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yeah the new black version (of the bike hitch adapter) looks nicer than the old test white version

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#maker #BikeTooter #3dPrinting

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this is just the 3D printed part

#3dPrinting #maker #BikeTooter

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oh ho progressing failure on the old one, not where i was expecting but makes sense

the old one was 10% infill, this one is 50%, hopefully it will improve the strength

#maker #biking #3dPrinting

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I broke it the rest of the way, definitely the infill holding it, and now there will be five times as much.

#BikeTooter #maker #3dPrinting

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not much different from the top but i did add an indent that won’t hurt anything and I think it’s better aligned as a result

#bikeTooter #maker #3dPrinting

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I have come to the realization that the joy of a 3D printer is not having the ability to print anything you want, the real joy comes from being able to print anything you DESIGN.

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God damnit Bambu Labs. Print fails 5 hours into a 6 hour print.

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"Yes, I know both Crunch and Kirk. All the captains know each other, but not all are Star Wars LEGO captains. Banana for scale." The new BigBricks Captain Rex Star Wars LEGO minifigure is now available on @Thangs3D! Printed live on both & overnight.

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Lightbox assembled. Initial impressions

  1. I knew it was small, but… it's really small.
  2. It looks great considering the easy of creation.
  3. trivial to assemble and disassemble.
  4. packs up small & magnets are close enough to hold the stack
  5. I like the shadows cast by the overhead lights.
  6. Unsurprisingly it NEEDs lighting from the camera's side.

Nitpicks & future improvements in 🧵

three images. two on the left one tall one on the right. top left shows the lid with the LED strips wired up in series. bottom left shows a stack of 4 panels being lifted by the 2nd one down. the magnets are holding the rest up. the right image shows the meeting of 3 walls in the box without any obscuring items.

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Forgot to mention: I printed this with Hatchbox "Magic Stone - Brown" filament (white with little brown flakes ). I'm really happy with the resulting light, but not-pure-white. Should be great for pics. The LED strips are 5w w/ 4000K color temperature that I just soldered onto a USB-A adapter I used an adapter w/ inline power switch:

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Last year, I spent some time 3d-printing some music instruments for the family. (I never had a chance yet to post the pictures from the old apartment.)

The tamborine uses Jarritos bottle caps, and the recorder is printed with wood filament.

3d-printed gray violin
3d-printed purple violin on a couch
3d-printed tambourine made with jarritos bottle caps, and a recorder printed with wood filament.

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This company is in Madison, Wisconsin... anyone know anything about them?


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I just learned that Prusa are childishly blocking all links from @cults3d after I complained at their workaround that was a pain when I tried to share on Cults a link to Printables for an alternative to one of my designs.

Most of my public designs I've been sharing on both Cults and Printables for a while, but this makes me consider taking my designs off Printables. I probably won't, because I don't want to punish users for Prusa's bad behavior, but I'm unlikely to keep posting new designs there when Prusa is actively blocking normal use of the web in a user-hostile way.

Unlike Cults, who are active here, I get the impression that @josefprusa is a post-only account and I can't imagine that he cares what I think.


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Is it worth going "Pro"? Trying out the 🇫🇷 Dagoma Sigma Pro 500Z! -


#dagoma #impression3d #3dprinting #test #delta

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As both a fan, and a fan, I was inspired by the print linked below to create my own sign to show my support for the Crew on my desk at my office at work.

So, I fired up to make the SVG, and then to create the 3d model that I then 3D printed. I printed the yellow part separate and glued it in.

So glad to have such great tools to make ideas reality. Can’t forget and .

Screenshot of the Columbus Crew logo as modeled in FreeCAD. FreeCAD is running on MacOS.
Screenshot of the Columbus Crew logo as created in Inkscape. Inkscape is running on MacOS.
Photo of a portion of the Columbus Crew logo as 3d printed on the bed of a Prusa Mk3S+ 3d printer.

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Wrecker? I hardly knew 'er! A second action figure has been released by @Playactiontoys, printed live on & in high speed PLA. Who doesn't like their own ?

Wrecker? I hardly knew 'er! A second action figure has been released by @playactiontoys, printed live on & in high speed PLA. Who doesn't like their own ?

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A 4.5 year old , the Mini, still receiving firmware updates:

What other manufacturers do this?

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Напечатал на принтере и очистил. Купил рамку, подобрал фон и обрезал по размерам. Приклеил. Поместил в рамку.

Итог к всеобщему вниманию.

John, to 3DPrinting avatar

This was one of my first successes at , on my first 3D printer, years ago.

It still gets daily use.

The design is not mine, it comes from Paste Pusher Animals by makeplace at Thingiverse

cassidy, to 3DPrinting avatar

I printed a little book riser for our kids' IKEA shelf! I love little purpose-designed functional prints like this.

The same photo but with some books in the front row
The finished product with books in a back row, elevated, and books in the front row on the shelf itself

cjshearwood, to miniaturepainting avatar

I have finally finished the first marginalia model from the upcoming Hypersteel Nightmare range. Concept based on one of the illustrations by @CITIZEN_OCHOA, sculpted and painted by me.

#miniaturepainting #miniatures #wargaming #wargames #3dprinting

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I have finished constructing the Micro Jib!

The movement is SO smooth, and SO amazing. It's REALLY impressive to use.

The models are good, but equally important was the incredible job he did at making an easy to follow assembly guide.

Good make a HUGE difference

Some commentary in 🧵

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Tor prosty, długość to 16LU (lego unit, 16mm) podwójny zwykły prosty, czyli 256mm (a z wypustkami dodatkowe cm), dzięki ułożeniu po przekątnej da się ;)

pawelszczur, avatar

Na zdjęciu numer 1 leci testowy wydruk jednego krótkiego toru wg poprawionego designu oraz 4 płytek łączących tory lub pozwalających budować coś obok nich ;-)

Zdjęcie numer 2, to tor, który drukowałem od spodu.

Warto podkreślić, że robiłem wydruk bez podpór na całej długości oraz z niestandardowym ustawieniem "bridge angle".

Czasami brakuje mi precyzyjnych ustawień bridgowania.


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Just open-sourced my @kicad Project on @github Dummifier:

This enables USB-C to C connection for non USB-C compatible devices.

There are times where your device with USB-C connector refuses to work with your C-C cable. With this, now you can utilize them.

This is my very first PCB design attempt, so please don't go hard on me 😊

I also want to thank @ozkan for his extended help on this project. Without him I couldn't put this together.

#kicad #pcb #opensource #github

arda, (edited ) avatar

Mandatory Edit: Not a Rick Roll, put the background just for fun 😄

The cases arrived, all thanks to Ender Piyale and Kazim Kaba from MechIstanbul 😍

#3dprinting #opensource #openhardware

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