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Longer hair than you.
Got the ⏻ symbol into #Unicode.
Open Standards / Source / Data geek.
Known as https://mastodon.social/@Edent on most social platforms.
Did an MSc in using the Metaverse for analytics.
Bit obsessed with #SolarPower but not quite a #SolarPunk.

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Edent, to FIRE
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🆕 blog! “An adult gap year?”

I've got about another 10 months left at my current job and after that... I don't know what I'll do. I've already moved down to 4 days a week in an effort to glide down to FIRE. Do I really want to go back up to 5 days? Could I find somewhere that would be […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/05/an-adult-gap-year/

jonty, to random
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Wales has launched their own "metaverse" and it is indistinguishable from Second Life circa 2006.

There is a big dragon. There are small dragons. You can ride a cable car. I have met exactly one other player.


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@jonty nearly 6 of us now! I'm playing on the train tracks 🙂

Edent, to academia
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Hey friends.

If - and it is a very big if - I wanted to start a PhD in about a year's time, what should I do now to prepare?

I got my MSc a year ago. I haven't started looking at any specific programmes yet.

UK-based tips especially appreciated!

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You're not the first to mention that.
I think it is pretty good. And I'm not looking to make a career out of it, so that takes some of the pressure off.

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Thanks, that's useful. I'll probably try to do it without an employer TBH.

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@the_accidental cheers. I'll check it out.

Edent, to JasperFforde
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🆕 blog! “Book Review: Red Side Story - Jasper Fforde”

Fourteen years ago, I read Fforde's Shades of Grey and my life hasn't been quite the same since. It was a magical tale, almost totally devoid of exposition, building in an fantasy world like no other. Fans have been clamouring for a sequel ever since. The first few chapters of the sequel do an excellent […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/05/book-review-red-side-story-jasper-fforde/

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Heheh! I know it well. I even went to the Fforde Fiesta a few years ago and had a very enjoyable chat with him.

Edent, to random
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Outstanding! Back in ye olden days that would have been a four-part story with decent cliffhangers.

Dtl, to random
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Who is going to @emf this year?
I should probably try to be a bit more social and actually talk to people this time. Rather than just be shy from afar.

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@Dtl I'm reasonably friendly to chat to 😄

Edent, to webdev
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🆕 blog! “Accents and eBooks”

By and large, the English language doesn't use diacritical marks. Even our loanwords are stripped of them; we drink in a cafe rather than the more pretentious café. This has a consequence for HTML and, by extension, eBooks. As a quick primer, modern computing gives us two main ways of displaying a letter with an […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/05/accents-and-ebooks/

Edent, (edited ) to random
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Here's something I <del>wrote</del> found last century in preparation for my .

Edent, to random
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Surely Colin is absolutely riddled with syphilis?

Edent, to random
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Oh! This is clever. Using the AP bridge, you can follow my ActivityPub account on BlueSky!

Hello bsky friends!

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Have you ever considered not replying to a post which isn't meant for you?
Try it sometime, it is delightful 😄

niclake, to random
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I couldn't figure out what to write today, so here's a list of thoughts. https://niclake.me/35/

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@niclake @robb
The trick is to get a heated bidet. So much more civilised. Ours also automatically moves back and forth for extra cleansing.

Edent, to random
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🆕 blog! “1,000 edits on OpenStreetMap”

Today was quite the accidental milestone! I've edited OpenStreetMap over a thousand times! For those who don't know, OSM (OpenStreetMap) is like the Wikipedia of maps. Anyone can go in and edit the map. This isn't a corporate-controlled space where your local knowledge is irrelevant compared to the desire for profit. You can literally go…

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/05/1000-edits-on-openstreetmap/

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@phlash Do you know if there's a way to remove a tree? I couldn't see it when I logged in.

Edent, to DoctorWho
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🆕 blog! “When does Doctor Who meet historical figures who are alive today?”

In a recent episode of Doctor Who, we see a lovely sequence where The Doctor has a nice chat with Paul McCartney of The Beatles. Great larks! The Doctor often meets real people - Dickens, Shakespeare, Rosa Parks. But, crucially, all those people are dead by the time the episode airs. Macca …

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/05/when-does-doctor-who-meet-historical-figures-who-are-alive/

Edent, to random
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What's the lowest amount you've paid for something using a credit card?

Went to the market the other day and paid for a £2 punnet of fruit using a credit card. Guy was running Square on his phone, showed me the screen, I tapped, done.

I remember when everyone was £10 minimum for card payments, even in large shops. Now sole-traders can take instant payment for low value amounts. Brilliant!

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@alexhern you and @adamchainz have remarkably similar children...

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I imagine shipping is a major cost. Bananas in America will not have to travel as far.
Our cost of living isn't dramatically different once you account for the USA's expensive health costs.

Edent, to opensource
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If you're coming to #EMFcamp, I'll be giving a talk all about the UK's Contact Tracing app - and whether open source saved lives.


#OpenSource #Covid #NHS

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I've just done my first run-through of my talk.

Exactly 27 minutes long.

Which means - assuming no one laughs, claps, or heckles - I'll have exactly enough time for 1½ "not so much a question, more of a comment"s at the end 😄

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Oooh! Is that a new thing?

And by Q&A tent, you mean the bar, right?

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@CatherineFlick @jonty @hugh
Yeah, I also remember a throwable mic!
But I'll increase my content by 11% to cover any shorfall 😄

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How do you feel about a stage invasion?

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