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Lots of interesting comments! I really enjoyed this thread. Two things I'd add:

  1. I think "technology" should really be referred to as "a technology". For instance, judging Gen Z against a technology (like a photocopier) that predates their birth seems a bit unfair. As a Gen X, I don't think it was fair to be judged for growing up with calculators instead of slide-rulers. I love old tech, but I'm not kidding myself, it's old tech not the only tech.

  2. Also shouldn't the organisation adapt instead? If new hires are more comfortable watching videos for training vs reading procedures, or taking photos of things with their phone instead of the photocopier, isn't that just fine. It's not my preference, but isn't it best for me to adapt rather than them.

It's not that I don't have generational pride. I like my generation, we were and are adaptable. I just can't imagine that the subsequent generations won't be as adaptable to things I can't even imagine yet.

War on the Rocks podcast: Ukraine Struggles to Scale Offensive Combat Operations (warontherocks.libsyn.com)

On this special sneak peak of the Russia Contingency, Mike sat down with Rob Lee, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, to discuss the findings from their recent research trip to Ukraine. The conversation covered Russian defensive lines, the role that mines have played in stymying Ukraine's counteroffensive,...

Putin wants to attend an August summit. Host country South Africa doesn't want to have to arrest him (www.washingtonpost.com)

South Africa’s deputy president says Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to attend an economic summit in South Africa next month but the country is trying to persuade him to stay away to avoid the legal and diplomatic fallout over his international arrest warrant

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For years I've used Feedly, but recently tried "Feeder" on Android. I like the minimalist and no ad aspects. Even better it has a "fetch full article" function that works even for some paywalled sites. - downside is no website.

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oh awesome! thanks for that link - I like that. For me, I like jumping around from rss readers to kbin to mastodon. It seems like the major news orgs might flock to threads. I can't be bothered to sign up.... and I don't want an instagram account. When threads federates, i'll just follow nytimes on threads through mastodon and be done with it. Seems like a bad sign for twitter.

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TV's Golden Era Proved Costly To Streamers - Slashdot (entertainment.slashdot.org)

Consumers are winning from the streaming revolution but across most of Hollywood, the businesses churning out TV and movies are losing. From a report: Services such as Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+ and Max have become the default entertainment options for homes across America rather than cable, savin...

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it's a mock-up, if you missed comment below

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I found myself from ioc.exchange (mastodon). good sign

ryand3rk, (edited )
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...and this is the moment I realize I'm old

(edit) and of course I had to figure it out anyways. gotta love wikipedia. probably this one: standard domestic phone 1950-1984 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model_500_telephone I remember dialing it actually hurt my finger.

What Reddit Got Wrong (www.eff.org)

After weeks of burning through users’ goodwill, Reddit is facing a moderator strike and an exodus of its most important users. It’s the latest example of a social media site making a critical mistake: users aren’t there for the services, they’re there for the community. Building barriers to access...

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sorry, agree editorial, not news. btw use simplified view in setting on chrome in android for paywalls like this.

ryand3rk, to kbinMeta
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Anyone know how reputation points work?

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@speck interesting! thanks, I think I'm starting to see that pattern too. :) I think kbin is awesome btw. @ernest deserves an award!

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