How much do you use Kbin for microblogging?

One of the things I find cool about Kbin is the fact that it's a platform for both thread aggregation and microblogging. How much do you use the latter side of things? Do you make microblog posts, actively browse the microblog tab, view them in your home feed, or rarely touch them?

ragnell, to fediverse avatar

In my continuing quest to Name The and answer the most asked question on and , I submit the following chart for the approval of general Fediverse users, users, users, users of , , and :

*Threadites is pronounced like Deadites

How can I help a friend who is falling into "witchcraft"?

I have this friend, N, that has recently started believing things very out of the ordinary. He said that he's been getting into paganism and studying runes and candles. I told him that was very interesting, it sounded like a fun time and a good hobby to have. N let me know that it wasn't just a hobby, but that it had a function...

ADHDefy, to kbin avatar

Anyone know how to boost a post from ? I cannot, for the life of me, figure it out.

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