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Inspiring? Elon Musk's cost cutting strategy was he just decided not to pay people, not to pay his landlord, not to pay his janitors, not to pay his hosting companies, not to pay many Twitter employees, and not to bother following laws, because, presumably, "fuck you, I'm a billionaire." If that's inspiring to spez, I'm feeling really good about leaving his platform. Aaron Swartz must be spinning in his grave so fast we could generate power from it.


Do you have a credible source ?


For anyone interested in the source:

Not paying rent: <a href="">https://edition.cnn.com/2023/01/03/tech/twitter-landlord-lawsuit/index.html</a><a href="">https://www.thenationalnews.com/business/2023/06/15/twitter-faces-eviction-from-colorado-office/</a>

Not paying Google Cloud <a href="">https://www.businessinsider.com/elon-musk-twitter-stopped-paying-google-cloud-bills-money-platformer-2023-6</a>

Janitors in New York file lawsuit <a href="">https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2023/may/30/twitter-janitors-new-york-city-lawsuit-firing</a>

Violated copyright law : <a href="">https://www.zeebiz.com/technology/news-elon-musk-in-trouble-twitter-sued-by-17-music-labels-eviction-from-boulder-office-over-unpaid-rent-stst-240235</a>

I wonder how twitter is even running at this point.


I mean, I'm quite inspired to live without paying people for their services. I wonder if it will work for someone not yet a billionaire, though it'd make it easier to become one

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So now we know who Huffman wants to be when he grows up. Muskrat. And that wraps up the show for today folks. Time to pull the plug on Reddit.

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@DarkGamer Sounds like Trump too.



What really irks me is that Elon Musk is essentially getting away with it too...

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Musk is probably never going to have meaningful personal financial consequences for his behaviors, but it does seem like he's destroyed his credibility with all but the alt-reich in record time.


Well that's companies for you. The worst part is the people who actually admire these people for it. People support musk, spez, next we'll be seeing people take the studios side and call for the writers strike to end.


I find it quite admirable really, I might just stop paying my bills entirely too and see what happens!

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So that's where he got all those terrible business decisions from. Maybe he can sell flame throwers to bring in the lost money.


elon only gets to do all of his crazy antics because he took the company private. but reddit is attempting to IPO? huh?


You can't make this up.


Holy Shit - talk about being out of sync with your userbase and community...

THAT statement might kill the heart of reddit as much as anything else.

Next up: CEO of MSNBC wants to turn the unhoused populations of major cities into dog food and has a lot of respect for Ruppert Murdock's journalistic integrity.


Also this dumbass isn't Elon. Say what you want about the guy but I think he'll figure Twitter out. u/spez/ does not have that same ability.

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They are both morally bankrupt and dumb as a rock.

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Glass Onion


undefined> Say what you want about the guy but I think he’ll figure Twitter out.

You know you're talking about the guy who literally asked people to print out all the code in twitter's codebase, right?

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What do you mean? Reddit's already dead


I feel like there are still a lot of people on reddit, but most of the content creators have come to lemmy. So glad r/piracy posted a link or I wouldn't have known about lemmy


Such a lost soul


Part of what's wild to me about this is he's talking about Elon's "violent surgery" as if it's a good thing. Full disclosure, I kinda hate both Twitter and Elon and if they could both just drag eachother into irrelevance I'd be perfectly happy. But even in the world that Musk (and I guess Spez too) choose to inhabit I can't really see how you can look at Twitter and call that "violent surgery". Musk is hollowing Twitter out. If I bought a store and didn't sell a thing then chose to just sell the store and everything in it you couldn't really call me selling the store profitability could you? If Twitter is making money at all, they are doing it from selling their infrastructure. Infrastructure in the form of people, expertise, their reputation. Hell, Musk seems to be only a few notches above ripping the copper out of the walls of Twitter HQ and selling that. And Spez is looking at that and calling that "violent surgery" and "good business". If that's Reddit's future then I certainly don't want any part in it.


Is Reddit going to stop paying rent and contractors now?


Certainly explains things.

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oh god, things ain't looking good for reddit right now

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He likes what Elon has done to twitter? Reddit's screwed. He thinks Elon made good financial decisions with twitter? Huffman's screwed too. Elon is so rich that we might never know how much financial damage he's done to twitter. Huffman doesn't have that safety net.

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Turd praising fellow turd, great.


Anybody who agrees with Elon Musk on anything in this day and age should not be allowed to be in charge of anybody or anything.


There's probably something beneficial to them behind the curtain to setup spammy accelerationist echo chambers with average normies as the audience. Tinfoil hats on.


Musk, Trump, Spez etc. represent an attractive basic human dream:

Being able to do whatever I WANT whenever I WANT without consequences

Educated people are wise enough to know this is actually hell. Feedback and accountability keep us on our toes and teach us new knowledge. Kites cannot fly without strings.

But Elon (et.al) are too childish to realize this.

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What a dick.

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For years, Twitter held an outsized position in the social conversation and Elon has managed to ruin that. It was the single biggest strength, IMO. No one spoke about someone’s Facebook posts or Reddit posts; society spoke about people’s Tweets. The idiot ruined that and somehow this dope wants to emulate him?

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