Frankly, you can’t. Your body has to take care of it so the best you can do is indirectly attack the cold by treating your body as well as you can.

Drink a lot of fluids, get a lot of rest, limit the amount of stress and effort you put forward. Try to get a little fresh air, eat well.

pimeys, avatar

Zinc just when it starts. These candies you let to dissolve in your mouth. One every two hours when the first symptoms start and if lucky, the next day the symptoms are gone.

In US they sell them with the brand name Cold-Eeze, and similar products are available in some EU countries but not in all of them.

Oh, and a lot of tea.

wjrii avatar

Beyond all the stuff you likely know, rest, pain reliever, nyquil, etc., I find that with a cold my life really goes to shit if my nose is running. It's god-damn miserable and keeps me from sleeping, and even lotioned tissues only delay the chafing (of my NOSE, you creeps!). A generic Claritin every 14-16 hours (I don't get a full 24 hours, but they do tend to work well) dries me out enough that I can ride it out.

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

Thanks! I don't really have a stuffy nose as it all seems to be draining into my lungs (yummy) but I'm gonna try a Claritin to see if it helps

wjrii avatar

Good luck, if thin drainage is troubling you, that might help even if you're not the mucus faucet that I turn into. Mostly it's just treat the most annoying symptoms and let your body heal.

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

Thank you so much for this tip! I took some knock-me-out nigh time meds and noticed they had an antihistamine, so this morning I took a clairitin.

My sinuses are clear and draining well, and my ears unclogged as well. I’d call it a miracle if I didn’t know it was science.

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