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he/him, European (German living in Poland), ttrpg dm, writer, dad, IT drone

posts in English
replies also in German, Polish, maybe French

likes #gaming #ttrpg #writing #reading #fantasy #sciencefiction #wargames #linux #cooking #minipainting #history #osr #art #photography #kaiju #fedi22 avatar


Old school commie fiction first story gamer swine
Elderly rivethead
Senior SQL Server DBA
Tribes in the Dark Lead Designer

#ttrpg #storygames #CortexPrime #TalesOfXadia #TribesInTheDark #FitD #FateRPG avatar


Proud geek, Badger, and table top gamer! RPG freelancer (#dnd, Murders & Acquisitions, CAPERS) and telecom worker. He/Him. DM's open avatar


Making #TTRPG games and being weird.
team: rev, yvette
rev's ko-fi:
rev's other games: avatar


Translates German folk tales. Tries to learn #Italian .

#ttrpg #pnpde #dnd #folklore avatar


His highness Imperor the First. Ruler of Imps, Leader of Goblins, Player of Games, Speaker of English and German.

My goal is to teach you about the #games and things I enjoy so that you, too, may enjoy them as well!

I talk #TTRPG content, grand strategy games, 4X games, guides for all of that, some #battlemap 's, #homebrew monsters, #dnd and #dnd5e stuff, #DMAcademy and other things that interest me.

Join the matrix room here: avatar


Uni Łódź archaeologist, table-top gamer, book worm, punster, science fan, blogger, Leftie, Swede

#archaeology #ttrpg #boardgames #books #science #blogging #progressive #stockholm #sweden #lodz #poland avatar


Former MIT, former Club-Internet, former military, now basically a zombie. 💀
I run, so that's great.
I don't speak much.
Avatar is a photo of a tan and cream cat wearing reading glasses, and staring intensely at the onlooker.
Gardez vous / des honneurs / de ce monde-ci / de l'éclat / de ce monde. avatar


Benevlolent leader of humanity, friend to all.

[Biography has been deleted for security reasons.] avatar


Gardener from Germany who is into Oldschool Roleplaying, Sword & Sorcery, Space Opera, Cyberpunk, Neo-Noir, and Synthwave. avatar


You examine the S. John closely, but find only a small tag proclaiming him a product of the Frobozz Magic Game Designer Company. avatar


Hobbyist RPG Writer, I like the Stars/Worlds/Cities Without Number games, but I've written for DnD and a couple tiny indie games before.

I don't do great, but I do my best!

Currently Playing: Cities Without Number
Currently Planning to Run: Old Gods of Appalachia
Currently Writing: ??? avatar


#Emacs, #Perl, #Rustlang, #PostScript, #Linux sysadmin, polyglot programming, #boardgames, #RPGs, too many #podcast s, 3d modelling and #3dprinting.
He/him or they/them.
Here's a nickel, kid. Get yourself a better computer.
If I unfollow you it's probably for my mental health/distraction rather than anything you've done. If you want to follow me, have a profile that looks as if it was written by a human. avatar


Turning Passion into Great Games! Publisher of Fate, Monster of the Week, Blades in the Dark, Thirsty Sword Lesbians, and other games. avatar


Jack Of Tales, Jack the Giantkiller.
Of Gods and Gamemasters.
A folk hero in a world of Giants that need killing.
Master of myth
Seanchai of stories
I make monsters, gods, villains, and worlds.
I drink coffee and I know things.
I'm funny and I try to be kind.
#ttrpg #worldbuilding #dnd #gurps #genesys #mutantsandmasterminds #WoD #NWoD #werewolf #vampire #folklore #mythology #stream #streaming #youtube #youtuber #podcast avatar


Board game designs, strange writings, and random thoughts, graciously provided by David Dawkins.
#Writer #Writing #BoardGames #Fantasy #SciFi #Authodon avatar


SAKE (Sorcerers, Adventurers, Kings and Economics) is a tabletop roleplaying game for GMs and players who want to build kingdoms;
use magic that is consistent with a fantasy world;
lead armies and ships;
barter with strange and fickle gods for their power;
and of course, delve into dungeons to fight monsters.
Drivethru RPG:

#ttrpg, #SAKE, #rpg, #estonianart, #estoniandesign avatar


I'm a 3D artist who loves all things D&D! I 3D model free 3D printable minis for tabletop gaming and have so far made over 5000+ minis! avatar


Computer geek! Over 50, Comics, nature, TTRPGs, superheroes, and stuff! I just moved to Maine.
#nobridge #ttrpg avatar


Freelance #TTRPG writer and critic, Black and 🇨🇦, currently doing a lot of writing! For the website, Patreon, and more, check this link: avatar


UK-based writer, critic, and photographer. Primarily interested in #horror, #ttrpg, #OSR, #NSR, #CallofCthulhu avatar


Just another Rpg geek. (he/him)
By day I’m a boring computer programmer.
I like #ttrpgs and #boardgames
I read a lot of #history avatar


I am Gabriel Caetano (they/them), and I am a queer, Latine parent, TTRPG creator, audio professional, and game facilitator (aka GM) from Brazil. #rpgLatAm avatar


Hi! I'm Michael, aka Chgowiz. (Chicago-Wiz).

Parent, grandparent, US Air Force vet, IT/programming guy. D&D/Traveller nerd, NERD!

DIY/hobbyist at things. Co-author of One Page Dungeon template - author of "Three Hex Campaign Starters"

Dungeon Masters's Handbook podcast:

Blog: avatar


I run and play RPGs. I teach English. I draw. Sometimes I draw for RPGs. Sometimes I also teach theatre. Most of the time confused and uncertain. avatar


We're a TTRPG publisher creating new worlds in the Cypher System and beyond.

Managing Editor:
Creative Director: Keith Pendley
General Manager:

#CypherSystem #dnd #ttrpg avatar


CS professor, game designer, and fire dancer ordinaire. avatar


#UK based #MilitaryHistory #author. #TTRPG and #BoardGame player. Lapsed #wargamer.

My real name is Robin, but my pen name is Russell. I answer to both names.

#fedi22 #histodons avatar


Author and tabletop role-playing game designer Epidiah Ravachol. Perhaps known for:

Swords Without Master
Worlds Without Master
Vast & Starlit

To be concluded…

(he/him) avatar


Just another gamer with no time to play. Working at a book/game shop so I finally have a job I don't hate and coworkers I don't want to strangle. You can find my blog at: avatar


Welcome caregivers, guardians, creators, and everyone between to TTRPGkids!
I blog, make games, and gather info to help you find TTRPG resources and stories for kids and teens! avatar


Software Developer, dad, animal person. Maybe not in that order? #opensource

You'll mostly see me posting about #TTRPG, #GameDev, #Programming / #SoftwareDevelopment (primarily #DotNet, #FSharp, and #FunctionalProgramming, but also lots of others!), #parenting, and a little bit of #Woodworking.

I also post about #HamRadio over on!

he/him avatar


Gnome Made Games. Adamantine best-selling tabletop RPG creator. Freelance writer/editor. (Adam Hancock) Probably a gnome.

#ttRPG #DnD5e #DMsGuild #ADHD #HardOfHearing #Demiboy avatar


RPG writer, musician, occasional photographer | SFWA | Painfully autistic | no DMs, no unsolicited adivce | Business enquiries email: chris @ loottheroom dot uk

Freelance work:
Pathfinder 2
Fallout: Winter Of Atom
MCDM Arcadia

Selected personal work:
A Dungeon Game
The Wretched / Wretched & Alone

Treasures Of The Troll King avatar


He/Him/Odd. The Hodgepocalypse is a Pulp Post-Apocalypse Fantasy RPG in North America. d20 and 5e release on drivethrurpg and now on itch. Francophone avatar


Games and sundry weirdness. He/him. Queer nerdiness. Blog at:


Came here to get away from the birds. I enjoy coming up with TTRPG ideas for fun. Husband/Father/Eternal DM avatar


Director, Developer Relations. Talking about #DevRel and #Sitecore for work, and #TTRPG stuff for fun! Opinions and stuff are mine, and sometimes odd.

🚹Pronouns: He/Him
🖖Captain: Picard
🎲 D&D Class: Ranger/Sniper avatar


Artist, game person, human guy. #ttrpg #art avatar


Tokyo-based American working in the video game industry. Role-playing gamer and goth/industrial music fan. He/him. avatar


I’m Kirk. I like to build things. Software. Maps. Adventures. Campaigns. Worlds. Also obsessed with ☕️ and 📚 #dnd #ttrpg avatar


TTRPG enthusiast - Running, Playing, Reviewing.

Currently running Basic Fantasy RPG and am about to begin a Numenera Campaign.

Check out my YouTube channel! avatar


year-round bat enthusiast. heist aficionado. story understander. mildly monstrous. language + tech + creativity "professional." cis. she/her; fae/femme/faer.

I don't see D&D posts.

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header by avatar


Julian Kay [ he / him ]

⁕ Freelance RPG Designer and Writer
⁕ Worked for Level 99 Games, Pelgrane Press, and two-time Ennie-award winner
⁕ Designer of Mutants in the Now, now available!
⁕ Neurodivergent
⁕ Avatar by Danielle Grew! avatar


Eclectic. Gamer. He/Him. Bi/Pan. ❤️ 💜 💙

Current Games
🎮: Borderlands 2
🎲: Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk, Fantasy AGE
♟️: Creature Comforts, Transformers Deck-Building Game

#norobot #nobot #noindex #noAI avatar


Dead Unicorn is a Table Top Role-Playing Game Club from Dungeons & Dragons to lesser known RPGs like Legend of the Five Rings. We are about fun, friends and creating the perfect game... or at lest the most fun. We have a YouTube and Twitch channel, Dead Unicorn, Dead Unicorn Live and Order of the Dead Unicorn. avatar


I'm an IT guy, a nerd, a gaming geek and I live in Texas. Decent amount of poundage. Who're you? He/him/his avatar


29, he\him, bi🌈 Tabletop RPG Designer, Writer, Cosplay / Streamer on
(CW: some tagged nsfw) avatar


Retired Java programmer and Linux admin living in Milwaukee. Commodore 64 elder. Cat servant. Old-school #ttrpg player (#CastlesAndCrusades). I'm also interested in Javanese culture (#gamelan, wayang, dance) and have traveled there many times. avatar


Forever GM and indie game designer. Into roof stuff. 🏳️‍🌈 #ttrpg #webdev #worldbuilding #nsr #bosr

Buy Wargod! 🤘

Currently working on:

🛰️ (Mothership one-shot)
⛽️ (gig horror for Liminal High School)

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