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any other users have their home instance on but use lemmy elsewhere? I'm curious how much of that ecosystem I'm missing out on because Beehaw defederated from lemmy.world

Fitik, to asklemmy in How would you feel if Beehaw left the Fediverse?

Sad, but your choice will be completely understandable, I wish success anyways, I had mostly positive experience with it users.

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If it seems like I'm currently talking a lot about "the Media Activist Manifesto," it's because I worked on it all year, and researched the subject for twenty years. I've arrived at the conclusion that, in the spirit of , or Mutu Network, the can hold a key to societal change through radical news, based on a framework similar to , , and in particular . Imagine an online space to visit for anticapitalist and antifascist information and info relevant to whichever locality you're in. Those interested in helping develop this, please let me know! https://www.mediaactivist.com/manifesto/

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Y’know, I really wanted to like , and , but they really are as toxic as Reddit - the gaming groups at least.

It would be nice to find a gaming group that’s not infected with assholes, but I feel like that’s asking too much, because Gamers are the worst.

Altho it’s not just the gaming groups. There’s a level of nastiness I wasn’t expecting going in after being on Mastodon. Mastodon has the HOA and Well Actually mansplainers, but some folks are just dicks on the .

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Beehaw is considering other alternatives to Lemmy due to its immaturity as software and their attempts at improvements being blocked/ignored by Lemmy developers. That feels ominous to me.

It seems like Lemmy is not close to being a practical Reddit alternative. To be fair, Reddit's enshittification forced a lot on Lemmy all at once. It didn't have a chance to grow organically.


renard_roux, to voyagerapp in Native iOS Voyager screen goes black

Just chiming in to say I’m having the same issues, split second of interface shows on launch and then black screen (Android, dark mode).

This is true for both my Native app and the web app.

One thing top add that nobody seems to have mentioned yet - both apps are (most likely) logged into . None of my other apps will load Beehaw, either, but Liftoff at least works with my lemmy.world account, but won’t load anything from the Beehaw feed.

So could this be an issue with some instances (beehaw, in my case) combined with some Lemmy update, in combination with something in Voyagerapp?

Voyager is my favorite Lemmy client so this is a very annoying situation 😅

Guess I could try web app in Incognito, see if that works, maybe log into lemmy.world from there. Will update if anything changes 👍

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I just came across Beehaw... is that a Lemmy instance? Looks interesting and appears to have a good philosophy.

MediaActivist, to fediverse

Uh oh. My more recent experiences with and by proxy are becoming increasingly like they were with Reddit (not good). What's the deal with that? Why is the discourse I find on so much more positive and productive than there? Is it an influx of ex-Reddit users bringing bad habits and negative energy with them? Is it the actual software; the format; the layout? What is it?


Ooh now does seem to encourage a different culture, which seems very promising! All I'd heard about them until now was folks complaining they'd defederated from instances with an influx of users from Reddit. And yet now that makes even more sense in retrospect!


@wednesday It's funny you should mention that! I love the general principle of the Fediverse, and I just joined as a result of these thoughts of mine (and folks replying here with interesting points like yours!) - and posted this (rather long!) comment on there which perhaps gives a little more context: https://beehaw.org/comment/910283

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In my continuing quest to Name The and answer the most asked question on and , I submit the following chart for the approval of general Fediverse users, users, users, users of , , and :

*Threadites is pronounced like Deadites

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Looking back on all that social media kerfuffle lately, I think the whole "let's have everyone in the world here on the same platform" was perhaps a mistake. I'm not sure I want to have Jim Bob the Trumper reading what I post. Honestly, a curated community seems more my speed. In that vein, I'm kinda glad that my instance, , decided to defederate from a couple of instances with open signups. I don't care about big numbers or clout. I just want to be with my people.

WanderingInDigitalWorlds, (edited ) to kbin

Looks like I didn't get into , so I'll try instead since I didn't want to associate with lemmy after the kerfuffle with Beehaw. Which is fair as I answered truthfully about what I could contribute to their community. My value and what I bring to the table, is something I don't know. The nebulous nature of my inner world can give one nothing in regards to granting an accurate answer on my value.

ADHDefy, to AskKbin in Why Kbin insead Lemmy?
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For me:

  1. Privacy reasons. When a comment is "deleted" on Lemmy, the comment is actually only hidden to all except instance administrators. The comment remains on the post and continues to display the poster's username. kbin is also not a beacon of privacy, but it at least removes deleted comments from threads. This is also why I try to interact more on kbin magazines than Lemmy communities.

  2. kbin has a sweet community search tool that not only searches kbin magazines, but also Lemmy communities and even Mastodon groups. This means you can easily find communities all across the for any of your interests.

  3. kbin has a much nicer/more modern UI. It's got some quirks, but it's easier to read and navigate than Lemmy by default.

  4. Customization options! Lemmy has themes, which is cool, but kbin has themes and lots of fun toggles to change your experience.

  5. Last but certainly not least, Lemmy devs have a pretty shit stance on human rights. (See here: https://mstdn.social/@feditips/106835057054633379). There are communities like , which are super friendly and non-problematic instances separate from the Lemmy devs, but it's worth noting that instances like Lemmy's flagship instance and Lemmygrad are run by folks with some grossly misguided views.

TheLastOfHisName, to fediverse

Wanna know the truth?

I'm actually happier with how I spend my online time since setting up shop here in the .

Thank you , , and .

Your buddy,


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    see posts across , and

    Small nitpick, but beehaw is a lemmy instance, so what you said is kinda like saying "see posts across , and "

    analisys, to random

    @beehaw hi there! I joined (it. Looks. So. Good.) and got accepted for registration but get infinity loading when trying to login. Probably should just wait but pinging in case it's something that should be pinged.

    TheLastOfHisName, to fediverse

    This is just a friendly reminder to donate to the admins of whatever flavor of the you're on. Server space, electricity, bills n shit. Those cost money.

    So make with the donations.

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    TheLastOfHisName, to reddit

    It's feels weird when I open my browser nowadays and isn't in my starting tab group.


    @svanelten I'm on , which is a instance. It's been a very pleasant experience so far.


    @TheLastOfHisName @svanelten

    Are you going to update your with your or is it too early?

    Perhaps you're new to the service in general, your first impression was a good one but you'll give it a bit more time before you decide to spend more time?

    Is Beehaw the only that you've tried so far?

    aktivismoEstasMiaLuo, to random

    I’m always ready to bounce. When a resource/instance starts to go sour, I’m gone. I can’t get my head around these mainstream masses who are migration-resistant. It really takes an extreme fuckup for the masses to get enough energy to leave places like Twitter & Reddit. And where do they go? → mastdon.social, lemmy.ml… the worst of the . WTF. They will be rooted in there.


    This is why it’s critically important during the migration to direct Reddit refugees to a good instance. And I’m not sure what to suggest. Ideally something that’s from lemmy·ml, not too oppressive against civil posts, not tor-hostile (this rules out ). Otherwise the oppressive types within the will thrive.

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    Wow. Steve Huffman is straight up unhinged.

    Sounds like he really drank from the fountain of capitalism.

    Thank christ lemmy and kbin are available!


    casstr, to fediverse
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    's aggressive defederation move is rather eyebrow raising in the wider context of how works; I cannot help but feel it will either rejoin soon-ish, or start declining as a community.
    Not my circus, not my monkeys; but watching the last week of migration has been fascinating. I fully assume it is very similar to the exodus of last autumn...

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