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I've been taking pictures since I was a kid. My dad always had his film camera with him whenever we went. When the pandemic hit, I decided to just commit and make photography my life's work. avatar

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Photographer • Science, Movie, Music and Vintage Computer & Games Conoisseur
🏠 Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany


Floral and fauna digital artist from Austin, TX 🌸🦋 #NatureInspiredArt #ATXArtist avatar


Hi there, I am a 44yo woman from Holland with a passion for art.

I mainly post and boost art and photo's, but I am always up for a nice conversation as well!

Sidenote: the art and photo's that I post either come from the public domain, or in the case of copyright I have permission from the artist / photographer to post it here. avatar


Mixed Media Artist from Massachusetts who enjoys whimsical and colorful nature artisty!
Website: avatar


Mixed Media Artist from Massachusetts who enjoys whimsical and colorful nature artisty!
Website: avatar


I am a digital artist and nature photographer living on the west coast of Canada. Creating is in my blood. I love experimenting and find myself working most days...but it never feels like work!

My art focusses on cats, dogs, and nature. My work has been widely published and licensed.

Your support of my artwork is greatly appreciated. My site is run by Fine Art America, partnering with print labs around the world. Prints, home decor & more are available at


Ethnography, Gypsies, nature, photography, travelling, animals. Refugee from Facebook See also: more fotos on: also: "Collections" (fotos acc. to subjects)


Originally from Northern Ireland, now retired and living in Spain, an experienced photographer with a large Portfolio of photographic artwork compiled on my travels around the Globe. My photographic artwork is available to buy as prints or displayed on a variety of products through the Fine Art America / Pixels websites. avatar


All photos are mine, all rights reserved. avatar

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Hi, I'm Deborah. When I'm not creating art, I love spending time with my family & being in nature.

All images available as wall art for home or office as well as on fabulous products!

I am always grateful for collectors, boosts, favs and comments!

Copyright notice does not appear on images purchased. All images are shown in low resolution. Click the link to see the image as it would print. avatar


R. Natale Fine Art - Photography is my passion, especially B&W. I believe that ART uplifts and expands the heart and soul. Collecting art is a wonderful journey. Boosts and comments and follows are always appreciated! #AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #Photography




My work focuses on offering original photo prints and digital art designs to bring beauty, creativity, and sometimes a little mystery to inspire your home decor and office wall art.

Interests: #photography #art #fediart #nature #animals

All Images © Marco Sales. avatar


I’m a photographer and digital artist that loves nothing better than getting out and about with my camera. I love #animals, #nature and the natural world around us. We really need to start taking more care of this planet.

If you’d like to see more then check out my links below.

WEBSITE: avatar


#Queer #Southern #Hillbilly #Artist
#Photographer #Storyteller #Editor #DJ

"It was the freshest move I've ever seen—like he was floating on air." — #UtahSaints

"Nice and decent people...feel it." — #GrooveArmada

"This ain't no drill!" — #HoneyDijon avatar


Welcome to my page! I love creating art that brings smiles to people's faces. Art is my outlet. I don't stick to one type of art, rather I let my soul guide me. This can range from abstracts, to cat art, to the beautiful to the goofy, it all depends on the day. Thanks for stopping by.

If you are interested in any of my pieces, they are available on a wide range or products, from canvas, metal, wood, posters, stationary, tote bags, and more. Pricing and sizes are available on my website.


Fotografie ist ein Hobby neben Weiteren. Sony Alpha 6700 (zuvor Sony Alpha 6000) + SEL18135 + SEL70350G. Nutze Darktable für RAW Entwicklung


#Canadian #naturephotographer loving the outdoors, #birdwatching, #wildlife, plant life, #landscapes and #abstracts found in nature.
Interests - #gardening #reading #crafts

All images available as wall art for home or office as well as on fabulous products!

Grateful for collectors, boosts, favs and comments!


#nature #animals #birds #plants #flowers #WildlifePhotography #Photography #Ontario #Canada #BuyIntoArt #BlackAndWhite #PhotographyIsArt avatar


I am an artist/photographer, capturing the natural world with an emphasis on intimate landscapes and florals with a romantic flair. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!

My Website: avatar


A dog dad/lover in GA, USA, product of Japan, Drake was my K9 baby R.I.P. (4/2/09-6/2/23), now with Kengo (謙吾), a rescue mutt adult boy.Give older dogs a second chance and love.
SLP by trade, enjoys photography as an amateur hobbyist (Fujifilm X). Photos are all OC (99% no editing, occasional crops. No AI), except for reboots. Non-Apple. Slava Ukraini. is my ghost twin. avatar


‘Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind,’ - Bertrand Russell avatar


Sharon Cummings Art. I am passionate about my #artwork! Bright colors excite me. I am especially drawn to circles/mosaic. I love #writing #poetry.

We have an #organic homestead and grow our own #food.

As an Independent #Artist, I owe my ability to survive to kind people who support me and my #art! Collecting/BOOSTS/FOLLOWS APPRECIATED!

About Me:

I support human #EQUITY and #KINDNESS. avatar


The dictionary defines photography as 'the art or practice of taking and processing photographs' but for me it is so much more. To me my photography captures a moment in time that can never be repeated. Hopefully, it elicits an emotional response whether it is happiness, sadness, a sense of wonder or just plain fun. My interest in photography came to me later in life but has given me untold hours of enjoyment and the ability to express my creative side that I never knew I had. avatar


Fotógrafo, ciclista y senderista, apasionado de la naturaleza, la cultura y la tradición. Madrid - España Fotos bajo CC BY-NC-SA #photography #nature #mountains #Madrid avatar


Family Caregiver.
Eco/Social Justice Activist. Disability Advocate. Decolonizer. Accessibility Consultant. Eldercare Liason.
Teochew Chinese. War & Polio Survivor.
Neurodivergent. Nature lover. Cat lover. Photographer. Avid gardener. Water & forest protector. Moss toucher. Tree hugger. Bird watcher. GenX. Anti-capitalist.
Vancouver Island, BC.

#AsianMastodon #BIPOC #StopEcocide #BeTheChange


A software developer and an amateur photographer. Happily married, a father of two. Like #nature, #outdoors, and #travel #photography, especially #landscape. Don't like hate, violence, and politics. All photos here are mine, old and new. #fedi22


Profile Picture Credit: Lo Su Nostr: npub14xnfj3fp62cp4t6feducuk9y99euxa4qufk7euf9jhkkyhcmvafsl7rycd


I am a photographer living in the UK, I enjoy taking pictures of the wildlife that surrounds me, and sharing it with you.


A Florida nature photographer & recently turned digital artist, having fun creating contemporary, out of the ordinary works of art for the home or office.
A.R.T. from the ❤️

Boosts/follows/comments/faves/collectors appreciated.

All images available as wall art, home decor items and numerous personal products. Great for gifting too.

#art #artwork #photoart #photography #Florida avatar


Certified plant nerd with a mild interest in photography; guitarist on the side; Frenchie dog dad, progressive. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ avatar


Hello! I am a Librarian sharing my Retro collection with Mastodon. #Retro #Vintage #Nostalgia #Ephemera #popculture . avatar


Musician | Photographer | Writer Suminia is my spirit animal. 🚫Crypto/NFTs/AI🚫 avatar


Formerly Photos my own. Flowers, food, places, hobbies. Non-photo content at avatar


Miranda Thomas - Some old trans gal lost in rural Oregon. 🏳️‍⚧️ Certified kitty-petter. 😺 Grower of green things. 🌱 Alleged ringleader of Blurry Bits Photography 📷 Skywarn spotter MN-173 ⛈️ #Photographers #Photography #Oregon #PNW avatar


小苗✡️🌳. Here to share the floof. Passionate about #cats, cat floof, whiskers, and toe beans (in no particular order)! #FuzzyTummy snorgler. I boost images with #AltText.

Profile pic: stylish lynx point Siamese ChunChun wearing a blue beret and a little bow tie. Banner: fluffy grey and white kitty named Ketzeleh with a Magen David pride flag in the background. avatar


Photographer, Art Director, Designer, Artist, Consultant #Purdue Alum🚂 Visit my online gallery & shop:

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Here mostly with my #Photography and #Art, based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of #USA (#PNW, #WashingtonState #Seattle area).

If you’re interested in my work as a #WallArt, #Prints, #HomeDecor, #Lifestyle etc, go to

All my images are #copyrighted. All rights reserved. She/her. Thank you

Heather image: avatar


I am an independent fine art painter who creates images celebrating life, light, truth, thought, and joy. You can find my prints at avatar


♀, mothering, drawing, painting, photoing, exercising. staff vintage 1999. (W3C) for more web-standards-related content and (MIT) which is my outlet account 😈
μ-blogging 🇺🇸🇫🇷
#photography #DailyExercise #art #BikeTooter #geek #nerd #music #web #w3c #puns #MickeyRaccoon avatar


Retired university press editor, master gardener, friend of libraries, addicted to the NYTSpellingBee (but I don't want to see your hints).

Gardening in Zone 6b.

#Gardening #Flowers #Roses #Libraries #Books #Publishing #ReadUP #Rivers #Missouri #NativePlants #T2Pub

Header photo: The Missouri River at Franklin Island.
Profile photo: A portrait of me by my late husband.
Unless otherwise indicated, all of the photos I post are my own. avatar


All photos are mine, all rights reserved. avatar


I love #minimalism and #flowers. | All pictures are licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0) Contact list: #fedi22 #photography avatar


I'm the IT manager for the UVa Physics Department. I have a PhD in physics, and used to do research in nuclear physics. I teach introductory programming to undergrads. Also, flies are underrated. avatar


I organize books for fun at the public library. Knit, crochet, cook, read a lot, walk a lot , look at things. Small menagerie of birds and squirrels. Petsitter.

Lived in Venice Beach in the 60's, Utah in the 70's, and Oregon ever since. Big fan of Alaska, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and Hawaiian Beaches.

All photos are by me on a phone camera, unless credited.

Avatar photo is me wearing an orchid. Banner photo is a skein of waterfowl in the skies above Eugene. avatar


An American in Texas. Schooled in the geological sciences but ended up on another path working in the human spaceflight business, 35+ years and still going. #Photography and #gardening in my spare time. #Orion #Artemis #Fossils #Geology #NASA
Travels: 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇲🇽 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇮🇹🇻🇦 🇨🇿 🇦🇹 🇩🇪 🇩🇰 🇳🇴 🇳🇱 🇦🇼 and 🇵🇹 (this time intentionally) . avatar


Christ, Ehemann, Vater, Großvater, Freund, fotografiert gerne und hat ab und zu einen depressiven Schub, oder eine depressive Episode, worüber ich auch schreibe und spreche.

Texte hier in Deutsch , kann aber auch etwas Englisch bei Bedarf.

Wer mehr von mir erfahren möchte darf sich gerne auf meinen Webseiten umsehen. avatar


Sharon Cummings Art. I am passionate about my #artwork! Bright colors excite me. I am especially drawn to circles/mosaic. I love #writing #poetry.

We have an #organic homestead and grow our own #food.

As an Independent #Artist, I owe my ability to survive to kind people who support me and my #art! Collecting/BOOSTS/FOLLOWS APPRECIATED!

About Me:

I support human #EQUITY and #KINDNESS.

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