Made an enclosure for my beepy. I think enclosures are my favourite part of printing

I grabbed a beepy a little while back (if interested BE ADVISED: they’ve since gone dark and left a bunch of people holding out for one, I got really lucky and ordered super early) so I could work on some python stuff on the go. I didn’t like having all the parts exposed, and the cases available seemed too flimsy for my liking.

I fired up blender and designed a unibody case for it. Printed it out on my Ender 3 and its been pretty great. I use it with some software I’m writing to turn a raspberry pi into a portable sensor data acquisition and visualization platform called a Picorder (Pi + Tricorder).

Nice back view with my picorder logo

It took a couple revisions to get here, mostly to get the feel in the hand right. I wanted some bulbousness to make it easier to hold.

It’s designed so the PCB slides into it and is affixed by two screws, and then a top cap is secured with four more screws to protect the top.

I’ve been printing a couple years now and enclosures are still my favourite item to design and print. So satisfying to hold something in your hand that was once just a 3D model and is now a fully real object. I wanted to add some content here as I’ve enjoyed looking at the other posts!

I wish you all easy first layers and good prints!


Does anyone know of a functional linux powered terminal that I can actually get my hands on? Beepy is dark, and the Clockwork Pi I ordered in September still hasn’t shipped and apparently might not for another 8 months.


This is so cool

rasterweb avatar

Looks good! I'd guess 80% of my printing is enclosures. ;)


How much does this bleepy thing cost? I don’t see the price on the website:/


I think that they only did one run in August 2023. There’s talk of a v2, but the discord is kind of quiet.

directive0, avatar

It was $79.00 USD before shipping/etc.

Bishma, avatar

Enclosures for electronics are the justification I gave myself for buying a 3D printer.


I bought my first 3D printer to print a replacement worm gear in my Venetian blinds that I could have bought for like 30¢

Totally justified.

Bishma, avatar

Save yourself $0.30 enough times and sooner or later the printer is paid for, right? I hope so because that’s how I justified my 2nd printer 😏

empireOfLove, avatar

The design-model-to-print pipeline is really what I enjoy the most too. Very nice design work!

Feels like a lot of people get into printing but then just print existing models from online- which is valid, but missing out on a HUGE opportunity that is really what makes 3d printing useful.

dual_sport_dork, avatar

That’s pretty damn rad. This is the type of stuff I like to see.

linearchaos, avatar

The nostalgia tells me I’d love it.

My recollection of physical micro keyboards tells me my nostalgia is a dirty dirty liar.


Where can you get that awesome keyboard? Forget the fact that Beepy went dark, I’d love to build my own so I have a dedicated pocket serial terminal, that would come in so, so handy!


So the beepy is just a display and keyboard for the raspberry pi zero? How do you like using it?

kamenlady, avatar

It’s not just that


Not just any keyboard and display, looks like they are gutting old Blackberry Bolds and slapped a pi zero in it.

directive0, avatar

the keyboard is definitely “fine” to type on, its just a blackberry keyboard. The driver for the keyboard is also in development so theres not much support for using the trackbutton as a mouse. The display is difficult for practical use, its a monochromatic screen, there is no backlit, and the pixel density isn’t amazing so you can’t see full lines of code, lots of wrapping. It’s better than having NO display in the field though. I actually really like it, its quirky, but with some struggle it is very usable.


What’s a beepy?


There’s a link in the post to the website which has an FAQ, and the first question is yours. Their answer:

Beepy is a portable computing device, with a beautiful high contrast, high resolution display, and a tactile keyboard + touchpad, it is the ultimate everyday hacking gadget.

Powered by the Raspberry Pi Zero W (or any other compatible SBCs), you can use it as a chat device (supporting all chat networks on Beeper e.g. iMessage/WhatsApp/Signal/etc. ), or use it as a hackable handheld cyberdeck, running any Linux application that runs on the Pi.

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