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Tried out shadow.tech for cloud PC & PCVR gaming while I'm travelling.

It worked reasonably well playing (No Man's Sky) in , but I wasn't able to multiplayer Age of Mythology across our home LAN network. To first order, this is because the cloud PC isn't on our LAN, but I connected it to our other computer via "tailscale" which should have mimicked them being on the same network. I remain rather baffled as to why that didn't work... 🤔

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@elizabethtasker How was the performance in VR? i always imagined it'd have really big latency.

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@aetios it was fine: no problem with latency.

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@elizabethtasker it could be IP address related - your home network will likely be 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x, but Tailscale creates a virtual adapter in the CGNAT range. The game might not like using this range because it thinks it's not a valid LAN address.

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@piepants I don’t think so… it seems to see the game and try to connect, but then time out 😮‍💨 I would assume (though not certain) that if it hated the ip, then it would just not find the game at all.

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