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I’m planning and preparing a new book, about rote learning HTML and CSS. (Will add the draft cover!)

Double question!

  1. Is “rote learning” clear?

  2. Would you be interested in such a book?

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Upgrade Your HTML V by Jens Oliver Meiert is free with a Leanpub Reader membership! Or you can buy it for $7.99! http://leanpub.com/upgrade-your-html-5 j9t@mas.to

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Here's another interesting tag. <mark> lets you highlight certain parts of your text to draw extra attention to it.

One real world example where this can be especially useful is highlighting the parts of your search results that match the search query. Or at least that's where I regularly use it.

Any more ideas on where this might be useful?


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I don't know why or how my blog has 17K views, it's not that great looking lol 😂


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Upgrade Your HTML V by Jens Oliver Meiert is free with a Leanpub Reader membership! Or you can buy it for $7.99! http://leanpub.com/upgrade-your-html-5 j9t@mas.to

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Do you know the tags 'details' and 'summary'? I didn't until now.

The combination of those two let's you toggle content with default HTML behavior. This is one of those things you will probably not use in production because it just doesn't look so nice but as always, for quickly prototyping something like an FAQ section this might just fit in perfectly.


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aral, to SmallWeb
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New Video – Kitten features introduced this week:

• Interactive Shell (REPL)
• Multi-page Settings
• Backup and restore (data portability)

With examples that cover components and Kitten’s built-in JavaScript database (JSDB).



#Kitten #SmallWeb #SmallTech #web #dev #JavaScript #HTML #database #JSDB #components #settings #dataPortability #REPL

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Started writing a decision log for our #DesignSystem. Documenting why we chose to build plain ol' #HTML and #CSS where we can and #WebComponents where client-side #JS is needed is turning into a bit of a manifesto. Essentially we're using (and encouraging others to use) #ProgressiveEnhancement 😉

davidbisset, to CSS
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matcha.css is a "drop-in semantic styling library in pure #CSS".


Designed to style #HTML elements similarly to a default browser stylesheet, eliminating the need for users to manually patch their documents.

Ideal for fast prototyping, static HTML pages, #Markdown generated documents, etc.

aral, to SmallWeb
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So! Many! Kittens!

(Going to record a demo of the new interactive shell – REPL to some – and multi-page Settings this afternoon, just planning it out now.)

Oh and is that me creating and calling web routes interactively in the REPL on a live server? Why yes, yes it is.


css, to CSS
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💡 CSS Tip!

One line of code that looks strange and confusing. You may think it's not even CSS but it will save you many times in the future!

It will make sure the width of your element is always an integer! No more decimal and rounding issues!

"width: auto" with an upgrade 😎

No browser support yet but you can test it on the latest Chrome with the experimental flag enabled: https://codepen.io/t_afif/pen/rNgLyJz

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Here’s my latest case study for a server-rendered HTML of a Mastodon feed with only one progressive enhancement web component (github’s relative-time) — it turned out (surprisingly) pretty good if I may say so myself 🥹


jkjustjoshing, to CSS
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Is there ever a time when this

width: 100%;
max-width: 480px;

behaves differently than this?

width: 480px;
max-width: 100%;

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h* elements have margin by default!? Who knew.

SteveFaulkner, to webdev
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🗒️Not so short note on aria-label usage – Big Table Edition
Updated: 22 May 2024


emmanuelc, to CSS French
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Dites, développeuses z'et développeurs, régulièrement, dans mon cercle professionnel direct, j'entends dire que vous n'aimez pas (voire ).
Question sérieuse et qui n'appelle pas à réveiller quelconque troll ou débat sans fin : pourquoi n'aimez-vous pas ce langage ?
Qu'est-ce qui vous chiffonne, vous rebute ?
D'où vient votre éventuel manque d'intérêt ?
J'ai déjà des éléments de réponse proches de moi, mais je suis curieux d'élargir la question ici.

stvfrnzl, to webdev
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I finally got for @astro working! Thanks to @henry sparking my interest for it (again) and anyone here who helped me along the way.


I would appreciate lots of likes, reposts and comments so I have more data to work with hehe

danrot, to webdev
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I am sincerely wondering how hard it is to style a checkbox using . I'd be happy with just aligning them with a label, but this already seems to be asking for a lot. And most answers I find online are already outdated...

But hey, if you know more than I do let me know 🙂

jameskerr, to webdev
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It is okay to nest <article /> elements so long as they contain a unit of self-contained content that could stand on its own and make sense, but also related to its parent article.

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We really don’t make enough of the fact that you don’t need JS to make a nice website. Just HTML and CSS

And, whatever most programmers say about them, HTML and CSS are absolutely much more accessible to learn than JS ever has been or will be

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@baldur as someone with such a homepage (probably not that nice, but adaptive layout and translation) I can tell you the main benefit: lowest maintenance costs possible. I only change something when the content has to change.
No language and dependency updates.
No tooling dependencies.
And browser take care to be backward compatible.
Additionally loading super fast.
Team #HTML #CSS only 🤓

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We Need to Talk More About Conformance, If We Want to Stop Fantasy HTML:

Conformant and valid HTML is the exception on websites and in apps, even though valid output is a sign of professional web development. Given how rarely the topic is being discussed these days, we benefit from raising more awareness for HTML conformance and validation.


#html #conformance #craft

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If you have an opportunity to attend this study hall hosted by @artlung , do it!

The first session was amazing and super informative. As a result, ended up refactoring and simplifying the chaotic mess that was my stylesheets😊 Was unable to attend the second, unfortunately, but looking forward to the third this Thursday.


access42, to accessibility French
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Blog 📝 — Vous ne comprenez pas pourquoi vos zones live ARIA ne sont pas restituées par les lecteurs d’écran ?

Découvrez des pistes d'explications dans ce nouvel article de notre collègue Cécile Jeanne !


#a11y #ARIA #webdev #RGAA #HTML

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Never ending story...


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