as the energy required to raise 2 kids. But unlike kids, you can copy #LLMs and amortize that energy cost across inferences

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Is there a website with a directory of pre-written personas / system prompts I can use for any like or ?

There's but it's horrible to discover interesting personas.

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For two consecutive quarters, generative dealmaking at the earliest stages has declined, dropping 76% from its peak in Q3 2023 as wary investors sit back and reassess following the initial flurry of capital into the space.

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If you're curious, the bot just asks a Mistral Instruct model to come up with a prompt based on a random line from /usr/share/dict/words, then passes the response to stable diffusion.

Seeding it with a random word for inspiration helps the model come up with different stuff. Without some random input, the Mistral tended to describe the same or similar prompts every time. I don't blame it, it's only the baby 7B model. It is doing its best!

#ai #llm #chatbot #bot #sdxl

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Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, plans to use your photos and posts to train its AI products and services. 🤖

Will you opt-out by filling out the form, or delete your content, or are you planning to leave these platforms? 🤔

#meta #ai #Instagram #facebook #privacy #llm #SocialMedia #photos #video


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Thought for the day:

"Reading, understanding, and fixing code written by others consumes 90+% of the time a programmer spends ..."

The complete blog post is somewhat on the long side, but the key point it makes is worth repeating, often, as it has been demonstrably true since the 1950s and is highly likely to be true for the next 70 years.

tolton, to llm

I have been using brave search for the past week.
It has a chatGPT kind of thing, but when the doesn't know, it says it doesn't know, and when it claims to know, it shows where it got the information. Its answers are not always correct, but by looking at its sources, that's possible to see.

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More like degenerative . :ablobfoxhyper:

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So Microsoft is shipping a new feature in Windows 11 called Recall, which takes screenshots of what the user is doing every few seconds, and then feeds it into OCR.

And I've read a number of people describe it as useless.

But I disagree.

I'm sure plenty of people will find it very handy.

For example, your friendly local law enforcement agents and prosecutors are likely to find a feature like this very useful.

As will the NSA, the other three-letter agencies in the US, and intelligence agencies around the world.

Including the ones in authoritarian states. A couple of back doors, and it will be so much easier keeping track of who's been typing naughty words like "Prigozhin", "Navalny", or "free Hong Kong".

Not in the state surveillance business? No worries!

Assuming this data isn't locked down properly — and we are talking about Microsoft here — it's sure to find plenty of more mundane uses.

Perhaps for bosses who will no longer need to install keyloggers to snoop on their staff.

Or jealous current and former partners.

Mark my words, this poorly-thought-through attempt to shove LLMs in another place they don't belong to temporarily spike Microsoft's share price will find its uses.

And the next computer I get definitely won't be running Windows.

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New blog post "Phi-3-vision in 50 lines of C# with ONNX Runtime GenAI"

Phi-3-vision is multi-modal and supports image + text inputs.


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We have no clear picture on how this #tech really works, but we're going to charge people a monthly fee to use it and see what happens 🙈

#ai #llm #technology #openai #SamAltman #responsibleai

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Apparently one of the most common uses of LLMs in is copy editing: cleaning up your on points of spelling, grammar and style. This is wildly unattractive to me. I love writing. My personal style, my personal voice, are extremely high priorities to me. It annoys me no end when a journal editor replaces one of my unconventional style choices with something bland. If an editor ran a paper of mine through an I would scream bloody murder.

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Weekend discovery. An intermediate step in the RAG process is document chunking. Determining the appropriate chunk size can become a trial & error game. James Briggs does a great job of explaining how to use Semantic Chunking to get better results.

#webdev #llm #ai #rag

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“Humans are a social species down to our core; the more modern life erodes our opportunities for actual human companionship — whether it’s by interposing technology as an intermediary into every interaction, or sucking up all our time with the capitalist/consumerist grind — the more desperate we’ll become for friendly-sounding volleyball substitutes.”

GIF of Wilson, a white volleyball with a face painted on it in red, anthropomorphized by Tom Hank’s’ character in the movie Castaway, because he was so lonely he created a companion for himself. The bananas have very little to say about this.

KydiaMusic, avatar

“Here’s the paradox: even while the language fluency fools us into imagining these chatbots are ‘persons’, we simultaneously place far more trust in their accuracy than we would with any real human. That’s because the fact that we still know it’s a computer activates another, more modern rule of thumb: that computer-generated information is accurate and trustworthy.”

It’s a brilliant essay; I highly recommend you take the time to read it.

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of all the things wrong with copilot's recall

and there are so fucking many things wrong with it

one of the most amazingly wrong things is that... they're already throwing "ai" bullshit at these screencaps they're doing every five seconds, right? that's what does the OCR and also does the LLM-driven description for the search functionality later

and yet no one


thought to tell it

"and don't save screens with the word 'password' on them."


And yet, here we are.

#AI #LLM #Microsoft #Recall #Copilot

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While you're thinking about what to submit to the Call for Problems for the Shared Task (link below), we're sharing with you the 2nd-place winner of the Shared Task, where participants distinguished between -generated and human-generated text.

Here, Yunhao Fang of used and to achieve accuracy of 99%

🔗 Call for Problems for Shared Task:

🔗 Paper:

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This post by @maggie has some great ideas on how #LLM tech can help enable #LocalFirst applications for regular folks. I've been wanting to do something similar within @agregore some day with local LLMs helping people author p2p web apps.

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Pünktlich zur starten wir im VÖBB einen neuen, experimentellen Dienst: den VÖBB-Chatbot. Als meines Wissens erste (?) deutsche Bibliothek kombinieren wir hier Sprachtalent und "Wissen" eines Large Language Models () mit den vollständigen Metadaten unseres Kataloges (als sog. Embedding).

Ein thread: 🧵

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Question for my friends:

I have a newly graduated SW Eng (BS in CS) who is struggling to find a job and getting advice to go back and get a Master’s Degree in in order to be more marketable.

I’ve always heard that grad degrees aren’t strictly necessary in SWE to start but is this changing? Are there other time investments that make more sense (open source contributions, certifications, personal projects, etc?)?

What would you give a newly degreed ?

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CAI klärt jetzt auch auf Twitch über Cannabis auf. Er kennt sich mit dem Gesetz aus, kennt Risiken beim Umgang mit THC und informiert über Hanf im Allgemeinen und über verschiedene Sorten. Wusstest du dass CBD-haltiges Cannabis ohne THC keine psychischen Effekte hat, entspannend wirkt und beim einschlafen helfen kann?

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