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Just stared "Service Model" from Adrian Tchaikovsky. Best to go into it knowing nothing. It's hilarious, and not at all what I was expecting after reading some other Tchaikovsky books.

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Joe Haldeman (1943-) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Dorian Vallejo, 1991; R, Jim Burns, 1988
#scifi #sciencefiction #books


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Artist Keleck (1946-2002) was born on this day. List of covers:

L, 1980; R, 1981
#scifi #sciencefiction #art #artist


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Editor and author J. Francis McComas (1911-1978) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Alex Schomburg, 1953; R, Nick Solovioff, 1954
#scifi #sciencefiction


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Lin Carter (1930-1988) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Vincent Di Fate, 1975; R, Frank Frazetta, 1967


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Artist Nodel (1922-2000) was born on this day. List of covers:

L, 1964; R, 1973


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John Berryman (1916-1988) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, John Schoenherr, 1960; R, John Schoenherr, 1963
#scifi #sciencefiction


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Get The Book of Constellations eBook & Audiobook for free when you get them direct from my publisher! This offer is for a limited time, so don't wait!

Get it on Scribl:

#scifi #sff #ebook #audiobook #free #audiodrama #audiofiction #drama #hopepunk #alien

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Finished the prototype of the scanner for the rover. Visually in game it will look different, but conceptually it will be like this: material draws everything, the blueprint check collisions, creates and transfers to the material a small render texture with target points

#gamedev #gameplay #gamedesign #UnrealEngine5 #UnrealEngine #gaming #scifi


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I want to get more into reading ...but I do not currently know which book(s) might be interesting to me - not deep into the ecosystem at all.

Is there something you guys would recommend?
I specifically like topics about aliens and space in general (I know, this might be too broad)

Any suggestion is welcome 😎

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Adams' 1992 novel "Mostly Harmless" for the first time. I was absolutely crazy about the first two Hitch-hiker just seven years earlier. Why didn't I care about this one? Think it was because I was disappointed with the third and fourth ones. And this one got bad reviews.

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Two thumbs up for @aptshadow's Alien Clay.

I don't think I've found a single bad book of his but this one is right up with the best of them.

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I just finished Scavengers Reign, an animated sci-fi series. It was so inventive. Quiet, even when chaotic. And filled with an imaginative ecosystem of plants and wildlife. The illustration style is also rad. Very 60s.

I’m really bummed it didn’t get tapped for a second season. Though Netflix is teasing at the idea. So maybe?

Anyway, the first season is SO worth your time. Even if it ends there.

#Animation #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Illustration #Series #Show

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Watching Scavengers Reign tonight. I'm starting episode 5, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It's kind of creepy and disgusting in a way. I'm not a big fan of horror flicks and this seems to skirt the edge.

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Ever since 'Scavengers Reign' moved to I keep seeing everywhere posts raving about how mind-bendingly awesome it is, and I couldn't be happier. I really hope Netflix takes note and treats this fantastic show better than HBO did.

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UFO detected 🛸I created another scanner, where the pulse goes from the center in all directions. The material will receive data from the blueprint to display the position of the targets. Look for previous versions in my feed

#UnrealEngine #vfx #shaders #UnrealEngine5 #scifi #gamedev #gamedevelopment


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FMK: Harry Mudd, Captain Lorca, and Contreland. Ben and Adam answer this and many other burning questions as they revisit their time with Star Trek: Discovery on a retrospective episode of

Listen to the full episode at


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Kiowa SF author Russell Bates (1941-2018) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Jim Steranko, 1971; R, Ron Walotsky, 1973

SFRuminations, avatar
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Started a new SDF modeling project in MagicaCSG.

It's going to be a weird organic-shaped retro-scifi spacecraft. 🚀

Keep track of this thread for updates.

metin, avatar

Spacecraft WIP update…

Added some panels and paint. We're getting somewhere. 🙂

More updates will follow in this thread.

metin, avatar

Retro-scifi spacecraft. 🚀

Modeled and rendered in MagicaCSG, post-processed in PhotoScape X (Pro).
Based on a 2D concept by Oliver Kurth.

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metin, avatar
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