Useful insights I got while building web development projects

Building a music player web app like spotify using HTML, CSS and Javascript!

Currently working on building a section for showing the list of songs in the library. Here are some interesting insights:

Using CSS, the list style of an unordered list (UL) can be modified to none if we want to remove bullet points, it can be set to any other style as well. We can modify the list-style-type to number to use it as an ordered list.

The getElementByTagName returns array of the tags present, for the particular tag we are searching, to use a particular one we have to refer to the position in the array like arr[0], it can also be nested with querySelector if we want to use it in a particular element having an id, similarly, multiple getElementByTagName can be combined by referring to their respective positions in their arrays.

Forof loop can be used for iteration in an array. To return it in HTML in the desired format we can use a template literal to concatenate the outputs of the iteration. Ex: use songUL.innerHTML += <li> ${song} </li> where songUL is a UL with that id, and ‘song’ is the output of iteration in ‘songs’ array.

If we fetch data from a URL of our server, for instance here I want to fetch the list of songs in my database, it will return the array with special characters replaced with encoding. For example: spacebar (‘ ‘) will be returned with ‘%20’, so while returning the output we need to use replaceAll (not ‘replace’ because it will only replace the first instance). Also, using ‘split’ to break the string into 2 parts will give an array with 2 elements, one left part of the string and another one right part, so use [1] in the output array to get the right part of the string.

I wanted to put a ‘play now’ text to appear if i am hovering over an associated image of the play icon. The hovering happening on one element to bring effect on another element can be brought by keeping the text element’s display as none and then keeping the following CSS:

#imgToBeHovered:hover ~ #textToBeDisplayedUponHover{
display: block;
//here imgToBeHovered and textToBeDisplayedUponHover are id names of the elements.

Associated github repository:

– I am Harshit from Varanasi, India, anyone interested in science, technology, etc and would like to learn and grow together, feel free to DM 😊

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