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Interests: cosmology, astronomy, the sciences in general, wildlife.
Rusty polyglot. Slowly learning Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic).
I informally tweet ESA news when I can.
GRB090423 was the furthest Gamma Ray Burst known to us back when I started on social media.
Both avatar and header images were taken by me.
I rarely boost images that don't have Alt Text.
I boost The Vagina Museum posts; please don't be offended... it's good to learn.
I always check your TL - If no posts, I don't follow back.

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Mer__edith, to random
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Extremely important research.

It's not possible to understand the state of BigTech, or its pathologies at the moment, without understanding these companies' transformation into defense contractors, in addition to their central role as surveillance providers to the state. 👇


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sundogplanets, to random
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Still no baby goats - really hoping today is the day (because tomorrow is all day Zoom meetings)

The plus side of having to go out to the barn at 2am to check on pregnant goats is that there were faint auroras (which actually must have been pretty bright just to compete with the nearly-fully moon), and I heard 2 great horned owls calling back and forth to each other.

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They know you've a busy day today!

IAmSpartacus, to random
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's unforgettable response to the claim "The greatest actor of all time" and "the sickness of the "


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So much sense in this.

grb090423, to random
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Shall we play a game?

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Made me chuckle.

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I do too and it's not even my cat.
I'm with a friend cat-sitting 😂

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I hadn't considered that 😄

MelanieGywer, to random German
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Moin zusammen!

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historyofpunkrock, to history
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65th birthday today

Happy Birthday Robert Smith, lead guitarist of Siouxsie and the Banshees from 1982 to 1984 and continuous member of post-punk band The Cure since 1978, born on this day in 1959 in Black Pool, UK

📸 Tom Sheehan

#robertsmith #postpunk #history #otd

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Blackpool... never been there myself but some folk like it.
Maybe Smith's parents weren't keen as they moved to Horley in Surrey when he was 3 years old.

VeroniqueB99, to random
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No lies detected here.

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Same 👍

elizabethtasker, to random
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So I'm in work on a Saturday because I wanted to create a graphic of a glass planet.

(Please blithely accept this to get to the punch line of this tale.)

The reflections with Blender Cycles were squishing my home computers flat, so I went in to try my new work Mac Studio.

And may I just say...


GPU-intensive work usually shouts "windows machine" but the Studio is crushing it. It's a pity it won't do PCVR.

#b3d #blender3d

A second view of the glass planet, with the star around the other side (and out of view).

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It looks amazing!

Can't wait to find out more 🙂

cphon, to random
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So around the beginning of the year I made a decision to go , and this week I crossed the 90 day mark. One of the biggest motivators has been learning the physiological benefits as they happen, and as it turns out 90 days is a significant one - where the mental clarity from regeneration of damaged brain matter starts to take off.

It's been a challenge on many fronts, but it's exciting to have reached this point, having tried many times before.

Happy to be 90 days

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Well done! 👏👍💪

markmccaughrean, to Scotland
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Wife home from grownup childcare duties in Edinburgh & brought me a delightful present from one of my many old home towns 🏰🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

While the purists won’t agree, this is the way 🙇‍♂️🙂👍

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Oooh, yum! 😋

stargazerrob, to random
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Very glad to be back imaging after a bit of a pause!! This was Montes Appeninus on Tuesday night. I love the shadows cast by the tall peaks, and how the mountains are just dots at the far end of the range.

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Stunning image!

grb090423, (edited ) to random
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grb090423, to Dubai
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markmccaughrean, to TheExpanse
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More than a little envious that my #SpaceRocks compadres are down in Bordeaux this week, along with Steven Strait (aka Holden from #TheExpanse), who’s taking a trip on the Novespace Air Zero-G plane today, & a crew of fellow astronauts from ESA.

And as on the Rocinante, a good cup of coffee is needed to start the day 🙂👍


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What company they're all in! 👍🙂

grb090423, to movies
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Needed to watch something easy, so we watched the 2019 version of Charlie's Angels (with Kristen Stewart). I've seen all the others including the original TV series and I never, ever enjoyed any of them as much as I did this!

I heard a lot of men didn't like it and I totally get why. It is a great fun movie for women having a poke at men 😄

I heard a lot of men didn't like the Ghostbusters 2016 movie (with Leslie Jones) either and I really enjoyed that for much the same reasons 😁


DaveWhittle, to random
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This is a worrying read.

dangillmor, to random
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Why are so many (legal) drugs in short supply? Because a cartel of pharmaceutical middlemen have rigged the market to ensure shortages.

Monopolies/oligopolies are killing people, deliberately, and the law -- including the lawmakers in Congress -- keeps letting them get away with it.


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We have drug shortages too here in the UK, but we're being told they're caused by the war in Ukraine and Brexit, among others.

I can't help but feel big pharma is just looking at the world and rubbing its hands gleefully.

solderandchaos, to random
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I am going to a robot thing. I am taking a lot of little tiny robots with me. If you see me at the robot thing then please ask about the little tiny robots and one will be yours.

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The robot is lovely!

And the clean nails look good 👍

vicgrinberg, to random
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No wonder I'm so tired: I had four meetings today (all productive + requiring my full concentration), attended a talk (on a science topic outside of my area of expertise, and I asked a useful question!), wrote 49 emails (some of them parts of hard conversations & negotiations), read a lot more than 49 emails, discussed several things in teams chats & submitted two policy documents for approval (one of them requiring incorporating edits). & arranged my colleague in Spain to buy a shirt for me 🥴

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Such a productive day! 👏👍

You now deserve to put your feet up and relax.

redcrew, to Astronomy
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Saturn’s ocean moon Enceladus is able to support life − my research team is working out how to detect extraterrestrial cells there.



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An encouraging read 👍👏

sundogplanets, to random
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I'm talking to a journalist in a bit about NASA's new "space sustainability strategy" and this one sentence from the abstract seems to sum it up:

"Given the substantial upfront expenditures required to develop and deploy remediation capabilities and the potential delay in receiving benefits, these motivations do not appear to be sufficient to incentivize immediate action"

I'm going to have to read this more carefully, but did NASA just say they don't care about orbit?!


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Wtaf! 😕😥

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