About a month ago on Lemmy.

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This account technically, but I was interacting more on mastodon in the early days.

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I started earlier this year with mastodon, not like I migrated from Twitter or something, never felt the need to use micro blogging service


I technically started with Lemmy pretty early, long before any of the Reddit exit stuff, but it was hyper focused on politics still and I feel like spending that much time talking politics online is extremely unhealthy. I was really only interested in a hobby forum with the Reddit format that didn’t have the suffocating debate bro culture.

I started lurking since the Reddit exit stuff to see if it would grow enough to support other topics. It has, but I’m not certain if I’ll stay. Unsurprisingly an influx in Redditors has made this place culturally a lot more like Reddit, for the worse.

I also dabbled in Mastodon years ago but I’ve never particularly liked the Twitter format so a federated clone didn’t really gel with me.

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culturally a lot more like Reddit, for the worse.

I have to agree with you… but, the good thing is is that we don’t have karma farming!


Made the switch as soon as sync shut down on reddit. Then, tried my best to figure this place out so I had a decent head start when sync reopened for lemmy! Been here ever since.


I found it via lurking Reddit during the API protests.

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came onto Lemmy during the rexit, hopped around a few instances, then moved to kbin after a few days.


July 2021 on Mastodon. I can’t remember why, probably because it sounded like an interesting concept. Later I tried to use lemmy a few months before the reddit stuff started, but there was not enough content, so I forgot about it until a few months ago.


I tried Mastodon 4 or 5 years ago when Twitter started banning a bunch of leftists. I dug up that account when Muck bought Twitter and there’d be interesting content from the Twitter refugees.

I signed up for Lemmy during the reddit fiasco in June and now I use Lemmy so much more than I use Mastodon


mental outlaw got me on mastodon and i found peertube randomly ( instance) my peertube videos are still unavailable since i think puffytube doesn’t really operate i probably will check and Reddit api incident got me to go to fling up, lemmy and kbin


the terrible tiktok i made (i no longer use tiktok) translated into abkazian is still under review

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I joined Mastodon a few years ago, mostly out of interest in the concept. I never did much with Twitter, so I didn’t do much with Mastodon either, but I liked the idea.

I’ve been a heavy user of reddit for more than decade. During the runup to the recent blackout I was reading everything I could find about alternatives. I created several Fediverse accounts during that time and when the blackout started I quit using reddit and never went back. That gave me the incentive to start really using Lemmy and kbin, which have been a pleasant surprise.

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Like some of us, a few weeks before the end of Apollo on Reddit. Been enjoying the ride so far, with its ups and downs.


I stopped using Reddit when Apollo stopped working. I joined on July 4th and moved to my current instance about a month after due to .world being down a lot. I’m happy to be here and watch Lemmy grow and improve.

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I played around with Friendica and Mastadon years ago, then forgot about them until reddit enshittified this year.


Late June of this year, when RIF was shut down.

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