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From @markgurman on the Humane AI pin:

"Relying on voice control and a laser-projection system is going to be a nonstarter for most people. They just aren’t going to want to interact with technology in this way. "

Nailed it. This feels like someone convinced themselves that projecting an image on your hand is superior than pulling a screen out of your pocket.

Then convinced a bunch of VCs to let them build it.


Frederik_Borgesius, to Law
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I had not seen this yet. A pop-up in my iPhone, where Apple enables me to select another default browser.

#dma #law #competition #apple #tech #antritrust

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eMate 300 ... the for the school (1997)

Currently updating my collection listing at:

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A complete #Apple /// has arrived. The condition of the electronics is unknown, as it has sat in an attic for over 3 decades. It should be interesting, when I get to it...


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Having a battery glued inside the product is like buying a car with tires welded to the frame.

No one would do that. – @kwiens

🎥 https://youtube.com/shorts/50wEnF6lmxw

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Apple notifies users in 92 countries about mercenary spyware attacks
https://therecord.media/apple-spyware-notifications-92-countries #Apple #spyware #India #Canada #Poland #Russia #pegasus

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Apple's New M4 Chip Is Expected to Be All About AI


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You Can Fix Your Apple Watch's 'Ghost Touch' Problem



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#Apple fired me in a blatant & egregious act of retaliation for reporting real safety issues; yet Apple's so powerful, they were able to avoid putting anything on the record about it with the government for years, even with #NLRB & #DOL charges filed before I was fired.

Then I filed the #RICO lawsuit.

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35 Apple TV+ Original Series You Should Be Watching



Skoop, to apple
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If you have an #Apple #Watch, turn off automatic updates for now. There is apparently a pretty big issue resulting in the update getting stuck in "preparing" stage. This will drain your watch battery and is currently not fixable. Engineering is working on an update, but it's not there yet

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New Dalrymple Report is live!😎

Jim was in the eclipse totality, talks about the experience of going from daylight to total darkness in a matter of seconds.

What the latest teen survey says about Apple's strengths/weeknesses, lots, lots more.

Dig in, and thanks for listening. 🙏🏻❤️

#Apple #TheDalrympleReport

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Apple says it’s sorry for making Zionists angry by correctly identifying that Jerusalem is part of Palestine.


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✍️ Wishing for a better Apple Notes

With the upcoming #Apple event in June, everyone is wondering about Apple’s AI or the new MacBooks but here I am, hoping for Apple to give its note-taking app some love.


br00t4c, to apple
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Too Soon? Apple Could Release M4-Powered MacBooks as Early as This Year



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Rephrasing my question:

If I turn off iCloud (say, I stop paying the monthly fee), I assume I will lose access to all files in the cloud but NOT downloaded to my Mac.

Is there a way to backup ALL my Mac's files, both on device and in the cloud?

Happy to buy a large enough drive. My concern is that Time Machine only backs up what's on my device, depends on iCloud to back up the cloud stuff.

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If I replace my old Mac with a new one, will EVERY photo from that machine automatically migrate to the new one?

Will EVERY music file in my library (including ripped CDs) make it over?

Will the new machine automatically become the master database for music/photos? Is there a way to verify this?

Is there any step to take to eliminate the risk of losing music/photos from the move? I've got "optimize Mac storage" enabled.


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Yesterday I decided to use my dev as my daily driver for a month, to see if my hatred of is just because of not being used to it, or if I really just prefer .

Turns out I still had an ancient AppleID that I forgot all credentials for. But despite proving to that I had control over the associated mail address and phone number, that was not enough, without another Apple device, they're going to make me wait "a few days".

Great first impression...

@ainmosni@berlin.social avatar

Wow, just got a mail from #Apple. My apple ID will be unlocked 12 DAYS from now. I'm lucky that this is just my dev device that I wanted to try iOS with as a daily driver, if I just bought a new very expensive device, I'd bring it back to the store to demand my money back as right now it's just a brick.

This is insane, and I can't be the only one who has a dusty unused account without any current devices linked to it. This seriously feels like a punishment for having left the cult.

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