WWE Release Megathread - 9/21/23 - Ongoing

SRS has confirmed there will be WWE roster releases today, which appear to have already begun.

Please comment if you spot any news that I haven't posted. Should I spot wrestlers commenting on it, I'll try and edit them in too.

Released so far:

  • Mustafa Ali (Per SRS: Is let go, but not due to these cuts, just at the same time) (Tweet)
  • Emma (Tweet)
  • Rick Boogs
  • Aliyah
  • Elias (We no longer walk with Elias). (Tweet)
  • Riddick Moss (Tweet)
  • Top Dolla
  • Shelton Benjamin (Tweet)
  • Dolph Ziggler (Now confirmed by SRS) (Tweet)
  • WWE comes off of Hulu next week (Might as well group it in, fuck).
  • Tegan Nox (reported by Mark Henry on Busted Open Radio apparently, not seeing confirmation otherwise yet, treat as a rumour).

Per JelloBrains below, also:

  • Mansoor

  • Mace

  • Dana Brooke

  • Quincy Elliot

  • Bryson Montana.

  • Amari Miller

  • Dabba-Kato/Commander Azeez

  • Shanky

  • Brooklyn Barlow

  • Ikeman Jiro

Alvarez says within WWE it is believed the NXT cuts will start around 5PM EST..

SRS said these are just the releases "so far". Expect more, possibly still from the main roster.

SRS: 90 day non competes for most of the releases, per usual.

"Mass cuts were not expected under HHH" per FS

Matt Cardona: TO THOSE WHO WERE JUST RELEASED This can be the END of your career…Or it can be the BEGINNING.. I promise you the work and the MONEY is out there. It’s not easy. It’s a grind. It’s a hustle. It’s frustrating. But it also can be incredibly rewarding IF YOU WORK YOUR FUCKING ASS OFF!

Many other wrestlers have tweeted support for the wrestlers, in the interest of brevity I'll just link the Fightful link to them.

FINAL EDIT FOR NOW: May not be here during the NXT announcements, if anyone else wants to continue onward feel free, I'll update when I get the chance to later.

Direct link to the Fightful Select thread should anyone else wish to follow along separately - https://www.patreon.com/posts/89620353. I'll paste the details and update it also periodically:

WWE Releases Thread
Note: Due to the nature of this post, it will be made free and public.

Mustafa Ali, Emma and Aaliyah all announced their releases. Fightful has confirmed Riddick Moss, Rick Boogs, Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin and Elias were all also released.

As of 11:30 AM, Fightful heard there were still calls going on informing of releases. Many in the company who would usually know didn't appear to know who all would be subject to the releases. In the past year or so, WWE has not publicly announced releases themselves, and in many cases never actually confirmed them.

We're told some cuts were expected at the WWE PC as well.

There was some frustration among members of the roster we spoke to that WWE announced a $1.4B Smackdown deal and then cut talent. One top star said that most of the list barely had a chance considering they weren't booked, and called it a circle that couldn't be escaped.

Another brought up that the company released Emma just after the WWE Elimination Chamber show announcement in her home country.

The line of thinking from many on the roster is that WWE aligned these cuts with the announcement of Elimination Chamber and Smackdown rights fee deal in order to minimize the negative impact on the company. TKO's stock dropped from $96.23 to $88.95 by 10:10 ET after the Smackdown announcement. The stock now sits at $86.94 as of 12:20 ET as news of releases have filtered in.

WWE sources we spoke with said that mass cuts were not discussed under Triple H, and this is in direct correlation to the merger.

Several talent that we spoke to had even thought the days of mass cuts were behind them, and deals would simply be allowed to expire. That had appeared to be the method of late.

This will be updated as we get more info

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Hey guys, I might need a little help with our discussion threads over the next few days. I'm getting my appendix removed and I could be in hospital for 2-5 days. Depends on if it's perforated or not (spoiler: its not looking good).

Sorry for derailing the thread. Just wanted to get the word out before people wonder why those threads are missing.


Dude. Your first priority is your health. Take care and feel better. We can handle ourselves until you get back.

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Also just want to check to make sure you've got people to help you out while you're recovering! If not I don't know if I'm in range to help but holler if you need help and who knows!


Take care!

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Take care of yourself. And take all the time you need.

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Oof don't worry about it bud, just heal up and rest well, we'll get a new tron video ready for your return.


All the best to you. Get healthy and heal up.

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Shit dude! Hope the operation goes well and the recovery is short!


Hope all goes well - ask them if you can keep it afterwards, we can make it the reward for the prediction threads!

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Thinking good thoughts for you! :)

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Moss on Twitter lol

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I wouldn't have answered the phone either lol

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I never answer the phone when work calls. It's never anything good.

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If I'm at work, there's no need to call me because I'm there. Come see me.

If I'm not at work, there's no need to call me because I'm not there. Fuck off.

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This is now my outgoing voicemail.

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Really sad for Dolph and Shelton. Two of the most underrated guys out there. Hopefully they get their flowers wherever they go next.

cupcakezealot avatar

WWE comes off of Hulu next week (Might as well group it in, fuck).

welp now i can't watch wwe sadface

Tegan Nox (reported by Mark Henry on Busted Open Radio apparently, not seeing confirmation otherwise yet).

cool bye gonna go cry in my room for a week

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Have not been the Nox thing confirmed anywhere else, and it's been awhile since I saw the BOR thing mentioned, so that one may not be true (yet?).

GeekFTW avatar

Can’t help but feel sorry for Tegan / Nixon. She’s had such a bad run of luck these last few years. Can’t wait to see what see does though, she was great in WCPW.

GeekFTW avatar

Still not seeing it corroborated anywhere else yet that she's gone, so that one might turn out to just be a rumour.


Ziggler is the one I’ve found most surprising.

AEW could have a Brother Tag Team Tournament at this rate. Let’s go Hunks!

cupcakezealot avatar

Ok but hear me out: Dolph, Luther, and Serpentico trios team.


Put in the Hollywood Hunk and I’m game.


These things always make me feel a bit melancholy.

GeekFTW avatar

Never fun to see people lose their jobs, specially for no fault of their own.

Neon_Carnivore avatar

I just really hope they all are able to land on their feet. What worries me is this might be a scumbag tactic: hit all these wrestlers with releases, then bring them back for less money once their non-competes end (assuming they don't choose to go elsewhere, of course).

Montagge avatar

Good old unfettered capitalism and the pursuit for infinite growth with no regard for the human cost


I met Tenille Dashwood (Emma) a few years ago, and was shocked at how friendly and approachable she was, especially given that she was walking in a street in the UK doing what I assume was “tourist stuff”. I’ve always been a fan, and really hoped she’d go to AEW.

Now it’s her second release, hopefully Tony will pound some white claws, pick up the phone, and get Tenille in AEW/ROH.


White Claw Tony is the hero we need.

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It's late at night but WWE doesn't care... they were probably informed today and chose to wait to announce, but...

NXT's Brooklyn Barlow and Ikeman Jiro have been released.

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According to a previous SEC filing from April, WWE brass had multi-million dollar bonuses after the merger officially closed.

WWE CEO Nick Khan had a bonus of $15,000,000, while Chief Content Officer “Triple H” Paul Levesque had $5,000,000, with both amounts payable in full as soon as the merger closed.

CFO Frank A. Riddick III, who is no longer with the company, was listed to have a $5,000,000 bonus, with 60% being paid after the deal closed, and 40% in the six months after.


Just in case WWE claims budgetary reasons

JelloBrains, (edited )
JelloBrains avatar



Dana Brooke

Source for MMM/Dana Brooke

Quincy Elliot

Bryson Montana.

Amari Miller (Maybe, I saw her listed, now I don't, so I'm unsure here.)

Dabba-Kato/Commander Azeez


Yusila Leon

Edit 3: These are reported either on Twitter by SRS, WrestleOps, or from PWInsider mostly. Just so you know I"m not pulling from my ass.

Edit 4: Added PWInsider links, still can't confirm Miller.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Amari Miller says she is NOT released.


Surprised they dropped Mansoor. I figured he had a guaranteed roster slot as long as WWE was running shows in Saudi Arabia.

JelloBrains avatar

I'm not shocked, Endeavor doesn't seem to care for the Saudi's as they cut ties, including a 400 million dollar investment, with them after the journalist was murdered.

I am saddened though because MMM was hilarious and they made a good team.


Huh. Didn’t realize Endeavor was less shitty than WWE in that regard. I wonder if TKO will drop the Saudi contract, or if they won’t bother since the heat is off now.

JelloBrains avatar

I think WWE is contracted to the Saudis for another 5 years, it was a 10-year contract or so it was reported in 2018 when it started. I imagine there is a really big penalty to get out of it if it was for that long and it's more likely they let the deal expire, but, I could be wrong.



GeekFTW avatar

This can free him up for the G1, he's got this.


Yeah no, he’s gonna be fine obviously but like, him and Ziggler were the ones i never in a million years would have expected to be let go.

Montagge avatar

Never underestimate soulless corporations capabilities to make poor decisions to make a single quarter's profits look better.

cupcakezealot, (edited )
cupcakezealot avatar

Dolph leaving WWE and Punk leaving AEW (Yes I still held out that tiny fraction of hope that AJ Lee could have come back because of Punk in AEW ;__;) means we'll never get a Zigglee reunion. SIIIIGH


AJ Lee appeared on the latest season of Heels (Punk was character in the show too) so she possibly has caught the wrestling bug again… never say never.


Yeah, but I doubt she’d be interested in working with AEW considering the acrimonious ending of Punk’s run there.

Wasn’t she working with WOW for a while as a writer and a commentator? Is that still a thing?

GeekFTW avatar

Is that still a thing?

Her working for WOW? Not sure. WOW itself? At least as of 8/26/23 when they held a show I'm looking at a torrent of: Yes.

GeekFTW avatar

Twenty imaginary dollarydoos says Nia ends up doing the Grandpa Simpson in-and-out meme today.

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