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ksh1oimypq, Japanese
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Dude fuck you. Stop spamming Lemmy, it is not cool or fun and I am very sure nobody will honestly join that Discord room


I mean… Can we sign up discord spam bots to go to that discord group? Make them implode?

tuxkhv5lpt, Japanese
elxbmuxazf, Japanese
1tecjktpev, Japanese
isyrv8qbnm, Japanese
empireOfLove2, avatar

Fuck you spammer.


You really showed that bot who’s boss.

Just report and move on.

d8uuz3htgc, Japanese
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3aukiraltk, Japanese
dragnucs, (edited ) avatar

What do you call the plastic or metallic bowl used to take a bath without a shower? @asklemmy

It is a hand held device used to get water from the bucket or a bigger tank to poor it on oneself

kuneho, avatar

Lavór. Or mosóteknő, tho this latter is for washing clothes, but I guess you can use it for cleaning yourself as well.

Teon avatar

@dragnucs "Bath Ladle" is a common term to find these. Also you can find a bath or bathing bowl that does not have a handle. Most of these items are plastic, sometimes metal, and traditional ones are made of bamboo.

heyfrancis, avatar

What song has good lyrics because of the idea/lesson/experience it shares?


simply_surprise, avatar

Walk like a warrior - Dead Prez

Nonviolent protest will never win what needs to be won


Wrong Ones by Julliette Reilly

heyfrancis, avatar

What can we do to keep the web open?


sLLiK, (edited )

The logical fallacy here being that, based on that context alone, you should care because you will have something to hide in the future. Saying you have nothing to hide is always used in the context of one’s sense of guilt, or lack thereof, based on past actions. A counterargument would then be to ask why you should be allowed to hide your future wrongs.

For many, the subject has nothing to do with that. It’s about not wanting to be monetized without consent. There’s also benefits in the form of protection against identity theft or social engineering. For others, the simple right to fundamental personal privacy itself is important - it’s about not having all of one’s life’s details on public display.

Also known as “none of your goddamn business.”

As a tangent, because it’s now stuck in my head and needs expression - the more thought you give to the problems introduced by technology that blur or step over this line, the more you realize how much harder it’s becoming to prevent outcomes where privacy is lost.

Only engaging AI under tightly controlled circumstances is one thing; having it in the background perceiving everything you say and do on your desktop is a very different conversation. No matter what assurances are given that your privacy is protected, almost every situation like it that’s arisen since the advent of personal computers has resulted in a loss of control through duplicity, intrusion, sabotage, bad design, or floundering integrity.


Conspiratorial but has a string of possibility.

User: What are you doing?

Microsoft and Motherboard manufacturers: Putting DRM chips on the motherboard.

User: Why?

Microsoft: No reason.

User: Most businesses would switch to a cheaper toilet paper to save $5, why are you shipping chips and developing software and technology to use these chips.

Microsoft: Oh we’re not going to force anyone to do anything, we just want the ability to. Look at this workaround that we expect 0.015 of our billions of Windows users to use.

Deltasupernova, French

@asklemmy People using Mastodon to follow Lemmy subs, how are you organizing your feeds?


@Kurt You can follow a Lemmy community from Mastodon by searching for the lemmy community in the research bar and following the account of the community (it appears as an account). For example, if you want to follow asklemmy community, you need to follow its account from Mastodon, as a regular mastodon account. All posts from the community (threads and answers) are boosted by the account of the community. However, it quickly becomes difficult to use in feeds, that's why I asked this question.


There is a bug in 2FA in Lemmy. In every implementation of TOTP, the account is not locked under 2FA until the server verifies at least one TOTP password. In Lemmy, if the user is unable to set up 2FA on his device, and quits the session, he is locked out of his account.


What are some tips for dealing with solicitors (door-to-door salespeople)? Our neighborhood gets a lot of them.

We have a “No solicitors” sign hanging on the front door. Nevertheless, they knock, ring the doorbell, or worse, yell through the front window when it is open, trying to get our attention.

We have a Ring video doorbell and have enabled the automatic “Sorry, we’re not interested” announcement after 15 seconds. These pushy SOBs ignore the sign and the announcement.

When I ultimately find out they are soliciting and I ask why they ignored both the sign and the doorbell announcement, they usually say something like, “I’m not selling anything. I am just working with some people in the neighborhood…” or some such BS.

My wife and I work from home and have had to explain the window shouting to coworkers in meetings. We also have two small children who could be trying to nap at any given time. We have good reasons to not want to be disturbed at home and these assholes disregard that wish.

I will write a negative review online if I find out their name and company they are representing. Any other ways to get these people to leave us alone?


Even better, start preaching to them about something that actually matters like doing something about climate change or inequality. With luck you might convince them too. Though they might turn it around and try to use it to sell stuff to you so you have to be pretty adamant about yourself. What are they going to say, they are the ones who intruded on your home.

Vitaly, avatar

Try to speak to them in another language

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