Cube Tomato Mold v.3 and Moving Away From Printables

My account and posts from my previous tomato cube mold designs from Printables got taken down (probably VPN and/or Linux usage). Nevertheless, I found a better platform on The search is much better and it searches other platforms as well as its own website.

I have linked my new and improved uploads with even tighter tolerances below for you guys to download. V.3 introduces a completely cube interior with none of that angled walls v.2 had.

V.2:…/Cube Tomato Mold v.2-924366

V.3:…/Cube Tomato Mold v.3-924368

uninvitedguest, avatar

Is this supposed to be glued together?


The most optimal solution is rubber bands on the area in the middle section. This way, if the tomato decided to grow more than expected, the rubber bands will keep them in place or expand with them.


it searches other platforms as well as its own website.

As another option, Yeggi also is a meta search.


Yeggi’s UI is even worse imo but I’ll keep that in mind.

rasterweb avatar

Who owns Thangs?


From what I can find, Physna owns Thangs. They don’t seem to be affiliated with any 3d printer company and are just doing their own thing.

rasterweb avatar

Looked them up and "Physna is a geometric search engine designed to increase efficiency with CAD design and manufacturing" so yeah, I don't think they come from the 3D printing community and personally I think I'll choose to not support them.

dawnerd, avatar

Lol thangs search better? Please. The entire thangs UX is a mess and their search is a joke. It returns models from game asset websites and the like that are not really printable. They’ve been spending a lot getting creators to gush over it too, makes me highly suspect whenever I see someone say how much better it is.


Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer printables but Thangs is kinda like a metasearch engine. They also haven’t banned me yet so that’s nice.

dawnerd, avatar

I do like the idea of thangs, it just needs more time to mature and they need to limit their search - mainly not including game asset and mod sites.

Carighan, avatar

That must be new though, right? I noticed it the other day, too. They seem to be indexing all 3D-models now, no matter what type they are or what for.

But I remember until a few weeks ago at least they were printable-3D-models only?

dawnerd, avatar

It’s been a thing for a while but they might be adding more sites to their index.

j4k3, avatar

Be sure you read the whole Thangs user agreement. I have a Prusa. I don’t use any of the 3d files sharing social sites. They are all data mining. Printables is heavily integrated with Google; Thingiverse is Fastly, Thangs is a whole different beast. They are directly monetizing through the content you upload combined with AI to build tools and libraries. If I want to share my work, and it is something worth sharing, I’ll post on github. Microsoft has its issues but it is not optimised for this kind of content. In fact, uploading stuff that is not code is making actual code a tiny bit harder for them to exploit. My way, is not the right way, or for everyone. Life is never simply black and white. I’m only advocating awareness and informed decisions.


Interesting, I was not aware of this. I kind of got the point that they’re doing some AI stuff just by interacting with the site but didn’t think too much of it. I would definitely upload on github if it was easily searchable similarly to thingiverse, printables, or a similar site. If only there was a better alternative that isn’t exploitive. I’ll consider uploading on github if I get banned on this one and there are no decent alternatives.

Edit: if you’re concerned about github being owned by Microsoft you might like Codeberg and alternatives similar to it.

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