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👉aria-labelledby usage notes

"Like aria-label, aria-labelledby provides the opportunity for a developer to expose a short text string as the accessible name for an element. The mechanism to do so differs. While aria-label accepts a string of text, aria-labelledby accepts 1 or more id values (NOT a STRING OF TEXT)"

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As usual, I'll be doing #iOS and #iPadOS #accessibility testing with the new operating systems that Apple is about to release. I'll post the findings in this thread.

Considering the rumers, I suspect more instability. If you can, wait till people have at least given things a go before installing new beta operating systems on your primary devices. It won't be fun.

#WWDC24 #Apple

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I made a YouTube & Vimeo web component (custom element):

I even made a GitHub repo for <youtube-vimeo-embed>:

The code is perfect and has no errors of any kind whatsoever.

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Anyone had experience with negative currency numbers and how screen readers read them?

Seems to be that VoiceOver has the worst trouble with it, just reading "-$246.31" out as positive, ignoring the "-".

Not so great when it's supposed to be an account balance!

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While this news from @bkardell is indeed good news:

Please do not use it for accNames unless you are prepared to test the accName calculation and voice control:

I do not want to be debugging basic WCAG failures because folks can’t be arsed to test the new shiny.

#a11y #accessibility

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I outline my approach to crafting image alternative text:

This does not mean it is correct. Or ideal. Or even good. It’s just how I do it.

#a11y #accessibility

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One of the many arguments against allowing right turns on red is that it entices drivers to roll up as close to the intersection as possible, the better to see when a gap appears that they can dart into. This causes them to completely block crosswalks, curb ramps, and beg buttons.

It seems like a little thing...unless you need to use those which case it's a BFD.

#RTOR #BanRTOR #VisionZero #Accessibility

Video from a bicyclist's perspective. The bicyclist is on a sidepath, approaching an intersection with a crosswalk, with an active walk signal. A white van has pulled up into the crosswalk, blocking the bicyclist's path and forcing them nearly into oncoming traffic in the roadway.

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The Access-Ability Summer Showcase 2024 was (as it consistently is) excellent this year.

I look forward to most of the games - although I'll have to wait for whichever ones percolate onto the Nintendo Switch:

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What are people using to test their website's accessibility (a11y)?

Since I use Hugo to generate the pages, my source is all Markdown, so I was hoping to find something I can just point at my website, like a linter. Unless there's a Markdown a11y linter I don't know about…

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don’t remove the list role (if your content is useful to be exposed semantically as a list to users) by list-style: none; use list-style-type: “” instead! @SaraSoueidan

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We have 2 more speaker to announce for this year's State of the Browser but you're going to have to wait to hear about those.
#WebMidi #WebAudio
#FluidTypography #FluidLayout #FluidSpacing
#Browsers #Funding
#A11y #accessibility

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Improving Web Accessibility with Web Platform Tests

> It’s incredible to see the WPT accessibility testing grow over time with our efforts continually bolstered by more efficient infrastructure, broader testing coverage, and strong partnerships.

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Oh GitHub.

@sclower filed a discussion item (with @jscholes confirming) and since I was bumping into it during a call today I also made a video:

A lot going on here:
• Verbose.
• The instructions sometimes lie.
• Some triggers are a problem.
• Fake-dialog has issues.
• Those are links, not disclosure triggers.
• Verbose.
• Also, verbose.

#a11y #accessibility

NVDA navigating this “hover card” pattern, first via link shortcut keys (through 0:22), then tabbing at 0:25, then virtual cursor at 0:38. I try to trigger it at 0:08 and 0:10 to no avail.

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If you're a #screenReader user and struggling to find the start of responses in the #ChatGPT interface, you can instruct it to add a heading at the start of each one:

  1. In the web interface, press the "User" button.
  2. In the menu, choose "Customize ChatGPT".
  3. In the dialog that comes up, the second multiline text field is labelled: "How would you like ChatGPT to respond?". In this field, you can add something like: "Whenever you respond, prepend a level 1 heading in the Markdown so I can easily find the start of the response with my screen reader.".
  4. Near the end of the dialog, ensure that the toggle switch is in the on position, which will confusingly mean it has a label of: "Disable chat preferences". But this does mean it's enabled.
  5. Press "Save".

In my experience, this works for something like 96 to 98 percent of responses, and is probably possible with other models too.


A few responses I'm not interested in:

  1. I hate AI.
  2. I hate OpenAI.
  3. I hate ChatGPT.
  4. OpenAI should be better at accessibility (true but unhelpful).
  5. "This is a level 1 heading, should it be level N?"
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When browsing #GitHub issues, every issue title link now includes the following:

aria-description="Hovercard. Press Alt+Up to activate"  

As such, when I'm browsing issues in NVDA browse mode, every single one sounds like this:

> link Hovercard. Press Alt+Up to activate (issue title goes here)

It's almost as if I'm making it up when I tell clients that implementing #accessible hovercards has the potential to do more harm than good.


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Tom Carrick is presenting the talk "Ramping up the Django admin" at DjangoCon Europe 2024 🦄

#DjangoConEurope2024 #DjangoConEurope #DjangoCon #Django #Admin #A11y #Accessibility

CC @djangoconeurope @django @knyghty

Help wanted slide
Tom portrait
Tom presenting himself

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Just stumbled over this, it has nothing to do with me, but HELL YES.

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“Maybe Don’t Name That Landmark”

TL;DR: You probably don’t need to name that landmark. Even if you have two of the same landmark.

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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, June 6, 2024 - Volume 966

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💡Did you know that the choice of your #game engine can make a difference in how hard or easy it is to implement #accessibility features?

Read the next post to learn how we used @construct to make a project accessible to the screenreader 👇

Do you have a tip for an accessibility feature that comes with your favorite engine? Let me know, I am curious! 🤩

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