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makingStuffForFun, in Celebrating 30 years of Blender — avatar

Nobody there even looks 30. 😀

Why, I was writing blender tutorials … does math… 27 years ago.


callcc, in Blender 4.0 - Reel

Whooo! Blender rocks!

Rentlar, in Blender 4.0 - Reel

Holy crap, Blender 4 is here! I started trying to figure this program out with version 2.79, with middling success.

nicerdicer, in MacBook Pro Animation [OC]

vector drawings (svg)

nicerdicer, in MacBook Pro Animation [OC]

Looks good! Wish my hotel Wi-Fi would let me see the video.

SnowBunting, in Lowpoly Totk Zelda

Awww. Cute. No eyes tho?


sadly, cant do peepers, and i also dont think i can make them look good with this style

SnowBunting, in ($$$) New hard-surface modelling course by CGBoost (with robots! 🤖)

Did you end up buying it after a month?

SnowBunting, in lowpoly hillside

Tis very cute. Is that a large fireplace in the corner coming towards us?


lel, perhaps

Feyter, in lowpoly city in the moonlight, tried to apply the same techniques from the humanoid models on something entirely different this time

Looks like something like SimCity/City Skylines but you should rework the lighting. Everything is way to dark. And half of the picture is actually just background


thanks for the input, will keep this in mind for the next time

jlow, in Lowpoly Lara croft, upload try nr 2

Yeah, nice one! The face is a little spooky, tbh, I think I would lower the poly count a lot there so you don’t get this kinda wavy, crunched look. Good work!


thanks, ill see what i can do on the next model i want to try and do more of this look for now

Feyter, in Lowpoly Lara croft, upload try nr 2

This locks great!

But I could bet this has much more polies than the original PS1 version (it had around 230 polygons).


thank you and very much, the ps1 models are all but simple blocks with flat textures, the legs probably have more polygons than ps1 lara croft

jlow, in Larar croft low poly

Is there an image or video attached to this? I can’t see anything on Infinity



huh, i actually did attack them and i cant see them either, will post again

dylanTheDeveloper, in Desolation avatar

Took a soild month to put together

SyJ, in Blender 3.6 LTS released

New features:

Simulation Nodes
Cycles speedup for large geometries
Light Tree speedup
Ray Tracing support for AMD and Intel GPUs (25-50% speedup for supported GPUs) Windows only
Better UV Packing
Assett Library with human mesh
Animation tools
Loads of smaller features

UrbenLegend, in Trying to make passable grass. any thoughts?

Is this a DND gelatinous cube? Grass looks great so far, only critique would be to add some variety to the plant life (some weeds, maybe some grass blades are older and decaying, etc.) but that’s honestly up to you whether you want that sort of realism for this image.

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